2019: Year of the Rock Spider in Review

In my free book Eyes Wide Open, I expose the global child trafficking operation coordinated by the CIA for the British Royal family. I explain how the banks have long been used to launder money made from the CIA-coordinated global child trafficking operation and channel proceeds of crime into CIA-created ‘terrorist’ groups and activities. Here are some recent revelations that support my claims, which have emerged since the September 2019 publication of my book.


1. Jeffrey Epstein, CIA Child Sex Trafficker

Here are some facts that have emerged in the Epstein case to support my description of a global child trafficking operation used to compromise VIPs. This case features female predators and ‘baby breeders’:

  • Virginia Roberts testified that Ghislaine Maxwell was a lesbian pedophile who daily sexually assaulted underage girls and sex slaves.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell teamed up with Epstein for threesomes with underaged sex trafficked girls.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell recruited young girls from parks, into prostitution and sex slavery, under the guise of offering modelling careers.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein instructed Virginia Roberts to have a baby and sign the newborn over to her perpetrators.
  • Prince Andrew participated in a sex orgy with multiple international underaged sex trafficked girls on Epstein Island.
  • Epstein and Maxwell prostituted Virginia Roberts to multiple VIPs including British Royalty, billionaires, a Harvard law professor, and world leaders including ‘a Prime Minister’.
Prince Andrew: the gift that keeps on giving…


2. Prince Andrew / Pedo Prime Minister Paul Keating Connection

In Eyes Wide Open I detail former Prime Minister Paul Keating’s rape and murder of a 5-year-old boy.

In 2010, Prince Andrew was filmed at Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion, waving goodbye to Paul Keating’s daughter, Katherine Keating. Here is a relevant news article:



3. Prince Andrew / Nicole Kidman – CIA Child Trafficking Connection

Nicole Kidman witnessed her pedophile rapist father Antony Kidman beat me unconscious on my birthday. My free book Eyes Wide Open details the wealthy Kidman family’s involvement in the CIA child trafficking operation.

In 1999, pedo Prince Andrew and Nicole Kidman collaborated to campaign against child abuse in the UK. Here is an article documenting this:

Kidman Joins Princely Effort

LONDON (CNN) — Britain’s Prince Andrew and Australian actress Nicole Kidman teamed up Wednesday in a campaign to end child abuse in Great Britain. They were pictured on the cover of celebrity magazine Hello! to publicize the cause.

Inside, Andrew — the chairman of a campaign launched by the British National Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) — is quoted as saying, “I was staggered to learn that between one and two children die as a result of abuse in Britain every week — and most during their first year of life.” He has been recruiting celebrities like Kidman to help bring attention to the issue.

Kidman, who co-stars in the late Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” with her husband Tom Cruise, told the magazine, “Children should be allowed to grow up without fear of cruelty.”


4. Westpac Bank – CIA Child Sex Trafficking Money Launderers

In 2018, I wrote that Australia’s No. 2 bank, Westpac, was under investigation for the very same crimes that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia was fined $700 million for – laundering money from CIA child sex trafficking and channelling this into CIA ‘terror’ activities. Mainstream media did not report this fact which I detailed in Eyes Wide Open.

True to my word, on 20 November 2019, AUSTRAC charged Westpac for 23 million breaches of anti-money laundering and counter-terror finance laws. Westpac was used to launder $11 billion generated from ‘child exploitation’ crimes committed in South East Asia and channelled that money into terror organisations and activities. Here is a relevant mainstream media article:



5. Prime Minister Bob Hawke Hid Labor Party Minister’s Rape of His Daughter

I copped much criticism for disclosing that Australian Prime Ministers Bob Hawke and Gough Whitlam, and various members of Whitlam’s Labor Party cabinet raped me as a young child, including at a pedophile orgy held at Parliament House.

Today, it was reported that Bob Hawke’s daughter, Rosslyn Dillon, was raped 3 times in the 1980s by then Victorian Labor MP Bill Landeryou, and that Bob Hawke prevented his daughter from reporting the rapes to the police, to preserve his political career. (Note: a fellow victim of CIA child trafficking informed me in 2015 that she attended a Satanic Ritual Abuse support group in the USA with Rosslyn Dillon.)

In the very least, this rape coverup indicates that Bob Hawke was not the hero the Australian public revered him as. Bob Hawke sold his own daughter for power. Here is a relevant MSM article:



6. Justice James Wood Grants Parole to Labor Party Pedophile 

My book Eyes Wide Open details the accusations against Royal Commissioner and alleged pedophile James Wood who covered up the CIA’s child trafficking activities in Sydney involving Daruk Government Boys Home, Hillsong Church, Ivan Milat, and Costellos Boy Brothel in Kings Cross.

In December 2019, James Wood chaired the Parole Board which released pedophile Labor politician Milton Orkopoulos who was serving a minimum sentence for raping boys. Here is a relevant news article:



7. FBI Confirm Existence of McMartin Preschool SRA Tunnels & CIA’s Involvement in Child Trafficking Operation 

On 25 October 2019, the FBI released documents relating to the ‘Finders-Keepers’ case. This official FBI release included documents acknowledging the existence of the McMartin preschool tunnels, Satanic Ritual Abuse, plus the CIA’s involvement in child sex trafficking. Click on this Twitter link to view the file:


8. NXIVM CIA Child Trafficking Cut-Out

As I explained in my book, the Bronfmann family were integral to the British Royal family’s global drug and human trafficking operation. In April 2019, Clare Bronfmann pleaded guilty to financing the NXIVM global child sex trafficking operation which the mainstream press whitewashed as a weird sex cult. I well detailed this case in my free book Eyes Wide Open.

According to today’s news reports, NXIVM front man, Keith Rainier, was secretly taped stating: “Here’s the thing, I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs — or because of their beliefs.” The deaths of four women have been linked to Rainere. Here is a relevant news article:



9. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s CIA Child Trafficking Connection

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was neighbours with NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller prior to moving into Kirribilli House. In December 2019, it was reported that Scott Morrison used his connection to Mick Fuller to interfere with a NSW Police investigation into one of his Liberal Party ministers. Similarly, Scott Morrison has used his influence to interfere with the Police charging Hillsong Church cult guru Brian Houston with covering up his father’s pedophile crimes.

Here are relevant news articles:


NSW Police Commissioner reveals his special connection to Scott Morrison





Team Mick & Morrison Targeted me for Silence 

I have long campaigned to expose the role of Frank Houston and his CIA-funded child trafficking cut-out Hillsong Church. Upon Morrison’s election as Prime minister, I protested his connections with my Freemason perpetrators in the Sutherland Shire. Consequently, our own Prime Minister Scott Morrison collaborated with Mick Fuller to silence me by sending police agents to infiltrate my private life and set me up for false arrest and incarceration in Mick Fuller’s Fixated Person Unit. I detail this clandestine Gestapo-style system in my book.



At what point will I be believed and acknowledged? How much circumstantial evidence must emerge before I am vindicated?

Things are being revealed thick and fast. Read my predicted 2020 news headlines in my free book Eyes Wide Open.



Dec 18 Update

We couldn’t even see the year out without further major pedo news which confirms the content of my book:

NAB Money Launderers

Mainstream news today confirmed that Australia’s No. 3 bank, NAB, is under AUSTRAC investigation for breaches of anti-money laundering legislation. Here is a link to the story:


Pedo Elite Exposed

Aaaaand someone snitched on Sir Ron Brierly….



Let’s see if we can make it to New Year…



A decade ago, I was mocked during a Forensic Psychology class at Bond University for defending the existence of the McMartin Preschool tunnels. The lecturer, Katarina Fritzon, used the McMartin Satanic Ritual Abuse case involving perpetrator Lt. Col. Michael Aquino as an example of ‘Satanic Panic’ and ‘False Memory’ and she used the discredited ‘research’ of CIA psychologist Elizabeth Loftus to support her argument.

Being a victim of both SRA and Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, and having witnessed clear film footage of the McMartin tunnels being bulldozed on Australian mainstream TV news – I couldn’t just sit there and allow a university lecturer to fill the heads of a new generation of therapists with lies. So, I spoke up.

That marked the beginning of the end of my psychology career. A comprehensive account of what followed, and what Bond University did to my career, can be read in my free book Eyes Wide Open, which may be accessed HERE.

Recently (25 October 2019) the FBI released documents relating to the ‘Finders-Keepers’ case. Click on this Twitter link to view the file:

This official FBI release included documents acknowledging the existence of the McMartin preschool tunnels, Satanic Ritual Abuse, the CIA’s involvement in child sex trafficking, and even the microchipping of kidnapped child sex trafficking victims. Here is a plan of the tunnels, taken from the FBI released documents, that I was mocked for saying existed:

And here is an FBI document evidencing the CIA’s involvement in the global child sex trafficking operation:


This release of evidence picked the scab off an old wound, and reminded me of the lies Bond University psychology perpetrators told to the psychology registration board about me. These lies were again echoed in the following submission by my perpetrator to Google, to continue the coverup and prevent the public from knowing Bond University’s connection to SRA and pedophilia in Australia:

Here is my response to Google’s defamatory publication about me:

  1. I did not stalk/harass any Bond University lecturer. I ceased all contact with Bond psychology staff the moment I discovered their false and vexatious notification against me in late 2010. I then pursued the appropriate legal avenues of complaint and appeal, thinking there was such a thing as justice. There is zero evidence of my having stalked/harassed any Bond staff including Fritzon, and no such evidence was ever put to the Psychology Board. Fritzon’s lack of evidence is why this Bond University perpetrator lecturer has resorted yet again to lying about me in clandestine complaints to third parties.
  2. I was a parole officer, have zero criminal history, and zero history of violence. This lecturer did not pursue legal action because she had no evidence to support her claims, and any case would expose her guilt plus her lack of academic integrity. For example, I would produce emails in which she groomed me, used sexually inappropriate language, and slandered her Bond University lecturer colleague Betty Headley to me when I was her Bond University student.
  3. I never ‘lost’ my registration. Upon advice from both my GP and a Bond University psychiatry lecturer that Katarina Fritzon was “stitching me up”, I refused to submit to a health assessment based on Bond University’s claims that my disability (resulting from a vestibular stroke), plus my child abuse history, made me unfit to work as a psychologist. This false and vexatious notification against me was submitted in direct response to my exposing Bond University’s coverup of a child sex trafficking operation involving a local child protection services office.
  4. Appealing to the Queensland Police for assistance was, and is, not an option, since Katarina Fritzon employed Gold Coast detective Terry Goldsworthy, who replaced convicted pedophile Paul Wilson as head of Bond University Criminology, to lie to the Psychology Board by fabricating communication with police and telling the Board I was a perpetrator, instead of a child victim, of my horrendous child abuse.

To place things in conspiracy perspective, Katarina Fritzon is the lecturer who coauthored a textbook with her close Bond University colleague Professor Paul Wilson who was subsequently convicted and sentenced for pedophilia:


The character and competence of Bond University lecturer Katarina Fritzon, and the constant failure of the Australian psychology industry to hold the UK import accountable, is well demonstrated in Fritzon’s recent act of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious offence and a breach of every institutions ethical code. If a student were to commit plagiarism, that student could be expelled from university and refused professional registration with their relevant industry board.

To put it plainly, Frtizon was sent a university student’s thesis to mark. Fritzon took that student’s work and presented it as her work within her own research article, instead of acknowledging it as the thesis student’s work. When the thesis student from the other university complained, Fritzon had to issue an embarrassing public retraction.

Fritzon tried to explain away her plagiarism by saying she was careless and got a couple of papers mixed up. Er, no… that simply does not happen. Psychology research is a highly methodical and organised process. Psychology is mainly research and statistics. Psychology sets the standard for all academic research. Psychology thesis students spend upwards of 2 years conducting research, writing the thesis, and going over every reference with a fine comb. Psychologists are the most pedantic when it comes to referencing. So, there is no way Forensic Psychologist Fritzon accidentally plagiarised.

Here is an article detailing Fritzon’s plagiarism offence:

Authors retract paper on psychopathic traits in bosses

A paper on the prevalence of cruel social behavior in the corporate world has been retracted, following an investigation at the authors’ university. According to the senior author, she inadvertently paraphrased a dissertation on the same topic that did not belong to her student and co-author.

On Sept. 21, 2016, Katarina Fritzon, a professor at Australia’s Bond University, and Nathan Brooks, who was Fritzon’s graduate student at the time, published “Psychopathic personality characteristics amongst high functioning populations,” in Crime Psychology Review. The paper suggested that as many as one in five corporate executives exhibited the hallmarks of a psychopath, such as lack of remorse or egocentricity.

Fritzon told Retraction Watch the paper drew largely from the introduction to Brooks’s doctoral dissertation. Along with Brooks’ research, it received media attention worldwide. But Fritzon told us that in October 2016 she received a complaint from another university about the work:

[a] PhD student at that University found some sentences in the review article that were similar to a passage in her PhD document.

Fritzon declined to name either the university or the student.

The complaint triggered an investigation by Bond University that ended in February 2017, Fritzon said, and recommended retraction. The notice, published June 16, 2017, doesn’t say much besides:

Following a withdrawal request from the Authors and the Authors’ institution, we are retracting the paper. We have been informed in our decision-making by the guidance of COPE guidelines on retractions.

The journal’s publisher, Taylor & Francis, told Retraction Watch that they received a retraction request from Fritzon in November 2016, followed by a similar request from Bond.

Whether the Bond investigation looked specifically at the issue of plagiarism is unclear. But Fritzon — who in March 2016 served as an external examiner for the unidentified student’s dissertation — told us she had mistakenly paraphrased the other student when she meant to paraphrase Brooks. She attributed the mistake to “carelessness” and said she has apologized to the student. She added that Brooks received his PhD in June 2017 and that:

There was no question of any wrong-doing on [Brooks’s] part.

CBS New York featured he review paper itself in a TV news segment and a presentation Brooks gave Sept. 13, 2016 at the Australian Psychological Society 2016 Congress drew online coverage from the Telegraph, the Australian Broadcasting Company, and CBS Moneywatch. The journal has not yet been indexed by Clarivate Analytics’ Web of Science.

A spokesperson for Bond University told us it could not respond to our request for comment at this time, because the school was on break.

A page-based error

Fritzon told us:

At the time that I reviewed the student’s work I was also reviewing Nathan’s draft PhD document and unfortunately it appears that two pages from the two documents have become transposed.  Either this has occurred on my desk, or it has occurred in the print room when picking up the documents. I can’t be clear but it is obvious when reading the sentences side by side that I was paraphrasing the sentence for the review article thinking that it was Nathan’s work that I was paraphrasing.

The content in question was a review of an existing theory – the theory would have been described by both students as their PhDs were obviously on a similar topic – corporate psychopathy.

She added that she and Brooks have rewritten or removed the problematic parts and re-submitted the paper to the journal:

However, we await confirmation of re-publication.

Elite Aussie Cricketer an Unwitting MK-DELTA Super Soldier


Aaron Crawford played cricket for Western Australia. He is now being targeted for discrediting by the Australian government, and pinned with a false arrest. This is how they do it, folks. Listen to Aaron’s testimony here, and pray for justice in this case:


Bases 54 TI Aaron Wesley Crawford Part 1


Here is the discrediting news story from journalists who refuse to investigate the true story:




Media Hammers Hellsong Brian Houston

A recent article in the Weekend Australian newspaper turns the heat up on Brian Houston’s jet setting lifestyle built on the foundation of his father’s child rapes…

Source: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/nation/politics/hillsong-boss-back-to-face-the-music/news-story/05c701708a27976cf04da86c2392f707

(Photos, links, and snide remarks added.)


Tax Funded Globetrotter: Brian Houston


Hillsong boss back to face the music

By John Ferguson, Weedkend Australian, 19 Oct 2019

The globetrotting lifestyle of Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston is revealed in his communications with the faithful. But the church has failed to explain how Mr Houston’s adventures across many countries are being funded or how much he is being paid.

Mr Houston returns to Australia at the weekend and parishioners have been told he is likely to attend Sunday services. It is expected he will face questioning in Australia over claims the US rejected him as a guest of President Donald Trump at a White House function with Scott Morrison.

Mr Houston, who is under police investigation over his handling of historical child sex abuse committed by his father, communicates regularly via Insta­gram with his followers in the church, posting travelogue photographs of his movements. Police inquiries relate to abuse of children by his father, Frank. It was reported on by the child sex abuse royal commission.

Since March 30, Mr Houston has posted visits by him and wife Bobbie to cities and countries including London, Wales, Italy, Germany, New York, Paris and Nazareth. At least one of those postings related to a trip with a family member.

The Weekend Australian is not suggesting Mr Houston, a close friend of the Prime Minister, is doing anything wrong by travelling the world, [pffft… I am] in many cases coinciding with church events, but the church has declined to say how the trips have been funded.

The Weekend Australian was this week denied an interview with the evangelist. A spokesman said there had been strong international growth in the church requiring his travel.

In 2010, Mr Houston and the church provided a detailed breakdown of what he and Bobbie were earning. Back then, he earned a total of $300,000, plus the use of a luxury car, making him one of the world’s highest-paid pastors. Hillsong has been under pressure over its overt emphasis on materialism as a reward for faith.

Praying for more wealth… to fund those monthly overseas trips…


Mr Morrison has declined to comment further on his relationship with Mr Houston.


Churchgoers in Melbourne were told last Sunday that Mr Houston was due back in Australia by the weekend after three months overseas. The church is increasingly influential on a global scale, attracting millions of listeners to its religious music and an estimated 130,000 people attend services weekly around the world.

NSW police confirmed this week they were still investigating Mr Houston’s handling of child sex abuse offences committed by his father, who died in 2004. Frank Houston was a serial sex abuser and one of his victims, Brett Sengstock, 58, is fighting Brian Houston over the issue.


Hillsong and Brian Houston stridently maintain the Hillsong leader has done nothing wrong, claiming he acted in the best interests of the boy repeatedly abused by Frank Houston in 1970. Hillsong had then not been formed [yes it had – it just changed names] — Brian Houston, head of the Assemblies of God from 1997 to 2009, founded Hillsong in 1983.

With the support of Greens MP David Shoebridge, Mr Sengstock is not surrendering. “I am looked at like a leper,’’ he said. “They just hammered me. He (Brian Houston) just wiped me.’’


The child sex abuse royal commission found in 2015 that Mr Houston and his then church executive failed Mr Sengstock.

Brett Sengstock who was repeatedly raped by Frank Houston from age 7 years







Hillsong Pedo Frank Houston Publicly Lusted Over Boys in his Last Sermon

UNBELIEVABLE. Brian Houston lied to the child abuse Royal Commission in 2014, claiming his pedophile father Frank Houston did not deliver any church sermons after 1999. Yet a 2004 recording proves Frank Houston did deliver a sermon in the Maitland Christian Church. During this recorded sermon, Frank Houston publicly displayed his admiration and lust for boys. Here are some relevant excerpts from a story by Joanne McCarthy, the Newcastle Herald journalist who instigated the Royal Commission.

Couple: Frank and Hazel Houston, in a photo that appeared at her funeral in 2004.

Pedophile and his enabler: Frank and Hazel Houston in 2004. Both now burning in Hell.

Maitland Christian Church Pastor Bob Cotton, who can be heard on the recording answering Frank Houston’s questions, said it was more evidence backing his concerns about Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s very public support of Brian Houston, despite an ongoing police investigation into how Mr Houston and the Assemblies of God responded to the Frank Houston allegations.

Horrified: Maitland Christian Church Pastor Bob Cotton said a recording of paedophile Frank Houston at his church in 2004 challenges a Hillsong and Australian Christian Churches narrative about how it responded to child sex allegations about Houston. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers.

Hero Maitland Christian Church Pastor Bob Cotton, the only AOG pastor in Australia who supported Frank Houston’s victims.

In the recording Frank Houston talks directly to young boys in the church, including “This curly-headed young manwhat a fetching young fellow he is. Curly hair, sort of. Good looking. It’s not your fault you’re good looking. Thank God you are. Who wants to be ugly when you can be good looking?” He also spoke about how he had seen a “significant number of young people who were slain in the Holy Spirit” during “great revivals”, where the people “that very often get smitten by the Holy Spirit are young people”. He referred to a 14-year-old boy who had a “revival in his heart” in New Zealand that also revived numbers at Frank Houston’s then church. Mr Houston told the Maitland church he felt “quite nostalgic” but “memory can be a very good thing. It can stir something in you and create desire, which is a step into something God will fulfil in your life”.

Mr Cotton said he was horrified to listen to the recording and hear the many direct communications between Frank Houston and boys in the church. “Betrayal? That’s an understatement. I felt, and still feel, gutted like a fish,” Mr Cotton said.

Challenge: Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston speaks in New York in 2013, before he and his church were challenged during a royal commission hearing in 2014 about how they responded to child sex allegations against his father, Frank Houston.

Hillsong Church pastor Brian Houston clearly lied to the Royal commission hearing in 2014 about his child raping father, Frank Houston.

In his evidence to the royal commission Brian Houston said that by 1999, when Brett Sengstock’s allegation that Frank Houston had sexually abused him from the age of seven was raised with him, he was aware that “Frank was in the early stages of dementia”.

“I am also aware that his memory deteriorated very quickly because of dementia after 2000,” Brian Houston said in his statement to the royal commission.

In his book Live, Love, Lead, released in June, 2015 before the royal commission delivered its findings into Australian Christian Churches and Hillsong four months later, Brian Houston said his father “never ministered again” after November, 1999.

“He descended quickly into old age as the shame and torment of his dark past overtook him,” Mr Houston wrote.

“I spent a lot of time with Frank in his final years. I don’t agree with the assessment of his mental state that was presented by some to the royal commission,” Mr Cotton said.

“Anyone who listens to that sermon would struggle with the idea he was a man suffering from dementia to the extent that he couldn’t still deliver a sermon.”


If you support Hillsong after reading this article, you’re either dirty – or a fucking idiot…

AOG Pastor Challenges Australian Christian Churches to Support Hillsong Child Rape Victim

Open letter to the Members of the National Executive of the Australian Christian Churches.
Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you again, as I did just over 12 months ago to appeal to you to assist Mr Brett Sengstock, a survivor of childhood sex abuse by clergy and, as you well know, a victim of our Frank Houston (dec).

I am assured by the NSW State Secretary that you did receive my original email of 29th September 2018 and further, it has been forwarded to you again through him recently yet I still have had no reply so I feel writing an open letter is now not only appropriate but also my only hope of bringing proper attention to this matter that you appear to have chosen to ignore. It read as follows:

Hi Chris,

 I wish to bring a serious matter to your attention and would be grateful if you would forward this to John McMartin and the National Executive.

 Brett Sengstock was a child victim of Frank Houston’s sex crimes. He was identified at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse, Case Study 18 by the pseudonym “AHA”.

 It has come to my attention that Brett is suffering Stage Four Lymphoma and, as an invalid pensioner, is struggling financially because of the additional strain on his limited finances caused by his ongoing medical expenses. In short, he is dying and is broke.

A friend of Brett’s has started a “go fund me” page in an attempt to ease his financial burden at this time. Please refer to the following link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/justiceforbrett

 I am hoping that we, as a Christian Movement, may be able to help Brett financially.

 At the Royal Commission there was never any question raised about Frank Houston’s guilt in regard to the sex crimes committed against Brett when he was a little boy in Coogee. From the evidence tendered, everyone now knows that Frank Houston was a serial paedophile with multiple victims in New Zealand as well as Australia and the crimes committed against Brett were both serious and numerous. The impact on Brett’s life from this abuse has been devastating and ongoing.

 Despite the Executive of the time knowing all these facts, they chose to conceal Frank Houston’s crimes from the Police and the Movement. In doing so they effectively took away any hope Brett would ever have of obtaining justice.

 I am aware that in recent times Brett sought compensation from the Australian Christian Churches for the crimes he suffered at the hands of one of our most highly respected pastors. I understand that we, as a movement vigorously defended ourselves against his claim and won.

 Now, we have a situation, where a Survivor, sexually abused by one of our own, is suffering a terminal illness and is in financial hardship to the point where he has to beg from strangers.

 With all this in mind, I find it shameful that we have given huge amounts of money to top tier law firms to defend ourselves against a claim made by a victim who should have been shown compassion and mercy instead.

 I appeal to you, and the current Executives, that even if the ACC through loopholes did not have a legal obligation to compensate Brett we definitely have a moral obligation before God and man to help him now.

 I intend to take up a special offering for Brett in my church this Sunday and hope that you could encourage others to do the same.

Kind regards,

 Bob Cotton

Maitland Christian Church


Since writing the above quoted letter to you, public awareness of Brett Sengstock’s appalling treatment at the hands of the church has only increased. Please refer to the following links where his story is told on 60 minutes, mentioned on two occasions in Parliament by Mr David Shoebridge MLC, and also in a recent article by Joanne McCarthy in the Newcastle Herald.





How much better it would have been if we had acted with mercy and compassion at the earliest opportunity instead of layering further abuse on an innocent and vulnerable victim. Regardless of this monumental failure I believe that it is still not too late for us to do the right thing. I would again ask that we do something collectively for Brett Sengstock and take up an offering to support this good man who has suffered more than we could possibly imagine. At the very least would you please make our fellow ministers aware of Brett’s “go fund me” page https://www.gofundme.com/f/justiceforbrett and through them grant our congregations the opportunity to directly provide the financial support that Brett should have already received.

As it stands, Brett’s abuse at the hands of Frank Houston cannot be compensated under the National Redress Scheme so his only hope for compensation for a life stolen is the generosity of others. Surely we can find it in our hearts to help a victim of one of our own. Let us not fail him again.


Bob Cotton

Revised Edition of ‘EYES WIDE OPEN’ by Fiona Barnett

Download your FREE copy of  the revised edition of my book EYES WIDE OPEN by clicking on this LINK.

In this second version, I have added the material I intended to include in my initial upload, notably an explanation of the relevance of isotopes and why MK-ULTRA / DELTA and the CSIRO were located at Lucas Heights nuclear reactor. I found some damning articles re Savile that my search engine filtered out during my first draft. Plus other material. I edited a few things I couldn’t reference anymore, since the net removed 4Chan etc. And I correct some spelling/ grammatical errors (thanks to two people who checked the entire book).

I have had numerous requests for hard copies. A hard copy is being worked towards overseas. This electronic copy is the only format currently available.

People have paid to have copies bound and printed off at copy shops in Australia ($50 per copy at Officeworks), USA (FedEx), and even Bali ($10!)

Again, please share this book in its entirety. Feel free to download it, host it on other blog sites, load copies onto USBs and give them away. Give copies to victims, pastors and therapists.

David Shoebridge Buries Brian Houston in Parliament

Hellsong Pedo Protecting institution


In NSW Parliament, on 24 September 2019, David Shoebridge stated (23:52):

On 23 October last year I spoke in this place about the repeated sexual abuse of a boy by Frank Houston in Sydney in the 1970s. On that occasion I referred to this boy has AHA as he was referred to in the Royal Commission. That boy is now a man called Brett Sengstock, a man who broke his silence to call publicly for justice; a brave man who deserves justice. The man who sexually assaulted Brett was Frank Houston, often known as the father of Hillsong, a serial paedophile. His son Brian Houston is the current leader of the Hillsong Church and best friend of Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Our Prime Minister is so enamoured of Brian Houston that he asked for him to be part of Australia’s delegation to the United States, only to be refused by the Trump administration.

Brian Houston and Hillsong’s response to the royal commission’s damning findings regarding the church, included the following:

This Royal Commission did not directly involve Hillsong Church. The abuse committed by the late Frank Houston, the father of our senior pastor Brian Houston, occurred many years before Hillsong church existed, when he was a credentialed Assemblies of God minister in New Zealand.

This was also their legal defence against the claims from Brett Sengstock for compensation. This church, whose so-called “love offerings” for visiting pastors can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each Sunday, avoided paying fair compensation to Brett on a legal technicality.

These “love offerings” are part of what make this brand of Pentecostalism so lucrative. While a pastor cannot take money from their own church they can visit a neighbouring church and receive direct love offerings in cash or by cheque. This money will often be funnelled to a “public benevolent institution” that the pastor has registered in his or her name. This then pays them a handsome tax free wage and fringe benefits. In short, these “love offerings” are a con. Hillsong did eventually give some money to Brett for his damaged life and repeated assaults. He was promised a mere $10,000 hush payment at Thornleigh McDonald’s by Frank Houston and Nabi Saleh. Even that cash was forthcoming only after a call with Brian Houston. Brett’s testimony to the Royal Commission about this is illuminating. He said:

About two months after my meeting with Pastor Frank at McDonalds, I telephoned Brian Houston as I had not yet received any money from Pastor Frank. We had a conversation to the following effect:

Me: “What’s happening with the payment I was promised? I agreed to forgive your father.”

Brian: “Yes, ok, I’ll get the money to you. There’s no problem … You know, it’s your fault all of this happened. You tempted my father.”

When Brett finally received a cheque from Hillsong there was no note from Brian, no apology, no compassion. There is a clear continuity in leadership from Frank to Brian of this church. In fact, the church leadership who failed to report Frank’s abuse to the police despite holding numerous meetings to discuss the extent of his abuse in Australia and New Zealand, continue to lead the church. The Hillsong Church eventually stripped Frank Houston of his credentials but it allowed him to retire on a generous pension and under a cloak of secrecy about his sexual offending. It has never publicly referred to the assaults on Brett. Its only statement referred to:

… claims of a serious moral failure against Frank Houston. The incidents that have been investigated happened more than 30 years ago and Frank has admitted to the failure with great remorse.

The church has since falsely claimed that Frank did not preach again after this. This claim is clearly incorrect. I am aware of multiple occasions in which he was a visiting pastor at affiliated churches, with unhindered access to church families and their children. In this role he continued to receive so-called love offerings.

Brett deserves so much more than this cold, brutal dismissal from Hillsong. This church, and its significant wealth, was built on the preaching of Frank Houston, whose violence and disregard for Brett does not seem to trouble Frank’s son and the current church leader. A church that reaps millions of dollars in tax-free love offerings cannot find the compassion or decency to pay Brett fair compensation for the harm done to him. Whatever the legalities, this is morally corrupt.

I will finish by placing on the record what Brett wanted to tell his elected representatives about Scott Morrison’s invitation to Brian Houston:

It’s a slap in the face for sexual abuse victims. It’s a slap in the face to the Royal Commission into institutional child sexual abuse, and it’s a slap in the face to the Australian Laws. It makes Mr Morrison’s apology to sexual abuse victims invalid.

Scott Morrison: Don’t Prevent Police Prosecution of Hillsong Brian Houston!

It’s your fault. You tempted my father. 

– Brian Houston to his father’s 7 year old child rape victim.


Artwork by Donaldelley


The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuseseemingly exposed multiple Australian church denominations for their coverup of heinous sex crimes against children. As I predicted and published in 2013, the Royal Commission took a ‘sampling approach’ to the massive child trafficking network known as the Australian churches. The Commission’s approach buried the true nature and scope of church involvement in organised child trafficking. The Royal Commission featured notable cases from each of Australia’s major denominations including the Roman Catholics, Salvation Army, Jehovah Witnesses, Anglicans and Assemblies of God. None of these were new revelations, but cases that had already been prosecuted or published in the mainstream press. I will now follow suit and highlight one case example – Hillsong.


Azusa Street Origins

The Australian branch of the Assemblies of God (AOG) was founded in 1937 and is our largest Pentecostal movement. It has approximately 1,000 affiliated churches. In 2007 the AOG changed its name to Australian Christian Churches (ACC). The AOG was a soft CIA target due to its Azusa Street ‘revival’ roots. The AOG claim to be a separate movement, but the pioneers of the Australian AOG movement were themselves influenced by Azusa and AOG USA.

The Azusa Street ‘revival’ was started by Charles Fox Parham. In 1907, Parham was arrested and charged with sodomy in Texas. William Seymour received ‘Holy Spirit baptism’ while at Bible school under Parham. Seymour began preaching about Holy Spirit baptism in a barn/warehouse on Azusa Street. A ‘revival’ began in April 1906 and lasted until 1913. During this time, thousands of people visited 312 Azusa St. to receive the Holy Spirit baptism, and thousands of Pentecostal missionaries established churches around the world.

Pentecostals and Charismatics revere Azusa as a genuine move of God in restoring the Church to true power and authority. However, the Azusa street meetings were filled with spiritualist mediums, hypnotists, and other occultists. While Pentecostals view Azusa as the birthplace of modern Pentecostalism, orthodox theologians expressed a completely different opinion of the movement:[1]

  • the last vomit of Satan.’ (G. Campbell Morgan)
  • emphatically not of God, and founded by a Sodomite.’ (R.A. Torrey)
  • ..delusions and insanities. . . pandemoniums where exhibitions worthy of a madhouse or a collection of howling dervishes,’ ‘heavy toll of lunacy and infidelity.’ (H.A. Ironside)
  • Satan’s preachers, jugglers, necromancers, enchanters, magicians, and all sorts or mendicants.’ (W.B. Godbey)
  • the conduct of those possessed, in which they fall to the ground and writhe in contortions, causing disarrangements of the clothing and disgraceful scenes, is more a characteristic of demon possession, than a work of the Holy Spirit.’ (Clarence Larkin)


Hillsong Links to Azusa

Four independent Pentecostal organizations survived the Azusa movement, including the AOG USA which formed in 1914. AOG USA produced closet gay pastors Jim Bakker and Paul Crouch who co-founded TBN before their 1973 fallout and built Disney-like Bible-themed parks. Crouch’s granddaughter won $2 million damages after Jan Crouch buried her rape at age 13 years by a TBN employee.

The AOG USA also produced kooks like William Branham who claimed an Angel called ‘Emma’ appeared, conversed with him, and gave him spiritual gifts. Branham influenced New Zealand pastor Ray Bloomfield, under whom Frank Houston served as assistant pastor.

Frank Houston’s church meetings were replete with the same strange physical manifestations witnessed at Azusa, John Arnott’s ‘Toronto blessing’, Brownsville, Pensacola, and Lakeland ‘revival’ featuring adulterous Todd Bentley who also claimed to be visited by Branham’s angel, Emma.

Frank Houston had John Arnott from Toronto, and Randy Clarke (who supposedly started the Toronto Blessing) preach at his Sydney AOG Church. Frank Houston was filmed attending the Brownsville ‘revival’ with founders John Kilpatrick and Steve Hill, and he had Lila Tahune of Bronwnsville Pensacola speak at his Sydney church.


Kundalini Rock Spider Rock Cult

A cancer is spreading throughout protestant Christendom, a Kundalini rock spider rock cult called Hillsong. Its founder adopted a slicker, more lucrative business marketing approach than his pedophile father who tolerated knicker-flashing middle-aged women embarrassing themselves by thrashing about the floor like tuna on a trawler boat. A former Channel 7 technician who worked with the TV team who filmed Frank Houston’s church every week, recently described to me how actors faked ‘miracle healings’ for the cameras every week.

Brian Houston removed the plaque fixed to Hillsong Church which stated that Frank Houston founded it, and he used his ill-found ‘prosperity’ to fund his facelift, hair transplant, and his wife’s boob job. Hillsong’s renovated, conservative image proved PR palatable for Prime Ministers, Police Commissioners, and pop stars who ignored Frank Houston’s irrelevant indiscretion. Mind controlled Hillsong slaves bark, ‘Don’t touch God’s anointed!’ at the suggestion their plastic dictator concealed crimes. Hillsong franchises continue to open shop the world over, most recently breaking into the lucrative US market. Numerous other churches of various denominations imitate the Hillsong corporate model. Most Australian churches pay for the right to use Hillsong’s B-grade pop tunes.


Public Perception

In October 2014, the Royal Commission held a public hearing into the responses by the AOG/ACC and affiliated Pentecostal churches to allegations of child sexual abuse made against Pastor William Francis (‘Frank’) Houston in 1999 and the response of Sydney Christian Life Centreand Hills Christian Life Centre (now called Hillsong Church) to those allegations. The Royal Commission also examined the response of the AOG/ACC to the allegations.

Frank Houston was an ordained Salvation Army officer at age 18 in New Zealand. He changed denominations twice, first to the Baptist church, and in 1960 he established his first AOG NZ church. From 1965 to 1971 he rose to the position of AOG NZ Superintendent. During those years, Frank Houston often visited Australia to preach.

In 1977, Frank Houston established the Sydney Christian Life Centreand was based in Australia. In 1978, Frank Houston’s son, Brian Houston, and daughter-in-law, Bobbie Houston, joined the ministry there. In 1983, Brian and Bobbie Houston founded the Hills Christian Life Centre and the two churches merged in 1999 renaming itself Hillsong Church in 2001. Today Hillsong Church spans 12 countries including Australia. According to Hillsong, 11,000 people attend the Baulkham Hills site of the Hillsong Church each weekend and 35,000 across Australia.

Both the Sydney Christian Life Centre and Hills Christian Life Centre were affiliates of the AOG. Brian Houston was the National President of the AOG from 1997 to 2009. Today Hillsong Church is an affiliate of the ACC.

Royal Commission Victim ‘AHA’ (CS18) was first sexually assaulted by Frank Houston at age 7 years in 1969. His family members were good friends with Frank Houston who often visited from New Zealand to preach. In 1969 and 1970 Frank Houston, sometimes with his family, came and stayed in AHA’s home in Sydney. Frank Houston would enter his bedroom at night and sexually assault him while he was staying with them. This happened numerous times over a period of years but stopped when he reached puberty.

In October 1998, AHA’s mother attended an AOG church called Emmanuel Christian Family Church and disclosed there that Frank Houston had sexually abused her son about ‘30 years ago.’ The senior pastor of that Church at the time was Pastor Barbara Taylor. Taylor and ‘evangelist’ Kevin ‘Mad Dog’ Mudford visited AHA’s house that evening and confronted the victim about his abuse disclosure.

In December 2002, further allegations of child sexual abuse were made by another victim, ‘AHG’ that Frank Houston sexually abused him in New Zealand.

In 2004, Frank Houston suffered an aneurism in the care of a non-Hillsong nurse and died in the shower. NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione attended Frank Houston’s funeral to honour the serial child rapist.

In February 2009, Brian Houston was told of further pedophile allegations concerning his father’s rape of victim ‘AHH’ more than 30 years previously in New Zealand.

The Royal Commission concluded, no allegations of child sexual abuse against Frank Houston were referred to the police and no civil proceedings had been commenced in Australia relevant to allegations against him. The Royal Commission chastised Brian Houston for not reporting the abuse allegations to the police.

Brian Houston emerged from the public hearing to be confronted by a woman at whom he repeatedly screamed: ‘I AM NOT A PEDOPHILE!’ Security guards had to restrain Brian Houston from lunging at the woman.


What Hillsong and the Royal Commission Covered Up

That is the official story fed to the public. Now let me share what I heard from Hillsong victims and witnesses, of how the CIA systematically infiltrated the AOG, and how the satanic cesspit called Hillsong came to be.

Frank Houston was more perverted than ‘plain vanilla.’ Trainee pastor Peter Laughton was 21 years old and Frank Houston was in his 50s when the talented young musician moved into the home Frank shared with his wife Hazel. Behind every Ahab there is a Jezebel, and Hazel Houston knew all about her husband’s antics from the start. Even after the truth began emerging, Hazel pushed for Frank Houston’s pastoral restoration, citing the Biblical story of King David’s affair with a married woman. Frank Houston took advantage of Peter Laughton with Hazel’s knowledge.



David Marr, The Sydney Morning Herald, 4 August 2007

A fallen leader of faith

FRANK HOUSTON was a charismatic preacher and a sick man. He won famous souls for Hillsong – jockey Darren Beadman was one of his scalps – and sexually abused young men.

He was about 60 when he undertook to cure 23-year-old Peter Laughton’s homosexuality. ‘My counselling sessions by the senior minister were nothing more than sexual abuse disguised in the form of the need of a father’s love and discipline,’ Laughton says. ‘Through my naivety, I enjoyed the naked beatings, the eternal bum caresses and masturbating into bottles, among other things.’

Laughton was training to be a pastor. He says the abuse continued for about four years until 1984… Laughton’s faith went first. He tells the Herald that before leaving the church in the early 1990s he gave an account to another pastor of the abusive therapy he’d received. But as far as Laughton is aware, no action was taken against the old man until he was forced into retirement by his son Brian after an allegation of pedophilia emerged in about 2000…

Burying his father in 2004, Houston declared him a man who made mistakes but a preacher ‘in a class of his own.’


Brian Houston’s Attempted AOG Takeover

Brian Houston was once heard talking with his mother Hazel about starting his own denomination. Brian responded: ‘Why start your own when there is a perfectly good one that you can take over?’ He meant the AOG.

Brian Houston’s AOG takeover attempt began in 1997 when he ran for the top Executive position, AOG General Superintendent (renamed National President). The current National President, Andrew Evans of Paradise AOG in South Australia, had held the office for 20 years. Andrew Evan’s 2IC Phil Hills ran against Brian Houston for the 1997 leadership position. Credentialed ministers were entitled to vote, plus each church could nominate additional voting delegates at the rate of 1:100 congregants. Brian’s own church, Hills Christian Life Centre (renamed Hillsong) was a mega church with thousands in attendance and therefore had incredible voting strength. To win the vote, Brian Houston bused hundreds of voting delegates to the 1997 Adelaide conference. That is how Brian Houston became AOG /ACC General Superintendent/National President for the next decade.

Prior to hillsongification, AOG churches were traditionally structured to run from the congregation up, and pastors were answerable to the people. Brian Houston’s own Hillsongchurch was an incorporated entity run from the top down, which gave him absolute authority. Brian Houston used his position as National President to restructure the entire AOG organisation so that it too ran from the top down. This effectively gave the National Executive total control of the Australian AOG denomination. Many pastors within the AOG movement changed the governance of their own local churches to Brian’s model, which gave local pastors incredible powers over their congregations, and in turn handed incredible power to the AOG Executive.

Brian Houston’s takeover plan was interrupted by public revelation of his father’s child sex crimes, and his focus subsequently turned to damage control. Brian Houston then used his position as National President, and the new power structure, to silence victims and coverup his father’s emerging pedophilia. Another damage control move was Brian Houston taking over Frank Houston’s Sydney church and merging it with Hillsong in 1999, before the AOG Executive officially acknowledged Frank Houston’s pedophilia.


1999 – National Executive Coverup Began

Everyone on the 1999 AOG Board was complicit in protecting pedophile Frank Houston, as captured in the minutes of a ‘Special Executive Meeting’ (22 December 1999) attended by John Lewis (Chairman), Brian Houston, David Cartledge, P. Hills, Steve Penny, Alun Davies, Danny Guglielmucci, Wayne Alcorn, and Keith Ainge who conspired as follows:

  1. It was agreed that the minutes of this meeting be kept confidentialand in a special file.
  2. It was noted that an allegation has been made against Rev. Frank Houston, of a single act of sexual abuse more than 30 years ago. The complainant does not wish to be identified and does not wish to make a formal complaint, but Frank Houston has confessed to the act.
  3. It was agreed that the president of the AOG (Brian Houston) has acted appropriately in suspending the credential of F. Houston, standing him down from ministry and calling this special meeting of the National Executive.
  4. It was agreed that:
    • Houston’s credential be withdrawn forthwith
    • He be invited to enter the AOG restoration program
    • He be placed under the supervision of Ian Woods (State Superintendent NSW)
    • He refrain from Public ministry for 12 months
    • He not receive his credential until the NSW Superintendent recommends to the National Executive at the expiration of at least two years
    • He be offered counselling support if required.
  5. It was agreed, in the interest of the complainant, not to notify the movement of this disciplinary action. (This is in line with our restoration policy)
  6. It was agreed that B. Houston notify F. Houston of the decisions of the Executive.
  7. It was agreed that J. Lewis and W. Alcorn meet with ‘Mad Dog’ Mudford and inform him of the action that has been taken by the Executive.
  8. It was agreed that B. Houston meet with the complainant and explain the process of discipline and restoration that has been followed. It was agreed that he be assured that his identity has not been disclosed at the Executive meeting and his desire for anonymity has been honoured. It was agreed that he be offered counselling if he desires it.
  9. It was noted that legal advice has been obtained as to our obligations in this matter.
  10. It was agreed that any inquiries in relation to this matter be directed to J. Lewis.


AOG Knowingly Placed Kids at Risk

The AOG Executive lied to Australian ordained pastors concerning why Frank Houston resigned from his position. In a Special Executive Meeting report (dated 22 November 2000), Brian Houston outlined accusations that were raised against Frank Houston’s ‘inappropriate sexual behaviour with boys around 33 years ago’ in New Zealand, ‘involving between two and five people.’

A ‘Special Elders Meeting’ was convened on 29 November 2000 to ‘discuss matters relating to the apparent moral failure by Frank Houston some 30 years ago.’ This reads, ‘Announcement to Church/s: It was agreed that a simple announcement concerning Frank’s retirement would be sufficient at this stage.’

A National Executive ‘Report on trip of John Lewis and Keith Ainge to New Zealand and Sydney, 28th29thNovember 2000’ reads: ‘A total of six specific allegationshave been investigated by the New Zealand executive relating to improper touching of genitals.’ This letter indicates a total of four victims were identified, and that ‘at least 50 pastors in New Zealand are aware of the allegations… John Lewis Stressed that the Australian Executive preferred not to publish a statement… unless rumours became so bad that it was considered in the best interests of all concerned. The New Zealand executive greed with this approach.’

The AOG National Executive prepared a vague statement (dated 8 December 2000) ‘as a response to individuals if they hear rumours and approach the executive for clarification.’ It reads: ‘The National Executives of the Assemblies of God in Australian and New Zealand have had the very sad responsibility of investigating claims of a serious moral failure against Frank Houston.’

The National Executive sent all Australian ordained AOG pastors a letter (dated 24 December 2001) telling them, ‘Pastor Brian Houston received a serious accusation against his father, Frank Houston,’ and advising pastors, ‘We can’t see any reason for this to be announced to your church or further afield.’  

So, the National Executive knew Frank Houston was a serial pedophile, yet informed AOG local pastors of a single incident. The Executive verbally perpetuated the lie to inquiring pastors that Frank Houston experienced a ‘one off’ moment of ‘moral failure’ with a ‘consenting 16-year-old.’ Because local pastors were unaware of Frank Houston’s crimes, the serial predator continued to preach and access AOG children right up until his 2004 death. I was given a recording of a sermon Frank Houston gave one month before his death in which he repeatedly commented on all the ‘good-looking little boys’ seated in the audience. This recording, plus witness testimony, contradicts the claim by AOG Executive and Brian Houston that Frank Houston suffered advanced Alzheimer’s toward the end of his life.


Brian Houston Systematically Restructured the AOG

Originally, the AOG National Conference was not an ‘entertainment spectacular replete with motivational speakers and workshops.’ It was a simple gathering of ordained AOG pastors, a collective of autonomous fellowships which governed in voluntary cooperation. The pastors nominated and voted on its representatives who served the fellowship at district, state and national levels.

Yet Brian Houston restructured the AOG so that District leaders were selected by the State, and State leaders were appointed by the National Executive, and nominations to State, District and National leaders were approved by the National body. Brian Houston passed the restructuring off as a ‘biblical model’ of implementing ‘vision.’ He claimed God spoke to the executive relative to the direction of the movement, and they would lead the AOG into destiny. The restructuring in fact made the executives a select and elite club of Brian sycophants that left no means for rank and file ministers to rid themselves of corrupt leadership.

Brian Houston rewarded people who were complicit to the Frank Houston coverup (including like Ian Woods, John McMartin, Donna Crouch and Joel Abel) with positions on the National Executive. This ‘closed shop’ structure ensured the coverup stayed covered up.

The final blow to AOG leadership accountability occurred when Brian Houston removed the right of Pastors to raise business from the floor at the AOG/ACC Biennial Conference. UntilBrian Houston and his minions did this, any ordained AOG pastor could ask embarrassing questions from the floor at National Conference. This right was removed under the pretence of ‘streamlining’ things because AOG were a ‘growing movement’ and had to change for the sake of efficiency, and not consume valuable Conference time with mundane business matters that could be more efficiently dealt with on a day to day basis, etc.

The new AOG inquiry / complaints process was for Pastors to submit their questions to the District, who would submit them to the State, who would submit them to the National Executive for inclusion in the agenda (but only if they deemed the questions worthy). Every tier of governance was now stacked with ‘Brianites’ so nothing ‘uncomfortable’ would be raised at Conference, and dissenters were quickly and quietly identified. Obviously, questions about Frank Houston’s sex crimes and the Executive coverup of the same never made it to Conference for open discussion, under the new system. Further, the once freely available printed Directory of pastor’s names, addresses and contact details was done away with, leaving the Executive with the only means of contacting ordained ministers en masse.


2009 – 2019: Brian Houston Steps Aside, Yet Still Pulls Strings

After 10 years of coverup and restructuring to protect himself, Brian Houston resigned from the Executive in 2009. He was replaced by Wayne Alcorn (President) and Alun Davies (VP) who have held the same offices to date. Wayne Alcorn was Brian Houston’s partner in crime at the infamous 1999 meeting. The 1999 Executive members were bound by their criminal actions and fear of discovery. So, although no longer a National Executive, Brian Houston continued his influence via Hillsong staff who were on the Executive, especially Donna Crouch and Joel Abel whom he promoted and made wealthy following their involvement in burying Frank Houston’s pedophilia.


Big Bucks Passed Between Hillsong & AOG

Brian Houston also maintained influence over the AOG/ACC Executive by paying them $300,000 per year in dues. State and National dues are like a ‘franchise fee’ where local churches pay a percentage of their congregational tithes and offerings to the State and National Executives. The 2007 NSW Executive Meeting Minutes reveal, the State alone received at least $150,000 per annum; the National Executive typically received a similar amount. So, Brian Houston and Hillsong bought their enormous power and influence within the ACC.

The money flowed both ways, since the AOG/ACC would recommend their local pastors attend the annual Hillsong Conference plus the Women’s Conference run by Brian’s wife Bobbie. The AOG/ACC also endowed Bobbie with the position of National leader of Australian Christian Women(ACW) which directs thousands of Australian women to her annual ‘Colour’ Conferences. Thus, the AOG/ACC National and State conferences have become more Hillsong than ever and the local AOG/ACC churches are increasingly adopting a Hillsong style.

Hillsong music is never free, despite their gushing over how God gave them the lyrics and tunes. They pimp their merchandise to local, often struggling, AOG churches and charge copyright license through CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International), another money hungry scam that violates everything Jesus Christ stood for. The Biblical Jesus Christ condemned using a ‘house of God’ as a place of commercial trade and so stormed through his own church in a rage, tossing furniture and whipping people.But Hillsong sheep typically do not read the Word, for if they did, they would not support Hillsong.

Hillsong’s commercial trading does not end there. Hillsong affiliates founded the Gloria Jeans café franchise. Some US mega-churches contain McDonalds outlets. In fact, most churches have replaced the traditional post-service cuppa and homemade slice with commercial cafes located within church buildings. The Biblical concept of tithing to feed the poor, widowed and disabled is replaced with paying for a pastor’s fancy house and car, and wages for church positions that were once voluntary. Thus, most churches denominations have become apostate, just as the Bible predicted. Most churches have thrown out their Holy Ghost inspired, spiritually effective blood worship wings and hymns and replaced these with repetitive, poorly written shite rock and heavy metal which are thrashed out by the next Australian Idol wannabe. The Bible has been edited based on a discarded translation found dumped in an Egyptian monastery, by occultists and sexual perverts to omit Lucifer’s name, and stamped with occult symbols from my childhood.


Post Royal Commission: 60 Minutes & NSW Police

By 2014, Frank Houston and his crimes were long buried. Everyone swallowed Brian’s Houston’s claim that his father’s ‘moral failure’ was a ‘one off’ incident. Brian Houston and his partners in crime might have gotten away with the coverup had it not been for the Royal Commission’s 2014 Public Hearing into Case Study 18. Simeon Beckett, council assisting the chair at the Royal Commission recommended that Brian Houston be referred to the police for concealing his father’s child rapes.



Rick Morton & Dan Box, The Australian, 20 Dec 2014.

HILLSONG Church founder Brian Houston should be referred to police for investigation after he failed to report child sexual abuse carried out by his father, the royal commission’s senior counsel has found.

Simeon Beckett, counsel assisting the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, also found Brian Houston – who was national president of the Pentecostal church umbrella organisation Assemblies of God when he heard about the abuse – had a “conflict of interest” and never told police about his father Frank Houston’s abuse of a boy from the age of seven in 1970…

Mr Beckett also found the Assemblies of God offered Frank Houston a chance to return to his ministry, despite the allegations and the fact this was against policy.

The police dropped the investigation due to a ‘lack of evidence.’ Yet there had to be prima facie evidence for the Royal Commission to recommend prosecution in the first place. Some believe police dropped the case due to Brian Houston’s close friendship with NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione.

On 23 October 2018, NSW MP David Shoebridge publicly called for legal action against Pastor Brian Houston for his pedophile protection crimes:[2]

It is now 49 years since the abuse started, 19 years since Brian Houston was aware of it, and three years after the royal commission delivered its damning report, yet nothing has happened. It is a fact that Brian Houston is a close friend of Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who mentioned him in his inaugural speech as one of his guiding lights. It is a fact that Brian Houston is also a friend of the former police commissioner of New South Wales Andrew Scipione. Police Commissioner Scipione attended at least one annual conference of Hillsong and numerous services and is reportedly on a first name basis with Brian Houston. In December 2016 then Premier Baird opened the Hillsong Epicentre in Baulkham Hills, with his friend Brian Houston in attendance. There is compelling evidence that Brian Houston knew, while he was a church leader, about the abuse and about the hush payments, and that he failed to tell the police. This is a crime. We have sent correspondence to the police commissioner urging action. We have yet to receive a reply.

 AHA has contacted my office for help. He is suffering from a life-threatening illness and is concerned justice will not be served in his lifetime. This would be a further obscene betrayal. Earlier this week the Prime Minister delivered a national apology. Survivors responded that it is actions, not words, they want. The royal commission told us a lot about power – how it can stand in the way of justice and how the powerful can exploit the powerless. The problem is that despite this week’s apology the powerful still seem to be immune from prosecution. No-one, regardless of their friends, should be beyond the reach of the law. This weekend Mr Brian Houston will continue to preach, and this weekend AHA will continue to demand the justice he deserves.

Having weathered the Royal Commission, the only thing that bound Hillsong to the AOG/ACC was the civil action against them by victim AHA. 60 Minutes journalists identified victim ‘AHA’ as Brett Sengstock and revealed that although both AOG/ACC Hillsong and AOG New Zealand acknowledged that Frank Houston repeatedly raped Brett Sengstock, Hillsong and the AOG spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawyers and tactics to deny him compensation and silence him altogether. Because Brett Sengstock was dying of cancer and at risk of losing his home to costs, he abandoned hope of justice and compensation, and instead signed the ‘Cease and Desist’ order AOG imposed on him in 2018.

Brett Sengstock told the Royal Commission that Brian Houston accused him during a phone conversation:

You know, it’s your fault all this happened. You tempted my father.

Brett Sengstock’s terminal cancer prognosis finally let Brian Houston and Hillsong off the hook, and they no longer needed the AOG/ACC. So, immediately after Brett Sengstock signed the order, Brian Houston broke away from ACC to form his own global denomination. This move saves Hillsong $300,000 per annum in dues. Yet Hillsong retains the benefits of a loyal following from within the ACC who buy Hillsong music, and who attend the Hillsong Conference and Women’s Colour Conference. The only loser is the AOG/ACC who are left holding the can.

But Wait…

Unfortunately for Brian Houston and his pedo-protecting minions, the NSW legislation changed in late 2018, making concealing child sex abuse a ‘serious’ rather than a ‘summary’ offence. 60 Minutes confirmed the police investigation is active and ongoing:



Garry McNab (60 Minutes Producer), 9News, 18 November 2018.

Brian Houston, the founder of the Hillsong Church, is under investigation by New South Wales police over his handling of the sex crimes committed by his father Frank Houston… In 2014, Brian Houston gave evidence before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse, which later found he had failed to take the matter to the police and had a conflict of interest in dealing with the complaints against his father. It has emerged that in the wake of the Royal Commission’s findings, NSW Police began looking into his handling of his father’s crimes, an investigation that was suspended because of lack of evidence. A NSW police spokesman said the investigation has been reopened and is now ‘current and active.’


If convicted, Brian Houston will never be allowed to enter the USA again, which he won’t like because he has just built himself a US mansion in true US TV evangelist tradition. In fact, Brian Houston could be deported back to New Zealand rock he crawled out from.


Justice for Brett

Of the 1999 AOG Executive, David Cartledge is dead from a brain tumour, while Danny Guglielmucci and Steve Penny both have advanced cancer. Ian Woods, the former NSW AOG President who sheltered Frank Houston at his church in the Hawkesbury and was promoted to the National Executive, fittingly died of prostate cancer. Miraculously, while multiple Hillsong executives who targeted Brett Sengstock to hide Frank Houston’s crimes are dropping from cancer – Brett is hanging on.

Please pray for healing, justice and compensation for Brett, and a well-deserved criminal conviction for Brian Houston.


NZ Commission into Institutional Abuse

Trouble is also brewing for Brian Houston in New Zealand where a Royal Commission into abuse in state care was expanded in late 2018 to include those abused by faith-based institutions such as churches and religious schools. Many AOG insiders suspected that Frank Houston was raping boys back when he was a Salvation Army officer. Allegations are now emerging that Frank Houston raped kids while a Salvation Army Officer in NZ, that the Salvos kicked him out for pedophilia, that the Salvos failed to report his pedophilia crimes to the police, and that all this was common knowledge within the Houston family – something Brian Houston as strenuously denied since 1999.

The NZ Royal Commission will highlight that the Australian and NZ AOG Executives were well informed that that Frank Houston raped 15-year-old Peter Fowler plus six boys aged 10 years in Lower Hutt NZ in the 1970s. The NZ Executive sent all 50-plus NZ AOG pastors letters informing them of the assaults 1998, and they paid Peter Fowler $25,000 compensation in 2003.

Australian AOG Pastor and General Secretary, Phillip Powell, tried to expose these crimes from 1981 onwards, by sending faxes to Christian Life Centres (CLC) offices. Powell’s faxes accused Frank Houston of sexually assaulting children and gave specific details of various assaults. Donald Elley read one of these faxes while working at Hillsong in 1983 and questioned Frank Houston about them. Pastor Powell continued sending the faxes until the 1990s when Frank Houston finally admitted he was a pedophile. In response, Frank and Brian Houston viciously and publicly slandered Phillip Powell and destroyed his reputation and career.

Phillip Powell supported Frank Houston’s NZ child rape victim Peter Fowler. Here are relevant excerpts an email (dated 8 October 2014) Peter Fowlers sent Philip Powell:

I have not been invited to appear at the [Australian] Royal Commission, as my evidence relates to events that occurred outside Australia. However, I have given extensive evidence by telephone and the RC solicitors contacted me again today to ask if there were any questions I would like them to pose to Brian Houston when he appears tomorrow. I said that there were two:

 NZ AOG formally advised me in 2003 that Brian Houston, Hillsong, Australian AOG and the Houston Family refused to cooperate with their investigation regarding my allegations and that they may have also deliberately obstructed the criminal investigation of Frank Houston’s sexual abuse in New Zealand.

  1. Why did Brian Houston refuse to cooperate and why did he ultimately obstruct the NZ investigation?
  2. Did Brian Houston, Hillsong or the Houston family, compensate NZ AOG for the $25,000 settlement that they made with me in 2003?

 The overwhelming thing that remains for me is what I perceive deeply as the inherent evil of Hillsong and all that it represents. You know exactly what I mean… the worship of wealth and materialism and the lack of any social justice in its approach to community and the Christianity it claims to represent. I find it abhorrent and deeply offensive. Hillsong is not a ministry in any sense of the word I understand. It is essentially just a business and its primary objective is profit and the creation of wealth for its shareholders…Brian and Bobbie! I imagine they will survive the Royal Commission with insincere words and PR designed to protect their empire. Unless Hillsong implodes due to greed, criminality or excessive consumption, I expect it will go on to the greater strength and power, damaging many lives and falsely representing Christ in the process. I can only hope that they will eventually be revealed…in this world or the next, for what they really are…the moneychangers who defiled the temple of God!

 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said to them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but you have made it a den of thieves —Matthew 21:12–13.



As reported in the Wall Street Journal, President Trump rejected Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s request to bring Brian Houston to the Whitehouse for dinner. While Trump’s savvy administration recognised that dining with a pedophile protector currently under police investigation is a PR train wreck – our own Prime Minister did not. Scomo’s public endorsement of Brian Houston is an insult to child abuse victims.

Listen here to a 3AW interviewwith Brett Senstock on Dinnergate.


Hillsong, Ritual Abuse & Antony Kidman

I chose Hillsong as my case example to illustrate a point: Where there is smoke there is fire. Whenever you see an institution engaging in child abuse coverup implicating police commissioners and prime ministers, know that the true story involves ritual abuse, mind control, and CIA child trafficking.

Hillsong took a Scientology approach to managing Frank Houston’s child rape victims. Hillsong pumped millions of dollars (leeched from its mind-controlled masses and disgusted Australian taxpayers) into stalking, harassing and legally threatening victims, and bribing AOG Executives into assisting the coverup. This is because like Scientology, Hillsong is a CIA cult cut-out.

I have been contacted by multiple Hillsong victims (or their parent/therapist/pastor) whose testimonies combine to create a clear picture of Hillsong’s connection to Antony Kidman and CIA child trafficking. Here are some brief examples:

  1. A 24-year-old woman told me Hillsong prostituted her from age two to 22 years, and that Hillsong delivered her to Antony Kidman who subjected her to mind control procedures.
  2. A therapist told me her client was subjected to ritual abuse and mind control perpetrated by Antony Kidman via Hillsong.
  3. A mother said Hillsong targeted, abducted, prostituted and murdered multiple children, and subjected her daughter to MK-ULTRA soldier/assassin training. She supplied me with supporting documentary evidence that NSW Victim Services compensated her two children for witnessing Hillsong ritually murder 10-year-old Helen Karipidis in an upstairs room inside Hillsong church during a 1988 Christmas service. The mother also said Hillsong Youth Workers abducted 10-year-old Samantha Knight whose disappearance was falsely pinned on a scapegoat. The bodies of Samantha Knight and Helen Karipidis were never found. Both girls attended Hillsong kids club prior to their disappearance.


Hillsong, PIE & Communists

In 2017, I published the following letter on my blog sites:

Dear Fiona,

Thank you for standing up to these criminals. I have information for you which you might find interesting. I have to remain anonymous because going public would severely compromise my capacity to investigate this crime-ring.

In 1971 an Adelaide barrister from the Communist Party of Australia created the precursor to what later became the Pedophile Information Exchange. This lawyer was the late ELLIOT JOHNSON. The Pedophile Information Exchange was formed from earlier pedophile groups such as the Lewis Carroll Collectors Guild and the (homosexual) Peter Pan Club. Another founder of this organization (from the Peter Pan Club) was FRANK HOUSTON who also founded the pseudo-church The Assembly of God. Houston was pastor of the Surrey Hills Christian Centre which later morphed into Hillsong Church. Houston was an organizer for the Peter Pan Club when he was contacted by Elliot Johnson and asked to assist in forming a “united front” for organized pedophilia. This resulted in the formation of the Pedophile Information Exchange in February 1973. This organization was then exported to the United Kingdom.

I knew Johnson personally and I have always detested the man. I have heard Johnson boast of having killed Japanese prisoners of war in Papua New Guinea during WW2. Here are some quotes from Johnson;

‘I shot half a dozen in one afternoon’;

‘I shot dozens and dozens of them’;

‘The others would bayonet them or cut their throats, but I was more humane about it – I shot them in the back of the head.’

Johnson had a law degree at the time and knew perfectly well that his actions were a breach of the Geneva Convention. Johnson was a war criminal. Upon return to Australia Johnson became an operator for the Communist Party of Australia. This included bullying and indeed killing any Party dissidents.

The Communist Party loaned Johnson 50,000 pounds which Johnson used to found the Adelaide law firm Johnson and Withers. Johnson also bought a house and a flash motorcar. The loan was forgiven for services rendered.

In 1947 a man was found dead on Somerton Beach in Adelaide. This murder remains unsolved. The victim was a GRU man working for the USSR. He was collecting information on the development of British weapons in Australia. The Communist Party of Australia supported him and other Soviet agents (such as HV Evatt) with sexual services. The GRU man had been paired up with a local woman communist who he got pregnant. The naive chap then thought that he could marry the woman and live a family life in Australia. He contacted the Dept of External Affairs (called DFAT now) and asked for advice. However, that Dept had been so penetrated by communists that the GRU man was betrayed. He was told to attend the woman’s house and await the arrival of Commonwealth security officers. Instead he was attended by Elliot Johnson (with fake ID) and two Communist Party thugs dressed up in suits and ties.

Johnson then poisoned the man with OLEANDER extract. This provides a deadly (cardiac) poison that kills within hours. As the man sickened, he was stripped and left to die. His corpse was then washed and redressed (by the woman – a nurse) and then transported to Somerton Beach by Elliot Johnson in his motorcar. This was one of the rare private cars in Adelaide at that time. The police had a couple of dozen model T Fords and Morris Minors.

Another Johnson killing was that of the Sydney physicist Dr Gilbert Bogle in 1961. Dr Bogle was a microwave physicist who had been working on microwave modulation for guided missile systems for the British. He was recruited into the Communist Party by his boss Dr Geoffrey Chandler using sex as the bait.

The pay in Australia was poor and Bogle applied for a job in the USA. Bogle had a PhD in microwave physics and the American pay was literally 20 times that of his Australian pay. The problem was that Bell was a high security laboratory and the job required a complete FBI background check. The Communist Party fearing for their spy ring then decided to murder Bogle and then delegated that task to Elliot Johnson and Geoffrey Chandler. Johnson gave the termination order and acted as field director for the kill. Geoffrey Chandler then administered OLEANDER poison to Gilbert Bogle in a rum drink at a cocktail party.

However, Bogle noticed the taste and commented upon it. Margaret Chandler then took a sip of the drink and was poisoned as well. Geoffrey Chandler then telephoned Elliot Johnson for instructions and was then ordered by Johnson to dump both bodies down by the river to die.

Johnson was the most professional and protected criminal in Australia. In 1983 the corrupt premier of South Australia JOHN BANNON then appointed the perverted murderer to the Supreme Court of South Australia. This is how Johnson became a Supreme Court judge. This should indicate to you just how much power the pedophiles have in South Australia.

I have very good reason for believing that Johnson was one of the principal members of what has been called ‘The Family’. This is the name given to the gang that killed children in Adelaide from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. It has been claimed that they are homosexuals. No! They raped and killed little girls too. I have personally heard one of Johnson’s comrades admit to raping Jane Beaumont. This informant claims that the little girl and her younger siblings Anna and Grant were strangled by Elliot Johnson. I believe it as I have heard Johnson admit to killing Japanese POWs. Johnson admitted to me that he enjoyed killing (he said that it was cathartic) and that sometimes he would give them a head start and then hunt them down.

Part of Johnson’s motivations were terrorist. You might know about Red Terror. This was used by the Bolsheviks in 1918 to beat the Russian people into submission. The Muslim fanatics from Islamic State use it for this reason as well. This is why the Beaumont children were taken. This tactic really shocked Adelaide. It was not a safe town after all, and the government could not protect you. These criminals proved that they could defeat the police and thus reduce public confidence in them.

I hope that this information is of some use to you. I am sorry that I can’t go public, but I have leaked a lot of information and even that has been risky.

So far four whistle-blowers have been killed in Adelaide for knowing too much and needless to say I do not want to be the fifth to die.

God bless you. Take good care of yourself. Remember me.


*          *          *

Remember: Every time you sing a Hillsong tune at church, or play a Hillsong album – you are funding theglobal child trafficking operation coordinated by the CIA.

*          *          *

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[2]David Shoebridge, Child Sexual Abuse, Legislative Council Hansard, 23 October 2018.


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