1991 News Proves Police Investigated Australian Satanic Cannibal Pedo Cult

Here are two 1991 Canberra Times newspaper articles that documented the national cannibalistic, child raping, murderous cult involving the pillars of Australian society including police, doctors, lawyers, journalists, and university lecturers – just as I asserted in my free book EYES WIDE OPEN.

The first article mentions Murwillumbah, the town where children were sex trafficked in three public schools, and where my own siblings were ritually abused. The second article documents the public’s response to the police invitation to report similar crimes.

What did police do? What was the final outcome of the national investigation? Nothing. The government conducted the Wood Royal Commission, silenced whistleblowers, and sealed the findings for 99 years.

BTW, notice the dates on the articles – Halloween…


Canberra Times, Tue 29 Oct 1991

SYDNEY: Satanic cults involved in cannibalism, mass murder, pack rape and child abuse may be operating in at least 14 NSW towns. 

NSW police said last night that reports of satanic abuse would be investigated and urged the public to come forward with any information. The announcement followed a Channel Ten news report on an Australia-wide satanic organisation allegedly involved in rapes, cannibalistic rituals and child abuse.The report said complaints about satanic practices had been received by social welfare groups and other agencies in Tamworth, Dubbo, Penrith, Wollongong, Newcastle, Taree, Lismore, Murwillumbah, Bega, Wagga, Goulburn, Port Macquarie, Glen Innes and Nowra. The cult was said to operate Australia-wide, and allegedly involves high-profile figures in the law, medicine, the media, police and academia.

Follow-up article


Canberra Times, Wed 30 Oct 1991

SYDNEY: Callers jammed police headquarters phone lines last night with accounts of satanic cults in NSW and rituals involving sacrifices and sex. Police were taking calls at a nation-wide Crimestoppers number in Sydney after claims of satanic cults involving children, animals and adults were broadcast on television news on Monday night. 

“The phones here have been ringing constantly since we opened them this evening. We had about 40 calls in the first three hours,” a police spokeswoman said. 

The Channel Ten program alleged an Australia-wide satanic organisation was operating, involving rapes, cannibalism and child abuse. The broadcast said the cult involved members of the legal, medical and academic professions and of the media and police

Police in Victoria and NSW said they would investigate the allegations but needed firm evidence. Police on the Sydney number — 008 025-122 — said callers had been “rather consistent in what they told us and in the things they said”.

Parliament House & Police Taskforce “Operation Disc

According to Hansard, here is what Rev. Fred Nile put to Parliament House regarding the information aired in the Channel 10 TV show re Satanic Ritual cults:


           Reverend the Hon. F. J. NILE:  I wish to ask the Minister for Police and Emergency Services and Vice-President of the Executive Council a question without notice.  Is it a fact that recent reports in the media, and in particular on Channel 10, claim that satanic cult groups are operating in New South Wales in at least 14 different centres such as Penrith, Wollongong, Newcastle and so on?  What action is the Police Service taking to investigate these reports and ensure that charges are laid where necessary?

           The Hon. E. P. PICKERING:  Last night I was unable to watch the Channel 10 program which apparently reported on allegations of child sexual assault and so-called satanic cults.  It is fair to say that reports of this nature are being made round the world.  Horrific stories are emanating from all parts of the world about these sorts of terrible allegations.  My department became aware of a series of apparent detailed allegations which could be broadly referred to as the abuse of children and, indeed, the murder of children through satanic cult practices.  That caused me to create a special 10-member task force which was given the code name Disk.  Because of the gravity of that situation and my special concern about it, I took the trouble to have the department brief me regularly as to the investigation into Operation Disk.  It is fair to say that after 16 months of intense investigation that operation came to nought.  It is fair to say also that in recent times my department received further information about such matters.  A second task force has now been created.

           The Hon. Ann Symonds:  That will help a lot.

           The Hon. E. P. PICKERING:  I should have thought that it is an appropriate response from the Police Service.  Anyone who knows how serious matters become before the service creates a task force has a clear understanding that the service takes this matter seriously.  Each year throughout the State police conduct what is known as Operation Paradox, in relation to which the community is encouraged to come forward with information about child abuse.  Similarly, Operation Noah encourages the community to report people involved in drug abuse.  As the police Minister I am appalled at the allegations that have been made.  If there is any credence to them, I am sure every honourable member will be appalled.  The Police Service will be effective if the community reports every single incident and every single scrap of information to it.

           The Hon. Ann Symonds:  It is no good the community reporting anything if there are no services to assist.

           The Hon. E. P. PICKERING:  That is a ridiculous statement.  All information should be reported to the service.  This afternoon I heard on the radio that of the order of 500 telephone calls have been placed to a television station in Victoria. I am advised that in New South Wales about 100 telephone calls have been made. One would expect that all that information will be made available to police.  I give an unfettered assurance that as police Minister I will ensure that the Police Service does all it can to pursue any allegations in this regard.  A 10-man task force worked on this particular matter for 16 months; every skerrick of information that came to it was researched thoroughly.  Some horrific information was supplied.  I recall that one afternoon the task force was involved in digging up what were thought to be five burial sites for young children.  I remember waiting in the hope that five small bodies would not be uncovered.  They were not.  The information supplied was a nonsense. However, I assure honourable members that the work has been done and no stone will be left unturned in this matter.


The Rosicrucian Order is a secret religious cult that stemmed from ancient Babylonia. It was the basis of the OTO, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Theosophical Society, the Order of Freemasons and its chick side-kick, the Order of the Eastern Star. Combined, all of these religious cults are referred to as a global hierarchy called “The Order.” They are all based on the Cabalistic Tree of Life, feature the worship of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman gods, and share related symbology including the Star of Osiris pentagram.

When first formed, the Order of the Eastern Star symbol featured the names of 5 goddesses as follows:

28 years after the Order of the Eastern Star was formed, its founder changed the names of the goddesses to something that better appealed to, and could hide within, our Judeo-Christian culture: five Biblical characters, as follows:

Now here is a previously unpublished secret: The Order of the Eastern Star pentagram characters perfectly match the initial MK-ULTRA programmed splits created by Nazi Joseph Mengele, as follows:

Mengele’s overall MK-ULTRA programming structure was based on the Cabalistic Tree of Life, as Fritz Springmeier explained here:

The 10 main spheres of the Cabalistic Tree correspond to 10 inter-dimensional locations.

10 Pentacles tarot card – correspond to 10 main Cabalistic spheres.

One can purchase on the internet a set of 10 tuning forks to match the 10 spheres. Each of the 10 Cabalistic locations is accessed via a certain harmony / frequency which matches the tuning forks.

Cabalistic tuning forks.

MK-ULTRA core parts were laid inter-dimensionally according to the Cabalistic Tree of Life structure and its corresponding Tree of Death via NDEs (near death experiences). For example, Lilith, a water part, was laid through a water ritual NDE (i.e., waterboarding the child to death), while Rose was born via a Fire & Blood ritual.

As John C. Lilly discovered, altered states of consciousness, or inter-dimensional locations, were reached through a combination of sensory deprivation, hypnosis, LSD, and electrocution. Mengele laid his core splits inter-dimensionally using these evil techniques. Mengele’s final 3D programming structure looked like this:

3D image of Cabalistic Tree of Life programming structure.

The brain’s right hemisphere processes inter-dimensionally; hence, Mengele sought child subjects with extremely high visual-spatial (right hemispheric) processing ability to train in astral projection and other inter-dimensional activities.

Dorothy, associated on the pentagram with emerald green (statistically the favourite colour of high IQ folk) held executive function in Mengele’s core programming structure. In my book EYES WIDE OPEN, I referred to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (with Oz = Osiris) as a Core MK-ULTRA programming script. I said the author of the Oz series Frank Baum was a member of the Theosophical Society. While I’m at it, here is another tidbit for those familiar with the content of my book. Theosophical Society President John Algeo, wrote:

Emerald or GREEN is the colour of harmony, of balance; it is midway in the colour spectrum; it is the colour of the FOURTH or harmonizing ray… We can overcome death and illusion only in the world of death and illusion. We must pass through the valley of the shadow to come to the land of eternal light. So, Dorothy must go to the uttermost West, encounter the wicked Witch of death, and overcome her – with water, the symbol of life.  

At age 10 years my Dorothy part malfunctioned and was replaced by Alice who held executive function until age 50 years. Codenamed ‘Alice,’ I was the subject of Project Alice, which was the forerunner to CERN hadron collider’s ALICE experiment in which JASON scientists seek the correct key / frequency which will open the veil that separates this from the other dimensions and allow inter-dimensional beings to enter our dimension. CERN is run by a quantum D-Wave computer that, according to former CEO Gordie Rose, makes its computations inter-dimensionally.

Like Tesla tried to tell us, the universe is explained by frequency and vibration.

It’s all explained in my free book…