A Call to Prayer for Hillsong Child Abuse victim Mark

Deb’s son Mark was found dead yesterday under suspicious circumstances.  Paramedics revived his body but he is not expected to survive the oxygen deprivation.  Nothing short of a miracle can save Mark now.

I ask you to pray for Mark.  The Bible documents that Jesus Christ raised people from the dead back in his time and there are reports God still raises people from the dead in Jesus’ name today.  We only need to believe in Jesus and have faith, to be saved.  That’s all.  And faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.  I believe God can do this, that He can answer our combined prayers for Mark’s life and salvation.

I say salvation because Mark’s life must be of better quality than it has been to date.  As a small child, Mark suffered horrendous abuse through Hillsong Church – and he has been paying for it ever since.  He has paid for refusing to deny what he experienced and witnessed.

Last Christmas, corrupt NSW Police officers framed Mark for something he didn’t do.  Mark and his girlfriend were attacked by a gang of men, Mark defended his girlfriend, and so police charged him with assault.  Mark was throw in prison without bail, refused assistance by Legal Aid, and only recently was released.  NSW Police were waiting to arrest him for another false charge upon his release, except his lawyer (paid for by donations) whisked him into hiding.  Deb was about to pursue charges against the government regarding their constant harassment of Mark – but it seems the pedophile network took steps yesterday to prevent that…

Lord God, we pray for Mark.  We pray for his miraculous recovery.  We ask that You remember what this man has endured since his youngest memories.  Remember the hell that he has lived.  Bring to your mind everything his perpetrators did, every tear Mark shed, every incident of Mark’s pain and torture – and judge them now.  We pray that every evil thing these pedophiles and their hired thugs did to Mark is exposed.  Expose these bastards, Lord – and bring them to justice for what they have done to Mark.  Why do these scumbags live while Mark lies lifeless in a hospital bed?  WHY?  Why has Mark been let to suffer so much for so long?  Don’t let him be forgotten like this.  Don’t let his life be for nothing.  Rise up and show the world what your believers know – that you have power over life and death.  That YOU are LORD – not Lucifer.  Share what we know, with the lost and broken.  In Jesus name, Amen…    

Mark on life support


Australia’s own Pizzagate

10-year-old Helen Karapidis was abducted 22 December 1988 from her Marrickville apartment complex grounds by members of the Wood Royal Commission pedophile network.

The Hillsong child sex trafficking network included government social workers, Aunties and Uncles program staff, Hillsong architect Ian Longstaff who redesigned their Young St, Waterloo church building, David Young who, with Ian, collected kids for ‘Youngies’ church youth club, and convicted pedophile and Hillsong staff member John Baxter.

Helen attended Hillsong Kids’ Club. She knew her abductors, which explains why she disappeared so.

Hillsong founding pastor Frank Houston was a convicted pedophile who sought and trafficked children to the Sydney VIP pedophile ring based in Kings Cross boy brothels. Houston was named multiple times to the Wood Royal Commission. These children were sought by Hillsong from low socioeconomic families with single mothers, parents in trouble with the law, and who had been brought to the attention of the Department of Children’s Services.

Helen Karapidis was ritually murdered days following her abduction, during an evening church service, in a secret room that overlooked the congregation at Hillsong Church Young St, Waterloo.

Two children aged 6 and 8 witnessed Helen Karapidis’ ritual murder and reported this to police. The children later won a NSW Victim Compensation claim in court on the basis of witnessing Helen Karapidi’s murder in Hillsong Church. The children also witnessed several other children murdered during that same service.

Police did not investigate the child witnesses’ testimonies, did not conduct forensic investigations at Hillsong Church at Young St, Waterloo. Instead, police targeted the child witnesses and their mother. Case discussion notes from a meeting held regarding this case at the Children’s Hospital in Camperdown, Sydney, and attended by the Department of Children’s Services, stated: ‘Officer John Hesslop said we have concerns about containing the mother.’  Police also targeted Helen Karapidis’ father and tried to frame him for Helen’s abduction. This never stuck…because it was a lie.

60 Minutes reporter Mike Munroe left Channel 9 after the network failed to air this story. The 60 Minutes team recorded psychiatrist Dr Anne Schlebaum interviewing the 2 witnesses. Royal Commissioner James Wood then slammed Dr Schlebaum and dismissed her report which supported the child witnesses. Judge Particia ‘Patty’ Bergan was promoted to Supreme Court after tearing apart genuine victims, witnesses and their testimonial evidence at the Wood Royal Commission.

The mainstream media contributed to the cover up of Helen Karapidis’ murder at Hillsong Church by refusing to report the truth, and by lying in print about the case and reporting terrible untruths about Helen’s father.

One of the child witnesses to Helen’s ritual murder at Hillsong Church is spending this Christmas in prison. He was recently arrested immediately after his mother spoke with Helen Karapidis’ family and told them for the first time what became of their little girl. He was charged for defending himself after a gang of thugs attacked him. When the victim’s barrister phoned NSW Police for information pertaining to the charges, NSW police allegedly told the barrister to fuck off…

It is anniversary time for the greatest perversion of justice Australia has never seen or heard.





Focus on the Facts – 08.30.16

The guest was Fiona Barnett, an MK Ultra survivor and Australia’s most recognized and vocal Whistleblower on VIP pedophilia. She was introduced to the pedophile network by her Nazi war criminal grandparents. As a child, Fiona was raped by 3 Australian Prime Ministers and other politicians, US President, Richard Nixon and famous actors. She was trafficked internationally and was drugged and raped by prominent Americans, such as Billy Graham and Ted Turner, who attended pedophile parties at Disneyland and Bohemian Grove.

Focus on the Facts – 08.30.16