‘Luciferase’ Enzyme makes Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccine work

By Geoffrey Grider, May 3, 2020
Bill Gates is building something that we call the Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System, and it needs an enzyme called luciferase to make it work.

Bill Gates is building something that we call the Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System, and it needs an enzyme called Luciferase in order to make it work. Remove the word ‘human’ and it becomes 666.

With each passing day, it becomes clearer and plainer to those of us who are bible believers that we are living in a very unique time period. So unique, in fact, that we just might be witnessing the kingdom of Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast systembeing assembled before our very eyes. Please note that I use the word ‘might’ out of an overabundance of caution when writing articles like these, but when I am alone with my thoughts I am completely convinced that is exactly where we are. 100%. The wise shall understand. Ever hear of Luciferase?
And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understandDaniel 12:9,10 (KJB)
Over the past few weeks, we have shown you a massive project by Bill Gates that is so all-encompassing that it quite nearly beggars belief. That expression is an Old English term which means something that is so unbelievable that it nearly cannot be believed. The Nazi concentration camps in the Holocaust are a great example of that. When the films of what went on there came to light it was so astonishing that it was hard to comprehend such a thing could happen. But happen it did. And what is happening right now, the Antichrist system, is a similarly hard thing to fathom, but here we are.
Bill Gates is building something that we call the Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System, and it is composed of multiple things. At its center we have the COVID-19 vaccination that he wants to give every human on earth, there will be quantum dot microneedles, a digital identification mark from ID2020, and a human implantable device for buying and selling cryptocurrency with a patent number of #060606. The digital ID will come in the form of something called an Immunity Passport. All of these things, and all being funded by one man, Bill Gates, represents in total at the very least a stunning forerunner to the Mark of the Beast world system. That’s at the very least estimation, taken to its logical end, it very well could be the actual Mark of the Beast system.
But today, I want to draw your attention to one component, the quantum dot microneedles that will deliver the vaccines, and a very, very unique biochemical that makes it all work. If you’re standing up while reading this, you might want to sit down. Today we bring you ‘near infrared bioluminescence enzyme luciferase‘ which is the chemical that will make the quantum dot vaccination readable through a special mobile device app.
That’s right, the enzyme that will light up Bill Gates Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System is called Luciferase, that’s what makes the vaccination readable long after the victim has been injected, and what allows a mere vaccination to function as a mark. Luciferase. Want to see what Luciferase does? Take a look.

A sharp-eyed NTEB'er to our phrase 'Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System', and removed the word 'human' and guess what? The numerical value of that phrase adds up to 666, see for yourself. Luciferase, remember that word. 

One last thing you might find interesting. A sharp-eyed NTEB’er named Matt took our phrase ‘Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System‘, and removed the word ‘human’ and guess what? The numerical value of that phrase adds up to 666, see for yourself. Luciferase, remember that word.
Welcome to Now The End Begins, and I think now you see why we say it’s the ‘front lines of the end times’. Flight #777 preparing for takeoff.

GLADIO and the NWO

The font-of-all-knowledge, Wikipedia, defines Gladio as follows:

Operation Gladio is the codename for clandestine “stay-behind” operations of armed resistance that was planned by the Western Union (WU), and subsequently by NATO, for a potential Warsaw Pact invasion and conquest in Europe. Although Gladio specifically refers to the Italian branch of the NATO stay-behind organizations, “Operation Gladio” is used as an informal name for all of them. Stay-behind operations were prepared in many NATO member countries, and some neutral countries.

 The role of the CIA in Gladio—the extent of its activities during the Cold War era and any responsibility for terrorist attacks perpetrated in Italy during the “Years of Lead” (late 1960s to early 1980s)—are the subject of debate. Switzerland and Belgium have had parliamentary inquiries into the matter.

Allan Francovich’s 1992 documentary GLADIO, which screened on BBC2’s Timewatch, ends all debate regarding the CIA’s involvement in ‘false flag’ terror activities. The series proves Operation Gladio gave rise to the CIA’s current modus operandi. In it, Francovich interviewed numerous Operation Gladio primary witnesses and perpetrators, including the following individuals:

  • CIA director William Colby
  • An Italian Gladio commander
  • A Belgian Gendarme (military force with civilian police duties)
  • An OSS officer
  • The Head of Propaganda Due (P2 ‘Grand Orient of Italy’ Masonic Lodge)
  • An Italian neofascist and terrorist
  • A Venetian judge
  • A Belgian Senator.

Gladio was financed by both the USA and the UK. Gladio NATO bases were located in London, UK and near Boston, USA. Gladio comprised of special USA, English, French and Belgian units. Gladio officers were trained by MI6 in Hartford, England. Under the auspices of British Intelligence, the CIA, Mossad and other secret service organisations combined to create an international clandestine security force – an ‘invisible army’ – so secret that governments knew nothing of their existence. Only leaders sympathetic to the CIA were informed of Gladio. Hence Gladio points to the existence of a global shadow government being a terrifying reality and not some vague conspiracy theory.

Operation Gladio commenced in Italy in 1951, and expanded to Denmark, Norway, Holland, Spain, Turkey, and Greece. In a nutshell, Operation Gladio recruited Nazi war criminals to the OSS (the CIA’s predecessor) to track down key communists and commit terror attacks which they then blamed on the communists, as a means of quelling rising communist influence. For example, Licio Gelli was an original key Nazi recruit. Gelli had served as a Blackshirt (Italian fascist) and liaison officer between the Italian government and the Nazi SS before the OSS/CIA employed him to instigate terrorist activities in Italy including the Bologna Massacre which killed 85 and injured 200. Gelli headed and reformed Italy’s secret P2 Masonic Lodge whose members included members of Italy’s three secret services, royalty, top military officers, senior police, senior politicians (notably future Prime Minister Berlusconi), journalists, broadcasters, bankers, judges, civil servants, businessmen, and mafia. Today 1000 P2 member names remain secret. Like most elite perpetrators, Gelli escaped multiple charges, and in 1996 was nominated for a Nobel Prize (with the support of child trafficker Mother Teresa), and retired in beautiful Tuscany until his death at age 96.

The first two editions of my book Eyes Wide Open well documented the role of the secret services in coordinating drug, arms and human trafficking which they run as a single integrated global operation for the ultimate benefactors, the British Empire, and how they laundered money from these criminal activities to fund their terror groups and false flag events. My book also explained how under Operation Matchbox, Nazi war criminals including Nazi bioweapons head, Eric Traub, and my perpetrator Dr Leonas Petrauskas, were recruited to Australia by ASIO, to work on various CIA subprojects including MK-Ultra, MK-Naomi, and MK-Delta. I also touched on a battle between two Australian factions, one loyal to the CIA – and by extension Great Britain, versus a fifth column loyal to Communist Russia. I wrote of how several of my Communist perpetrators were assassinated in rapid succession by ASIO.

My book did not adequately explain the origins of the CIA, and the methods the CIA employed to target communists and other rebels, and to fund their acts of crime and terror. An examination of Gladio and its key players will fill these knowledge gaps and provide a more comprehensive understanding of the Luciferian elite’s end goal of establishing the now-emerging New World Order.

Here is Francovich’s 1992 documentary GLADIO:

A recent interview with reformed Freemason Michael Witcoff fosters an understanding of the tight relationship between the Freemasons and the secret services. Basically, Masonic lodges offer an ideal recruitment ground for CIA agents, since members of secret lodges have already proven their ability to keep a secret. Freemasonry also serves as a means of information gathering and dispersion. Here is the link to the interview:

If you want to understand what’s happening in the world right now, watch these YouTubes, and read my free book Eyes Wide Open. Basically, we are experiencing a global version of the CIA torture and mind control I suffered as a child. Social isolation, confusing and contradictory instruction, false promises – these are all features of CIA mind control, used to break an individual down and prime them for suggestion.

Bible prophecy is playing out before our eyes. The first, white horseman of the apocalypse is given a crown (‘corona’ means ‘crown’), and he rides forth to conquer the earth. Think about it: using the threat of a ‘pandemic’, the Luciferian elite conquered the world within 2 weeks without firing a single shot. Hence the first horseman wears white.

The second horseman wears red and takes peace from the earth. This could signal war between countries, or war between neighbours, or war between family members. More Australians have died from domestic violence during this lockdown rather than Covid19, thanks to a lethal combination of families locked inside together for months, homeschooling sugar-filled ADHD kids, and alcohol (coz that’s so essential). And once the food supply chain is destroyed (cheers to weather manipulated floods, drought, intentionally lit bushfires, shutdown of meat production, and banning of seed sales, etc), neighbours will turn on each other to source food for their starving families.

I expect a nuclear exchange featuring Iran is soon to come. But the final war occurs at the end of the final 7 years, and it is one I anticipate featuring an Independence Day like scenario.

What is true and what is a lie? No one can tell anymore – which is the objective.

USA friends tell me: Luciferian Freemason and son of my pedophile perp Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse NYC Central Park hospital was as empty as the nearby Sinai Hospital. And friends in Texas tell me their hospitals are empty, nurses have been sent home on full pay, and that doctors have been instructed to declare all deaths due to Covid19. Yet I have also heard directly from mainland China contacts that there were indeed many flu-pandemic deaths there. But then I heard Covid19 was being used as an excuse for China to round up and execute dissidents. Perhaps that explains the piles of burning bodies, welded burning apartment blocks, people being shot in the streets, food supplies being dumped, and ‘sick’ folk having their necks snapped while being dragged from their homes? In any case, the Illuminati Li family are surely doing the Royal Rothschilds’ bidding.

A ‘David E. Goldberg’ allegedly died after allegedly revealing that a flu pandemic would be used as a cover for rounding up and murdering 15 million USA dissidents identified by how much they have supported posts by fake CIA social media agents. Goldberg said the power grid would be shut down in the USA for three days, during which dissidents would be rounded up under the guise of a flu infection. Perhaps then those empty hospital beds will be filled? Here is a relevant article:

Murdered for speaking out: Last words of David Goldberg warning of mass murder of Americans

The above Veterans Today article reads:

If Goldberg had a real White House source, and we believe he did, then the horrific things he warns of in his tedious but excusable monotone, things VT has confirmations of, explains what really began at 9/11 and why Israel has trained so many of our police, why they control all social media and press, why they control the DHS and why our own military is now an occupation army that, we learned yesterday, just created 200,000 fake people to gather the data Goldberg warns of.

Goldberg says that his White House sources say that Trump is working with Zionists to round up millions of Americans after a staged power blackout.  All rounded up by DHS/ICE, all typically white and suburban, will be murdered.

Goldberg says that new alternative media organizations, particularly the ones exposing Israel and Zionism, those with the best work, highest standards, are run by Israel to tag activists for assassination.

We know they don’t run VT though we can’t promise we aren’t tracked.  Goldberg, before he was murdered, says Israel plans to murder 15 million Americans using disease, accidents and eventually, as America becomes more “Trumpish,” simply outright murder.

Stage one is a new strain of influenza being developed at the Lugar Lab in Tbilisi.

Here are two relevant articles that discuss the plausibility of Goldberg’s alleged revelation:



Thing is, this stuff was published long before recent events, which indicates there is some truth to this story. Goldberg’s mention of a coming war with Iran is consistent with an interview Project Camelot published in 2010. Bill Ryan interviewed a whistleblower who, in 2005, witnessed a group of City of London Freemason insiders discuss the Illuminati plan, the ‘Anglo-Saxon Mission‘ by which ‘China catches a cold’ and Iran is provoked to make first nuclear strike against the USA.

Here is a relevant Project Camelot article:

CoronaVirus: Bioweapon Predicted by 2 Camelot Whistleblowers

Here is a short excerpt from Project Camelot’s 2010 expose:


Here is an excerpt from the interview with the London Freemason whistleblower:

In late 2005 I attended what I thought was a normal 3 monthly City security & financial planning meeting since the usual crowd were emailed listed for attendance. The meeting turned out to be something entirely different. To my surprise (shock) this was very much a Masonic level meeting instead. No notes taken – word of mouth only.

At the meeting mention was made that the Timeline for war against Iran was being delayed to a point where other contingencies had to be put in place. Contingencies were then mentioned, in quite a matter of fact fashion. First was the Israeli reluctance to strike and provoke Iran into armed action and that Israel promised action that action would soon take place in order to provoke the required Iranian military response. (Israel soon after attacked Iranian backed Hizbollah bases in the Lebanon) That was my first surprise. The second was mention of Japanese reluctance to create havoc within the fledging Chinese financial sectors. [Was Tesla-technology employed to cause the 2011 earthquakes that devastated Fukushima’s nuclear power plants?] China was growing too quickly with the Chinese military the being main beneficiary. The third surprise was open talk about the use of biological weapons – when they would be used since timing appeared to be crucial. Then there was more talk centred on how Iran must be engaged militarily in order to provoke the desired military response from China. The talk continued about how long conventional weapons should be used, knowing they would be hopeless against a Chinese military onslaught in the region. It soon transpired that they were not making decisions. They were discussing something that had already been planned and so they were simply sharing that information between themselves. It also became clear that the central issue of the meeting was when the ‘balloon’ would go up. Further issues dealt with finances, the moving of resources and protection of assets and the central control of these resources: the bringing in outlying assets. I recall the chain/sequence of events, which ran something like this:

They needed either the Iranians or the Chinese to be guilty of first use nuclear weapons in order to justify the next stage. (My information shows that the Iranians do indeed have a tactical nuclear capability) The next stage would be a measured regional nuclear response, enough to cause an immediate ceasefire. This ceasefire would create the time needed to put in place unified totalitarian western governments. Thereafter, or concurrent, biological weapons would be used against the Chinese population. This would then set of another chain of events that would collapse the whole Chinese political and social infrastructure. This was mentioned as: Disease, followed by wide spread food shortages, followed by mass starvation. Somehow, this would then cause the Chinese military to attack eastern Russia. The biological agents were described as being flu like and would spread like wild fire. It shocks and sickens me to describe these events. It shocks me even more to know that plausible events are being manipulated to cause the extinction of a whole part of the human race.

The evidence was clear. There does indeed exist a Timeline for future conflict that this country, the UK, was using this as some sort of world government business plan and many millions would die as a result. The plan is openly described in these circles as the Anglo Saxon Mission.

Interestingly, the 2019 anti-China protests in Hong-Kong reek of the CIA’s Gladio MO. Then in early 2020, Iran (funded by China), had a brief military exchange with the USA which ended with two earthquakes that destroyed Iran’s two major nuclear power plants (what a Tesla-reeking coincidence). Then suddenly, China and Iran were struck with a flu-like epidemic which killed Iran’s military leaders. China subsequently blamed the USA for releasing a bioweapon against them. That Wuhan hosted the 2019 world military games in October 2019, just prior to the outbreak, lends credibility to China’s accusation. But then North Italy got hit hard, which makes little sense until we consider that area contains Europe’s largest population of Chinese folk.

Is there a pandemic? Is it a hoax? Is it true in certain places? Is it a bioweapon designed to target specific ethnicities? There is no consistency. Nothing makes sense – which is precisely the point.

At the end of George Orwell’s classic 1984, the protagonist is tortured and during interrogation he is repeatedly asked which countries are at war. Each time the victim provides a different answer, the torturer says he is wrong. Finally, Winston breaks down and responds: “I don’t know!”

And that is the correct answer.

We are not to question the Luciferian pedophiles in charge of this rising Fourth Reich. We are to placidly embrace their global Nazi-Communism Totalitarian regime. We are to reach a point where, like a tortured MK-Ultra child victim, we appeal to our perpetrators for relief from our pain and confusion, and accept whatever solution they offer. That solution will be the very thing I wrote about in my book: the ultimate vaccination injected INTO our right hand or INTO our forehead, that changes our DNA, switches off the death gene, switches of our ‘fundamental’ ability to believe in God, and turns God’s creation into something non-human…something Beast-like.

Revelation 12:13 says:

And he caused all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666.

The Greek word for the number ‘6’ is stigma, which means ‘a mark, dot, puncture’, or ‘a mark from a pointed instrument, often as a sign of ownership: mark, brand, tattoo.’ Strong’s Concordance defines stigma as:

from a primary stizo (to ‘stick’, ie, prick); a mark incised or punched (for recognition of ownership), i.e. (figuratively) scar of service – mark.

This definition is similar to that of charagma, the Greek word for ‘mark’. Strong’s Concordance defines charagma as:

a scratch or etching, i.e. stamp (as a badge of servitude), or scupltured figure (statue):–graven, mark.

Strong’s also notes that charagma is directly related to two other Greek words: (1) charax which means ‘to sharpen to a point’ and also describes a ‘stake’; plus (2) charakter which means:

a graver (the tool or the person), i.e. (by implication) engraving (‘character’), the figure stamped, i.e. an exact copy or (figuratively) representation): express image.

Outside of the Bible, the earliest use of the word Charagma denoted the piercing bite of a serpent’s fang.

I expect the Mark of the Beast is some kind of DNA altering vaccination that contains serpent (ie, ‘nephilim,’ aka ‘alien,’ aka ‘fallen angel’) DNA, plus animal DNA, and turns humans into an exact copy of the nephilim-related beasts who can’t die. perhaps that explains why the Bible says those who take the Mark will seek death but not achieve it. It also explains how humans have been prepped for the Mark of the Beast, and for allowing their bodies to be injected with foreign DNA via vaccinations containing animal and aborted foetus materials.

In the Book of Revelation, John could well have described seeing a hypodermic needles, or a wad of needles, piercing the human skin and injecting poison in the form of a Covid19 vaccine. Several Mark of the Beast contenders being suggested by Bill Gates, the Illuminati puppet with zero virology or medical qualifications and whose own kids were, according to his doctor, never vaccinated. One involves the insertion of poison via a wad of needles, which simultaneously leaves a topical tattoo and serial number visible under an alternate light source.

The Bible is very clear. If you accept the Mark of the Beast, you will spend eternity burning in the lake of fire along with the Luciferian pedo scum running this shit show. It’s your choice. And it will be a clear choice.

Here is the mind-blowing interview with Dr Judy Mikovits that YouTube removed:

Another interview with Dr Judy Mikovits re the link between contaminated Flu vaccines and Covid19 susceptibility:


Here is another relevant, informative interview, with Patrick M. Wood:



My own brother contracted Lyme Disease while working as a surveyor in the Northern NSW rainforest. Witnessing his ordeal, I discovered Australia to be the only country in the world not to recognise the existence of Lyme Disease. Owing to our Government’s blatant denial, and ruthless persecution of dissident doctors, my brother and an estimated 60,000 fellow Aussie Lyme Disease sufferers have been denied medical treatment, workers’ compensation, social security, and more. The following article by veterinary scientist Dr John Curnow explains why this is so.

Dr John Curnow graduated from Sydney University in Veterinary Science in 1960. He worked for the Australian Federal Government funded NSW Agriculture Department near Lismore in Northern NSW, researching tick-borne diseases in cattle, for 12 years. Dr Curnow’s wife Dr Barbara Curnow was also a veterinarian who graduated in 1963. The Curnows established the Government laboratory for tick-borne diseases in cattle. Following the couple’s retirement, Barbara contracted Lyme Disease in 2004 and died in 2012, according to Dr Curnow: “Following eight years of hell trying to get her treated.”

Please copy, host and share this article immediately, as Dr Curnow’s life is under threat for putting his name to it.

John Curnow Questions

There are many questions to be answered concerning the handling of tick-borne diseases here over the last 50 years. Many of the decisions were not in keeping with proper scientific and medical knowledge and morality.

During the last 8 years of my wife, Barbara’s, illness, I was met with strange attitudes from over 100 doctors that I consulted. These occurred in both NSW and Queensland in major hospitals and involved infectious disease specialists and with GP’s in NSW. All but 3 doctors didn’t want to discuss the case or the history of a tick bite and just said,” Lyme disease doesn’t occur in Australia,” and walked away.

I had been distributing brochures for the McManus Foundation on tick-borne diseases, and I saw nursing staff in Lismore Hospital reading the pamphlets. They would say to me, “How can they say something doesn’t occur here with all the overseas travel?” I handed a brochure to one senior doctor, and he walked over and dropped it into the waste paper basket. It was as if he was afraid to talk or read on the subject.

On a visit to Barbara’s GP, a medical student was present. I always brought up the subject of borreliosis. The GP said he would ask his computer for the student. And there it was: “Lyme disease doesn’t occur in Australia.” There seemed to be an overarching force instructing the doctors via their computers not to consider the disease. Who was brainwashing the doctors? Perhaps the government?

Again I found it impossible to obtain a referral to a Tick-Borne Disease Specialist. They seemed to be marginalised by the profession, and seemed to be working under the fear of another doctor lodging a complaint and losing their license. When a Committee was formed to advise on research, no specialists were included, only those who had barely seen a case of Tick-Borne Disease.

After Barbara’s death, I joined up with the Karl McManus Foundation working at Sydney University. With donations from sufferers, they were attempting to isolate the organisms responsible. Attached to the Foundation was a lady who had been infected in the USA with 3 species (burgdorferi, garinii and hermsii) and diagnosed by a major laboratory there through her urine. She was suffering regular relapses and was willing to collect and forward her daily urine sample over 6 weeks to the McManus researcher at Sydney University. This was meant as a pilot study to see if the Foundation could repeat the USA work; when this was suggested to the McManus researcher she declined, saying she was not allowed to test more than one sample per person due to the ethics committee. I phoned a representative of the ethics committee and asked, “Why the ban on multiple samples?” It was not invasive, the donor was willing, and the work was being paid for by the Foundation and sufferers. All I received in reply was: “Those are the rules.”

Who makes the rules?

In 1994, Sydney University presented the results of their survey of 4372 patients with symptoms of borreliosis. The researchers did not get one positive result to the ELISA test for Borrelia burgdorferi. Normally, this would have called a halt to testing. Other species should have been considered for which the ELISA test had no value. Instead, they continued using the ELISA test as the only accredited test for the next 25 years. Almost all patients tested negative (including my wife). So under our system of ‘evidence-based treatment’ virtually nobody got treated. The Tick-Borne Disease Specialists realised this and sent samples to other laboratories, but these were not given accreditation. We needed to know why.

So it was time to find out why.

Australia country is one of the most secretive on Earth. It knows how to make laws and use the Federal Police to enforce them. Ask any journalist. I did not seek whistleblowers because I didn’t trust the veracity of government papers they might  leak to me. I used eyewitness accounts and my own observations to provide the hypothesis that follows.


A story had been circulating in the Lyme community about an escape from a small island in the Hawkesbury River (Milson Island) just to the north of Sydney. My eyewitnesses include a lady that had been on the island in the 1960s, plus an Australian soldier who had been fighting in Vietnam also in the 1960s, as well as my own experience in 1961 and 1962. To these observations are added my knowledge of immune antibody tests, having developed one of the first, which was published in ‘Nature’ (1968) and ‘The Australian Veterinary Journal’ (1973). My work was on Babesia Argentine, which is similar to Borrelia infections, both being chronic and relapsing.

The story begins during the Second World War in New Guinea on the Kokoda track. Both the Australian and Japanese armies were severely affected by scrub typhus which was transmitted by trombiculid mites. Our troops were protected from the mites by a repellent developed by our entomologist Robert McCulloch (remember the name, it appears later). The Japanese soldiers had no such protection and inadequate malaria control. So, the Japanese troops were often ill and unable to fight. This was natural germ warfare and didn’t go unnoticed by the Australian Army.

After WW2 and during the Korean War, the US and other countries spent heavily on biological warfare research. They tried a wide range of pathogens and means of delivery using a variety of insects and arthropods. They preferred delivery by biting insects and ticks because they injected the pathogen directly into the skin of the enemy. But they also tried aerosol spraying. This is well documented in Kris Newby’s book, ‘Bitten.’

Erich Traub, a veterinary virology expert, worked on Riems Island, a Nazi research facility taken over by the Soviets at the end of the war. Traub escaped to the west and was given an entry to the USA under Operation Paperclip in 1951. He was evidently a smuggler of reagents as mentioned by Annie Jacobsen in ‘Operation Paperclip.’ It is suspected by some that Traub may have taken the mixture of organisms from Riems to the USA. The mixture may have ended up on Plum Island, been used to infect an animal which became the host for transmission by birds off Plum Island. In ‘Lab 257‘ Michael Carroll notes the abundant birdlife on Plum Island, with over 140 species there. Many of these were migratory birds whose flight paths crossed the island. Infected with the pathogens and carrying ticks, they may have travelled far. In the 1950s and 1960s, it may not have been known what pathogens were in the samples from Germany. However, in 1975 a cluster of arthritis cases appeared in Old Lyme in Connecticut, which in 1981 Willy Burgdorfer determined was due to a Borrelia (which was later named after him).

I believe the aim was to use this Nazi mixture as a biological warfare agent transmitted by ticks. In the 1960’s, the American and Australian armies were fighting the Vietcong in Vietnam. The Vietcong were hiding in underground tunnels and were difficult to get at. I met an Australian soldier who had been fighting there at the time. He saw US soldiers deep-drop paper packets into these tunnels. He thought they contained lice which were to transmit trench fever (Bartonella Quintana) when the paper broke down. Trench fever was a significant disease in the trenches during the First World War.

I believe the US feared residual tick infestations with their lxodes scapularis which would breed on any host, from mice – to humans – to deer. Identification of their ticks from these infestations would mean the US was using them in biological warfare, which was not acceptable then. In the 1950s, our Commonwealth Serum Labs (CSL) tried to breed our lxodes holocyclus in the laboratory for the production of tick antiserum for use on paralysed children. They found that bandicoots were needed for the breeding, and bandicoots were difficult to keep in captivity. So, they purchased the serum from veterinarians who produced the serum in dogs using ticks collected in the wild by collectors. CSL would then refine the serum for human use. So, I believe the Americans thought that there was less likelihood of lxodes holocyclus leaving behind telltale infestations due to the absence of bandicoots there.

The American Army Special Operations Command at Fort Detrick Maryland and the CIA (Code name MK-NAOMI) was tasked with developing, testing and deploying biological weapons. They decided to come here to test our ticks for safety and ability to transmit the pathogens. My lady eyewitness said she saw MK-NAOMI on Milson Island.

My army contact said our troops had to remove the last of the Vietcong and many became ill. My contact was later diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted fever (Rickettsia rickettsii). As this disease could be transmitted via aerosol, they may have decided against using ticks.

In 1961 and 1962, while working for NSW Agriculture, I was engaged in the swine fever eradication campaign. As a veterinary officer, I was located at Gosford and worked in the area between Lake Macquarie in the north to the Hawkesbury River in the south. I was given a list of properties that the department had issued with a pig brand to mark pigs before a sale. Milson Island was on the list. At first, I chased up the holdings on the list and inspected the health of the pigs, and if feeding food was their cooking facilities. I’m sure the department would have notified license holders that this inspection was essential. Later, I was overwhelmed issuing permits for movement, doing post mortems, and destroying infected pigs, etc. So, I did the inspections when invited by the properties. Eventually, everyone on the list did, including the Correctional Centre at Kariong and Morisset Mental Hospital. At times, I was asked by our stock inspector how we’d get onto Milson Island. I suggested they would contact us and send their boat to pick us up. The invitation never came. Was something secret going on there?

After the swine fever work, I spent 6 months at CSIRO in Brisbane and at Queensland Primary Industries, learning about the basics of babesiosis and anaplasmosis in cattle. Even though they were the most economically significant diseases of cattle here, they were barely mentioned at Sydney University. All my veterinarian wife Barbara and I were told was that piroplasmosis occurs in Australia. And most importantly, nothing on serology.

I then returned to Lismore in Northern NSW, to set up the laboratory to do the work on tick-borne diseases at Wollongbar for Dr MacKerras and the Commonwealth Government. And when I returned, who should be my boss? None other than Robert ‘Bob’ McCulloch. Soon after returning, I accompanied Bob to a farm at Doubtful Creek, west of Casino, where a cow had died from babesiosis.

The cow had been in a paddock that contained a large pond, and around the pond were a number of egrets. Bob said, “I bet those birds had something to do with the cow dying.” He went on with Ivor Lewis to prove that tick infestations and tick fever outbreaks in north­-eastern NSW were caused by tick larvae carried on the feathers of birds migrating from Queensland. This work was published in an Australian journal and wouldn’t have gone unnoticed by the Army and Government here with Bob’s name on it.

In 1982, cases of a Lyme-like disease occurred near Newcastle, then along the east coast of Australia. Our medical authorities assumed they were Lyme Disease (B. burgdorferi sensu stricto). They had not done as careful an investigation as they could have, and this could have been due to any of II species of Relapsing Fever (RF) known at the time, or an indigenous species. But in 1982 they were so enthused about computers, they didn’t look further and Lyme disease had just been identified in the US and it was possibly the only species entered on the database.

Remembering Bob’s work, this would have put great fear into the Australian Government and Army’s minds. Had there been an escape from Milson Island? Perhaps by birds, as there was from Plum Island in the US? The people at MK-NAOMI would have been shocked and I can hear them saying, “Another Goddam Plum Island and in another country. We gotta fix this.”

Up to 1988, Queensland Health workers using an Indirect Fluorescent Antibody (IFAT) Test were getting up to 15% positives for B. burgdorferi using the standard strain. In Sydney, NSW Health workers, Dr Munro (Liverpool) and Dr Dickeson (Westmead), using IFAT and ELISA with 831 strain were obtaining 3.7% positive. This was published in ‘Todays Life Science’ in October 1989. This would have alarmed the US, our Army and Government because it showed that there could have been a slight leak from Milson Island.

Between 1982 and 1988, patients were being treated based on symptoms shown and they were recovering. Then in 1988, the ELISA test for just B.burgdorferi was started by Sydney University as a screening test and only those positive had an opportunity for a second-tier test and then if positive treated. Why was a test (ELISA) that in the US rated as only 50% effective used here with our evidence-based (EBT) treatment system?

Up to 1988, NSW Health was providing a diagnostic service. So why was Sydney University chosen for the large survey from 1988 to 1994? Was it that the CIA had much control over the University because of the work on mind control they did there and on Milson Island for MK-ULTRA and the CIA? The Psychology Department there was studying the use of hypnosis and LSD on the mind. This work was well documented in Eyes Wide Open by Fiona Barnett. I recommend this book for those who want to know what goes on behind the scene. Of course, this explains the restrictions placed on the McManus Foundation’s work there.

Who provided the testing reagents used at Sydney University? From my work with one of the earlier immune antibody tests, it would be a simple exercise to produce a kit that produced few positives. In fact, I never considered my test to be of any use as a diagnostic test.

Who paid for the testing at Sydney University, the US or Australian governments?

So in 1994, when 4372 patients had been tested, and all were classed as negative after Western Blot second-tier tests, our Government, our army, and MK-NAOMI must have been ecstatic. So much so that they decided to continue with the ELISA test as the only test permitted for the next 35 years.

This must rank as the worst case of medical negligence anywhere in the world. And just to cover up what might have happened 60 years ago.

And, 60 years on they’re still trying to stop us finding the real cause because we might inadvertently find B. burgdorferi. The Federal Health Department is providing a fact sheet on removing and treating ticks and their bites. They are getting a neuropsychologist to write it. Evidently, there are no field entomologists left in Australia. It’s like getting a rugby coach to talk about women’s tennis.

It is obvious that the aim in this fact sheet is to render the ticks useless if the patient falls ill after the tick bite. Spraying and killing it with an ether freezing spray will guarantee many ticks will fall off and be lost. And, if the tick remains attached, go to the nearest health professional who will remove it with tweezers and dispose of it. So, virtually no tick will be of use for culture or genetic testing. So, no chance of isolating the organism(s) responsible and MK-NAOMI will be safe.

And there is just a brief mention in the pamphlet of the most crucial group of ticks, the Argasid (soft) ticks. With these, you often don’t know you’ve been bitten. They don’t engorge, they briefly take a drink of blood, then fall off. They are most active at night. There are at least 4 species in Australia and have a life cycle spanning years. This is important as it gives Borrelia, which divides only once or twice a day, time to go through the necessary cycles to revert to the basic most invasive and pathogenic form. This form provides endemic borreliosis. This is known in Africa with B.duttoni and Ornithodorus moubata. When B. duttoni is transmitted by lice (short life cycle) and little reversion it is milder and is called epidemic borreliosis. The organism is then called B. recurrentis. The American workers, B. Cadavid and D. Londono, recognised this with their B. hermsii, an RF species, in the USA in 2009. I believe an RF Borrelia transmitted by lxodid (short life cycle) could be similar to louse-borne infections overseas and causing epidemic borreliosis here. Research here has completely ignored the Argasid ticks and preventing their bites is essential as is the examination of what they carry.

In 1995, Dr Michelle Wills, in a PhD thesis submitted to Newcastle University, presented evidence that 2 genospecies of B.burgdorferi (B. afzelii and B. garinii) were present along the Australian east coast but was never followed up. They would have most likely been introduced by any of the 40 or more species of birds that migrate annually from northern Europe or Asia. In her book ‘Lyme,’ Mary Pfeiffer describes the work done by John Scott in predicting where Lyme cases would occur in Canada by following bird migration paths. The Europeans accept that birds are responsible for the movement of infections. When infected birds come here from the north and nest, waiting for them are the Argasid tick, Ornithodorus capensis, to increase the infections they carry.

Tick-Borne Disease Specialists like Dr Peter Mayne sent samples overseas, as he did to IGeneX in California. These don’t screen first with ELISA but use 4 tests (IFAT, early and late Western Blot and PCR). In a 2012 paper in ‘The International J. of General Med,’ Peter Mayne sent 51 samples and 28 had positive results for Borrelia and positives for babesiosis, anaplasmosis, bartonellosis and ehrlichiosis. Four patients had never been outside Australia. There was evidence B. garinii was involved. Something had to stop this overseas work. So in a radio broadcast ‘Lyme a four-letter word‘ on ABC National, Dr Stephen Graves stated that IGeneX had its own system of interpreting antibody taste and do not meet Australian standards and positive results could be cross-reactions. IGeneX has had a chequered past and was fined in 2001 with irregularities of documentation but is now compliant.

In Sydney, Australian Biologics that used European Elispot test and got positives could not get accreditation. It seems that any positive reaction is just not allowed here.

In the 1960s, our laboratory at Wollongbar used diagnostic tests that were over 90% accurate. We thoroughly checked all positive tests, using passive transfer tests, using splenectomised calves, and positivity was determined by seeing the organisms in the blood of the calves.

Accuracy was paramount as we had to be sure the farmers’ hip pockets were not affected by incorrect quarantining. I am appalled by the medical profession’s ‘couldn’t-care-less’ attitude to people’s lives. They seem more concerned they might find B. burgdorferi than finding the cause.

Personally, I don’t think there was more than a slight chance of an escape from Milson Island. The levels of 3.7% found by Munro and Dickerson (the only figures I consider reliable) could be cross-reactions to RF organisms or other organisms here. In the USA, cross­ reactions between B. burgdorferi and B.hermsii (RF) were suspected. Tom Schwan et el (1996) developed a GlpQ antigen to differentiate between the two. Nothing like this has been done here.

I spoke to a senior Aboriginal man, and he said: “Some tick bites send you silly.” Other Aboriginals spoke of applying tea tree extracts to bite wounds. This should be followed up. These people have been here for much longer than we have. In 1982, our medical people may have just put a name to conditions they had been seeing before but couldn’t put a cause to.

In the northeast of the USA where Burgdorferi is endemic, 10% to 20% of Borrelia in ticks are genetically related to B.niyamotoi (an RF from Japan). These are not picked up by ELISA, Western Blot, or PCS assays for Lyme disease. This means patients with a Lyme­ like illness may be infected by other species Borrelia explaining serological results for Lyme disease. Other tick-borne diseases (Babesia, Bartonella, etc.) may complicate and make Lyme symptoms worse but cannot be diagnosed using screening tests.

Tests are unreliable, and some like ELISA, Western Blot, may be only 50% effective in the USA. In one study of non-EM (bullseye rash), 81% were not confirmed by the present two­ tiered system (ELISA plus Western Blot). The PCR test has an overall sensitivity of about 30% but is highly specific (99%). All in all, there are many problems with laboratory diagnosis of the many species in the USA. And, here we haven’t found one species.

Obviously, laboratory tests are of little value and only useful for confirmation. They have no place in an EBT system like ours. Testing may just cause a delay in treatment. Early treatment is essential, and soon after the tick bite (prophylactic treatment). This should be available and as easy as seeing a pharmacist for a 3 week course of antibiotics. Of course, the medical people will scream, “overuse of antibiotics.” But, surely 3 weeks is better than 3 months, or more later which may not be successful. For the chronic cases, an experienced clinician seeing cases every day is more likely to be correct, especially so where the organisms responsible have not been identified. These Tick-Borne Disease Specialists (TBDS) should be helped not hindered as they are now. They have a leading role to play in future research, identifying organisms and treatment.

Research has been directed at proving 8. burgdorferi is not present in Australia and has been restricted to this by the parties involved in the 1960’s work. After 60 years, proper research is needed with a leader that has a broad view of the problem. A leader with the desire to isolate the culprits and with overseas contacts and the understanding of the techniques needed. An institute is required to concentrate just on tick-borne diseases like we had in the 1970s with CSIRO and Old Primary Industries in Brisbane.

People are dying, others are sick, unable to work and suffering financial problems. Others are choosing suicide. Families are being torn apart, and their children are suffering. Urgent action is needed.



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Addicted to the Occult: A Book Review

Welcome to Fiona’s Book Club.

I recently had to sever ties with an old and dear friend, due to her addiction to the occult. A decade ago, my friend (‘Alison’) began paying a guru/witch for past life regression ‘therapy’, aura reading and manipulation, and kinesiology. George J. Goodheart was an occultist who derived kinesiology through psychic powers. ‘Kinesiologists believe in an inner power, an “innate intelligence,” which is said to be connected to the “universal intelligence”(God) through our nervous systems.’

Under Witchy’s influence, Alison’s brain and life slowly turned to shit. My friend became vague and started making poor decisions (which landed her in court on a serious charge). Alison abandoned responsibility for her own behaviour and blamed her issues on either other people, or her ‘past life’ experiences that Witchy implanted in her mind via suggestion.

Several years ago, Alison began divorce proceedings against her ex-husband. Her primary approach to this procedure consisted of gathering with Witchy and another ‘coven’ participant, to summon her ex’s aura, to command her ex’s aura into giving her what she desired out of their financial settlement. When Alison divulged this to me, I urged her: “Get a divorce lawyer!” However, Alison ignored all of my free practical advice in favour of her paid esoteric charmer. Consequently, my friend got totally screwed over and her cunning ex won everything.

Alison had engaged in witchcraft. I define witchcraft as intentional manipulation of the elements in order to achieve one’s will. Alison had in fact dabbled in black witchcraft – without having been instructed on the consequences of such, or how witches protect themselves against the inevitable backlash. Witchcraft carries its own set of rules, and if one wants to play with witchcraft, one must abide by its rules. My friend failed to do this.

Alison’s enormous financial loss was blatant evidence that her guru was in fact a shit witch. Witchy lacked the visual spatial IQ and creativity essential for being good at the occult. Despite her loss, Alison continued paying Witchy exorbitant consultation fees. Why? Because Alison had become addicted to the occult. Occult addiction provides a neurological high akin to addiction to porn, drugs, sugar, or anything else. People are drawn to witchcraft out of curiosity, fascination and titillation, followed by a desire for power and control. What starts out as fun and thrilling morphs into blind servitude.

Like an addict, Alison became highly secretive concerning her habit. She hid from family and friends her relationship with Witchy, their frequency of association, and the depth of their witchcraft involvement. Alison’s sister, born psychic, predicts that my friend’s life will continue turning to shit so long as she follows her guru – who is no guru. Witchy does not hold a key to mysterious knowledge worth paying a dime for.

It was only when an old associate (‘Sophia’) re-entered our lives that I discovered the truth. Alison’s witch guru did to Sophia what she tried for years to do to me – drove her away. Witchy felt threatened by people like me and Sophia who perceived her craftiness and deception. Sophia introduced me to an astounding little 1908 book explaining every occult method Witchy had employed with Alison, titled:

Practical Mental Influence: A course of lessons on mental vibrations, psychic influence, personal magnetism, fascination, psychic self-protection, etc.

Alison should have saved her dollars and downloaded the same occult info for free in that book, here: http://www.yogebooks.com/english/atkinson/1908mentalinfluence.pdf

The book’s author, William Walker Atkinson, was a prolific and influential writer of 100 occult books. Practical Mental Influence is arguably Atkinson’s pivotal work. The text, published by the Masonic Temple in Chicago, provided Freemason initiates with a basic introduction to achieving business success using mind control techniques like covert hypnosis. This book is the missing link I failed to locate while writing Eyes Wide Open. It simply provides a fundamental understanding of the following topics I addressed in my own book:

  • Nazi mind control experiments;
  • CIA/MI6/US Military MK-Ultra / MK-Delta research and application;
  • 1960s Hippie Movement;
  • Modern New Age practises including Yoga, meditation and visualisation;
  • Modern charismatic / Pentecostal / evangelical apostate churches that influence masses, and focus on prosperity and thinly-disguised occult practises like laying on of hands (aka, Reiki) and visiting heaven (aka, Astral Projection);
  • Motivational speakers who use Neuro-Linguistic Programming based business and sales tactics on individuals, and/or influence mass audiences;
  • Modern Psychology practises, namely Jungian psychotherapy, Mindfulness, and CBT.

People don’t produce this type of book anymore, since the information went underground and was weaponised. All modern self-help, motivational, New Age type books are a rehash of Atkinson’s blueprint, wrapped in anecdotes, psycho-newspeak, and other crap to make it appear fresh and new.

Here is a summary of the book’s points relevant to my experience of the research project called ‘MK-Ultra,’ and the practical application of that research, called ‘MK-Delta.’ Keep in mind, this information was published over 110 years ago.

Chapter 10. Occult Knowledge Sources

An introduction to the concept of Mental Influence is located at the rear of Atkinson’s book, in Chapter 10:

 ‘…we read in the pages of history about the mysterious powers recorded under the name of Witchcraft, Hexism, Voodoism, Black Magic, including the Hawaiian “Kahuna” work. And turning back the pages of history to Ancient Rome, Greece, Persia and Egypt, not to speak of India, ancient and modern, we find innumerable instances of the employment of and knowledge of, Mental influence in some of its forms.’ (p.75)  

Chapter 1. Vibration

Knowledge and manipulation of vibration is fundamental to the occult. Vibration is the basic force underlying everything: matter, force, energy, light, temperature, electricity, magnetism, colour. All forms of matter and energy are manifestations of different rates of vibration.

2. Thought Waves

Light, heat, electricity, magnetism, radio – all travel in waves. Human thoughts also travel in waves. Thoughts and feelings generate a type of high vibration energy called ‘mental energy.’ Mental energy may be compared to electromagnetic energy. This energy emanates from the individual in vibratory wave form. These thought waves can be projected to remotely influence the minds, thoughts and behaviour of others whose brains are in harmony. Note that Nazi scientists like Mengele studied twins, when twins tend to detect each other’s thoughts and feelings at a long distance. Atkinson explained (p.17):

‘When a Thought or Feeling is generated in the mind or brain of a person, the energy generated flows forth from the person in the forms of waves of mental energy, spreading from the immediate neighbourhood of the thinker to a distance proportioned to the strength of the thought or feeling. These Thought-Waves have the property of awakening similar vibrations in the minds of other persons coming within their field of force…’

Thought waves are manifested in various forms and phases. Those sent forth with great force, travel far, and manifest great influence. Others travel rapidly in a straight line to target certain individuals or places. This is the premise behind the witchcraft practise of casting curses, hexes and spells. Some thought waves are sent forth with great strength and power to sweep around and influence whoever falls in its forcefield. This is used in cases of mass mind control, like stirring up a crowd into a violent frenzy. Thought waves last a long time, even beyond the person’s death. Hence locations like Auschwitz possess a distinct atmosphere due to the still-present energy from the strong thoughts and feelings of countless tortured and murdered souls.

Thought waves exert power when sent intentionally, and by someone with a strong will. Hence, MK-Ultra / Delta selected and developed candidates like me who naturally possessed exceptionally strong wills.

3. Mental Induction

‘Orators, actors, preachers and teachers send forth strong mental currents which tend to produce mental conditions on the part of their hearers corresponding to the feeling held by the mind of the speaker.’ (p.23)

This helps to explain the strong presence of witchcraft practitioners in the theatre, Hollywood, churches, schools and universities.

4. Mental Concentration

The two essential ingredients for mentally influencing others’ thoughts and behaviours are:

  1. Concentration (developed via Meditation),
  2. Visualisation.

This is why MK-Ultra / Delta candidates possessed an extreme visual-spatial IQ.

‘…the highest forms of energy, force or power are manifested by bringing the force to a focus, centre, or common point, thereby directing to that point the entire energy employed, instead of allowing it to become dissipated over a larger area.’ (p.29)

I attended acting classes with top tutors in my youth, who literally called this process ‘centering.’ Similar terminology is employed by Yoga and meditation gurus.

‘The occult masters have ever impressed upon their pupils the importance and necessity of acquiring the power of Mental concentration, and all trained and developed occultists have practiced and persevered toward this end, the result being that some of them attained almost miraculous mental powers and influence. All occult phenomena are caused in this way, and all occult power depends upon it. Therefore, the student of mental Influence should devote much thought, time and practice to this most important branch of the subject.’ (p.30)

This is why Yogis meditate for hours, and why Eastern practises were scouted by Nazis and formed the basis of CIA/Military black ops. This is the very process I was trained in by my Luciferian abusers, and which was weaponised within Delta Special Forces.

‘Mental Concentration, in practice, consists in focusing the mind upon a given subject, or object, firmly and fixed, and then holding it there for a certain time, fully intent upon its object, and not allowing itself to be diverted or attracted from its object. It likewise consists in the correlative power of then detaching the mind from that subject, or object, and either allowing it to rest, or else focus upon another object. In other words, it either gives undivided attention or else inhibits (or “shuts off”) attention from given subject or object.’ (p.31)

Occultists avoid involuntary concentration, because it allows attention to escape the Will’s control.

‘The Mental Concentration of the occultists … is solely in control of the will, being applied when desirable, and taken off or inhibited when desired.’ (p.32)

Involuntary attention is a type of self-hypnotization; this is completely different to control of attention, which is an evidence of mastery.

‘The secret of Mental concentration lies in the control of the Attention. And the control of the Attention lies in the exercise of the Will.’ (p.32)

‘All of the occult authorities begin in teaching their pupils Attention as the first step toward Mental concentration. They instruct the pupil to examine some familiar object, and endeavour to see as many details as possible in the object. Then after hearing the pupil’s report, the master sends him back to the task, bidding him seek for new details, and so on until the pupil has discovered about all concerning the object that can be discovered. The next day a new object is given him, and the process is repeated. First simple objects are given, then more complex ones, until at last, objects of great complexity are mastered. In this way not only is the power of close observation highly developed, but the faculty of Attention becomes so highly strengthened that the pupil is able to exert the greatest amount of Mental Concentration with scarcely the consciousness of effort. And such a person then becomes a very giant in the manifestation of Mental Influence. For he is able to hold his mind “one-pointed,” as the Orientals describe it, until he has focused and directed a mighty degree of Mental Influence toward the desired object. ’ (p.33)

‘Among the practises imposed upon their pupils by the occult masters may be named Mathematics, Drawing, Analysis, etc.’ (p.34)

This is precisely what my Luciferian perpetrators taught me, and the very technique employed by CIA Head Psychologist John Gittinger in his programming efforts. This method is also the premise of Yoga meditation, Mindfulness, and numerous New Age techniques.

‘The person who uses Mental Influence must certainly possess the power of focussing the force to a common point, in order to manifest the greatest amount of power and influence. And that faculty of focusing results from the training of the mind along the lines of Concentration. And Concentration arises from the mastery of Voluntary Attention.’ (p.34)

5. Visualisation

‘What is known as a “Mental Image,” in occultism, is the mental creation, in the imagination, of a “picture” of the things, events or conditions that one desires to be manifested or materialised in actual effect.’ (p.36)

‘The occultist first builds up, in his imagination, a Mental Image or Picture of the conditions he wishes to bring about, and then by concentrating his influence through and around that picture he is able to manifest his influence strongly… The Mental Image gives shape and directions to the force which is being concentrated upon the desired object or subject.’ (p.36)

‘An eminent authority, Sir Francis Galton, who was one of the leading authorities upon psychology of preceding generations, has said on this subject:

“The free actions of a high visualising faculty is of much importance in connection with the higher processes of general thought. A visual image is the most perfect form of mental representation whatever the shape, position and relations of objects to space are concerned. The best workmen are those who visualise the whole of what they propose to do before they take a tool in their hands. Strategists, artists of all denominations, physicists who contrive new experiments, and in short, all who do not follow routine, have need of it.” (p.38)

That is exactly what I argued in my chapter, Relevance of Intelligence in Eyes Wide Open. People who do not think in pictures, who have a dominant left brain that relies instead on words, cannot begin to understand this phenomenon. Atkinson asks:

‘If one wishes to materialise anything by the use of the influence, is he not handicapped by a lack of a Mental Image of just what he wants to materialise, and is he not helped very much by the creation of a mental “pattern” or plan, in the shape of a mental picture, through and around which he may direct his thought-currents?’ (p.39)

This is why my friend’s guru will always be a shit witch – her right, visual hemisphere is dysfunctional. And my friend Alison is left brain dominant so she can’t visualise things either. This explains why their efforts to summon and influence the ex-husband completely backfired.

‘The occultists manifesting the greatest degree of Mental Influence acquire by practise this art of creating the Mental Images of that which they wish to materialise. They train their Imaginations in this way until the very act of creating the Mental Image acts strongly toward the actual materialisation of the thing itself. They see the desired thing, or event, as “actually existing” in their minds before they attempt to concentrate their Thought-Waves upon the task of accomplishing it. Then the Mental Picture, being completed and standing in strong outline, they focus their mental force through it… The imagination may be strengthened in many ways, the principle being constant and persistent practice. The practise of recalling to the memory of scenes previously witnessed, and then either describing them to others or else drawing a rough picture of them will help in this matter. Describe to others, scenes that you have witnessed, occurrences, details of appearances, etc, etc, until you are able to reproduce mentally the aspects and appearances of the things. Then you may begin to draw mental pictures of things desired as if they were being drawn on the screen of your mind. See mentally, the things as actually occurring – create a little playhouse of your own, in your mind, and there enact the plays that you wish to witness in actual life. When you have acquired this, you will be able to project your mental pictures on the screen of objectivity in actual life with far greater effect.’ (p40.)

Recall in my book how John Gittinger had me visualise and describe to him a layered cake in detail. The above training formed the basis for laying the various MK programs.

6. Fascination

The two direct uses of Mental Influence are:

  1. Fascination (use of Mental Influence without hypnosis methods);
  2. Hypnotism (use of Mental Influence with ‘passes’ or hypnotic methods).

Fascination is used to influence people via the following steps:

  1. Forming a strong Thought of what s/he wishes the other person to do.
  2. Silently, non-verbally projecting that Thought onto the target, charged with the force of a concentrated will.

‘The thought should be sent forth with the strength that usually accompanies a strong spoken statement, but you must not actually “speak” the words aloud – you should merely say them strongly “in your mind.”’ (p.46)

Atkinson illustrates the fascination method used by real estate agents and salesmen as follows:

‘They form a thought that the other person desires their goods very much, and then they send out the Thought-Wave that, “You desire my goods – you want them very much – you have an irresistible longing for them,” etc.’ (p.46)

7. Hypnotic Influence

With hypnosis, influence is increased via use of ‘passes, strokings or eye-influence.’ (p.50) Touching a subject is effective because, ‘the nerves of the arms and fingers afford a highly sensitive conductor for the mental currents which may be propelled over them to the mind of the subject, or to his nerves and muscles.’ (p.52) ‘It is also known that the eye has a peculiar property of transmitting the mental currents along the rays of light entering it and from thence to the eyes of the other person.’ (p.52) This is consistent with the research I referenced in Eyes Wide Open concerning the measurement of an energy source emitted by the human stare. This relates to the occultic practise of giving someone the ‘evil eye,’ or cursing them via a stare.

The subject ‘is rendered passive by a flow of mental energy calculated to render it more or less drowsy or sleepy, and therefore less calculated to set up powers of resistance to the Thought-Waves…’ However, a “deep sleep” condition is not necessary to render the will of the subject subservient’ to the hypnotist. In other words, people can by hypnotised without realising it.

Hypnotic influence was formerly named ‘Mesmerism’ after Frederick Mesmer (Mozart’s godfather). According to Atkinson (p.51), Mesmer re-discovered the ‘force and its use’ which ‘was known to the Ancients centuries before Mesmer’s time.’

The hypnotist induces a passive state in the subject’s mind, nerves or muscles, to reduce her ability to resist. He then ‘gives his orders or “verbal suggestions” accompanied by a projection of his Thought-Waves into the’ subject’s mind. People differ in their ‘degrees of impressionability to hypnotic influence – i.e., degrees of resistance.’

Atkinson provides some examples of exercising hypnotic influence which are the very techniques employed by the likes of Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, and other charlatan ‘church’ leaders who practice that ‘slaying in the spirit’ Kundalini crap. Doesn’t this sound familiar:

‘Then standing in front of the subject tell him to take his will off his legs and stand perfectly passive and relaxed. Then looking him straight in the eyes, say to him: “Now, I am going to draw you forward toward me by my mental power – you will feel yourself falling forward toward me – don’t resist but let yourself toward me –  I will catch you, don’t be afraid – now come – come – come – now you’re coming, this way, coming – here, you’re coming, that’s right,” etc. You will find that he will begin to sway toward you and in a moment or two will fall forward in your arms… It will help matters if you hold your hands on each side of his head, but just in front of him, hot touching him, however, and then draw away your hands, toward yourself, saying at the same time: “Come now – come – you’re coming,” etc. This experiment may be reversed by standing behind the subject and drawing him backward. Be sure to catch him in your arms when he falls and protect him from a fall to the floor.’ (p.53-4)

And here is another tactic employed by Bethel BS ‘churches’:

‘Or you may make him experience a feeling of heat and pain by touching your finger to his hand and telling him that it is hot.’ (p.54-5).

Atkinson offers a sound word of warning:

Beware of people who are always putting their hands on you, or patting or stroking you, or wishing to hold your hands a lot of the time. Many persons do this from force of habit, but others do so with the intention of producing a mild form of hypnotic influence on you.’ (p.56)

Imagine the influence occultists like Witchy may exert under the guise of offering physical alternative therapies like remedial massage and kinesiology?

8. Long-Distance Influence

Here is the occult technique Witchy unsuccessfully employed to influence Alison’s ex into reaching a desired financial settlement:

‘One of the most elementary, and yet one of the most effective, methods known to occultists is that of creating a mental Image of the person “treated”… in the sense of imagining him to be seated in a chair in front of the person treating him at a distance. The treater proceeds to give both verbal commands, and at the same time directs Thought-Waves toward the imaginary person seated before him. This process establishes a psychic condition between the treator and the actual person, although the latter may be removed from the treator by many miles of space. This was the method of the ancient magicians… (p.60)

‘A variation of the above, very common in former days, was to mould a clay or wax figure, calling it by the name of the person treated, and identifying it in the mind and imagination with the other person. A variation is also noticed in the cases where a photograph, lock of hair, article of clothing, etc., is used in this way as a psychic connecting link between the two persons. The practitioners of Black Magic, Witchcraft and other nefarious perversions of Mental Influence seemed to prefer these methods…’ (p61)

A friend of mine cared for the computers in a number of doctor surges, including my doctor’s. I was horrified the day she informed me she could access my medical files form her home computer. One day, I visited my friend’s home unannounced, following 6 weeks I spent in hiding from my perpetrators. In my friend’s bedroom I found a homemade altar to Satan. Above the table, on the wall, was a drawing of dragon with the word “DRAGON’ emblazoned on it. The drawing had been created by my friend’s 9-year-old daughter. Among other things, the table contained a wizard pewter talisman, some wooden flowers given by my young child, and a large sheep snow globe my friend purchased in New Zealand; she had given me a smaller version of the very same souvenir. These objects created a psychic link between my ‘friend’ and my family. I had my suspicions, nut at that moment I realised my friend was a witch, and she was accessing my medical records and supplying this information directly to my perpetrators.

‘The treator sends his Thought-Waves toward the object, and in some cases actually talks (mentally) to the person by means of the medium mentioned. He may give commands, arguments, remonstrances, persuasion, etc., just as if the person were actually present.

The ‘Astral Tube’ is another form of distant influence. This is established similarly to the ‘psychic-wire’ and projected at the target. The astral tube is a 6 inch to 1-foot wide ring formed in the imagination as a ‘vortex-ring’ which lengthens and extends toward the target. This technique ‘is employed in various forms of occult and psychic phenomena, such as clairvoyance and other forms of “psychomancy”…’  (p.63) This technique formed the basis of Projects like Looking Glass and Stargate.

One of the most advanced forms of Mental Influence involves the person simply standing or sitting quietly and concentrating until he attains a state of calm called ‘the Silence.’ The person then creates a strong mental picture of the target plus the desired behaviour or external conditions. This technique requires ‘Creative Will-power.’

9. Mass Influence

This refers to influencing the public, a crowd, or a large number of people simultaneously. Mass Influence ‘is used by nearly all who succeed in any form of business or profession, in which success calls for the attracting of other people toward the occupation of the person in question,’ particularly politicians, businessmen, financers and military leaders. (p.66)

‘The Mental Influence sent out by a strong businessman in a town will soon make itself felt in a subtle manner, and the store becomes a centre of attraction, although the public does not understand why. In the same way some lawyers spring into public favour, although not possessing greater ability than their legal brethren. And popular preachers make their influence felt in a community in similar ways…’ (p.70)

‘Some masters of this art of influencing the public create a mental picture of themselves sending our great volumes of Thought-Waves for a time, and then after imparting a rotary motion to the waves, until at last they form a mental whirlpool rushing round and round and always sucking in toward the centre. An effort of this kind acts on the mental plane just as a physical whirlpool acts on the physical plane, that is, it draws into its power all that comes into contact with its force. This is one of the most powerful forms of Influencing En Masse, and is used with great effect by many of the “strong men” of this age, who have acquainted themselves with the secrets of the ancient occultists. Ancient Occultism and Modern Finance seem far apart, but they are really working together to further the interests of some of these powerful minds of the day – and the public is paying the bill.’ (p.71)

‘…an individual who has cultivated the faculty of concentration and has acquired the art of creating sharp, clear, strong mental images… Such a man frequently “sees” people coming to him and his enterprises and falling in line with his plans. He mentally “sees” money flowing in to him, and all of his plans working out right.’ (pp. 71-2)

‘Thought pictured in mental images and then vitalised by the force of the desire and will tend to objectify themselves into material being. That is the whole of the thing.’ (p.73)

11. Black Magic Dangers

Atkinson warns: ‘Before practising any of these experiments, read what we have said in the chapter on “Magic Black and White,” and guard against employing the power for evil purposes, for the fate of the Black Magician is a sad one.’ (p.65-6)

In that chapter, Atkinson concludes:

‘Thoughts are like Boomerangs, in their tendency to return to their sender. To the poison of Black Magic Nature gives the antidote of Right-Thinking.’

Atkinson well understood and appreciated the relevance to the occult of left versus right hemispheric processing ability. It’s nice to find such validation for my ideas and writings.

12. Self-Protection

Atikinson concluded his book with a chapter on how to protect oneself from others’ attempts to exert mental influence. He recommended a method ‘employed by the adepts in Occultism’ and taught to ‘the initiates of the occult brotherhoods and lodges all over the world.’

 ‘This method of protection is based on the notion that within each of us… is what occultists know as the Flame of the Spirit. This is what you recognise in consciousness as the “I AM” consciousness – that consciousness of Being which is far above the consciousness of personality, or the things of personality… This consciousness comes to the individual by reason of his contact with the great One Life of the Universe… And in this part of man’s consciousness, coupled with the sense of BEING an “I,” there resides a spark from the Divine Flame of Life and power, which has been called the WILL of man… This inner Will is real power, and when once recognised may be drawn upon as a source of unending and unfailing Strength… every person may draw upon this source of strength within them to … repel the thought-vibrations of the lower plane.’

Atkinson suggested, attempts to gain mental influence over you are repelled via ‘remembering the strength imminent in your “I,” aided by the statement (made silently to yourself): “I am an Immortal Spirit, using the Will within my Ego.”’


There is a God – and it’s not you. “I AM” is reserved for the Creator God of the Bible.

The greatest source of power over Mental Influence is free and not hidden beneath degrees of initiation. Having been raised with, and trained in, the content of Atkinson’s book, I discovered that Christian prayer in Jesus’ name trumps the occult, witchcraft, black magic, voodoo, etc.

The fundamental difference between witchcraft and Biblical Christianity is this: witchcraft involves someone manipulating the external world and other people to achieve their own will. By contrast, Biblical Christianity concerns submitting our will to the all-powerful, all-knowing, omnipresent Creator God, and trusting Him with our future.

The Bible condemns the occult in its many forms:

And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. (Rev 9:20-1)

It’s too late in the day to be practising this crap. The pale horse rides. Start prepping, before the masses – too busy consulting mediums, swinging in Sydney sex clubs, and booking their next cruise – realise, and supermarket shelves are stripped bare, leaving nothing but UHT goat milk…

Scott Morrison Attended Pedo Frank Houston’s Waterloo Hillsong Church

In 2019, Prime Minister Scott Morrison stood onstage with Brian Houston at a Hillsong Cult conference. At the time, Brian Houston was under criminal investigation for covering up his father’s violent pedophile rapes.

At the 13:00 mark, Scott Morrison’s wife Jenny states:

It’s an honour to be up here in the middle of Hillsong conference, and we have been coming here a long time, and we used to attend Waterloo congregation.


Waterloo congregation was pastored by pedophile Frank Houston. Waterloo was also where two young children witnessed the ritual murder of a child named Helen Karipidis and subsequently received NSW Victim Services compensation for this trauma.

As AOG Pastor Bob Cotton demands to know: WAS FRANK HOUSTON SCOTT MORRISON’S PASTOR?! Did Frank Houston marry the Morrisons?! Did the Morrisons serve in a church leadership role under pedophile rapist Frank Houston?

I urge journalists to investigate this bombshell that we all seemingly overlooked.

Scott Morrison’s father was a NSW police officer. Scott Morrison lives next door to NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller. The Child Abuse Royal Commission recommended the NSW Police prosecute Brian Houston for covering up Frank Houstons pedophile crimes. But something stopped the NSW Police from doing this. Was there political interference in the police prosecution of Brian Houston? Did the Prime Minister call upon his mate Mick Fuller to interfere in the arrest and prosecution of Brian Houston?

Investigative journalists ought also to look into Tim Stewart, his AOG background (which he told me of), and his influence on the Prime Minister. Why did Scott Morrison ban Australian media from reporting on Tim Stewart?

The Guardian had the balls to ignore the media ban, but stopped short of naming Tim Stewart in the following article:


Here are some more articles that explore the Stewart-Scumo link:

Why are we not discussing Morrison’s link to a right-wing conspiracy group?


PM defied his own expert panel during apology speech to child sex abuse survivors

Is Tim Stewart really a QAnon conspiracy theorist? Was his role in getting the PM to fulfil my request to mention the words ‘ritual abuse’ in his apology speech to abuse victims honourable? Or does he in fact work as one of the agents connected to Commissioner Mick Fuller’s Fixated Person Unit, only pretending to be a right wing extremist in order to lure and entrap whistleblowers who threaten to expose the links between Hillsong, organised child sex trafficking, VIPs, and Costellos Boy Brothel?

And is that a chubbier Tim Stewart in the notorious ‘Holiday in Hawaii while Australia burns’ snapshot in which the Prime Minister flicks a hand sign that makes ritual abuse victims cringe?

Scott Morrison’s mishandling of our bushfires has been a PR disaster which ensures the Australian public will vote for any fucker but him in the next election. But it would be nice to see his career sink into the miry depths of the child trafficking cut-out we know as Hillsong…

The USA False Memory Syndrome Foundation just announced that it has disbanded, so who knows what 2020 brings.

Happy New Year…

2019: Year of the Rock Spider in Review

In my free book Eyes Wide Open, I expose the global child trafficking operation coordinated by the CIA for the British Royal family. I explain how the banks have long been used to launder money made from the CIA-coordinated global child trafficking operation and channel proceeds of crime into CIA-created ‘terrorist’ groups and activities. Here are some recent revelations that support my claims, which have emerged since the September 2019 publication of my book.


1. Jeffrey Epstein, CIA Child Sex Trafficker

Here are some facts that have emerged in the Epstein case to support my description of a global child trafficking operation used to compromise VIPs. This case features female predators and ‘baby breeders’:

  • Virginia Roberts testified that Ghislaine Maxwell was a lesbian pedophile who daily sexually assaulted underage girls and sex slaves.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell teamed up with Epstein for threesomes with underaged sex trafficked girls.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell recruited young girls from parks, into prostitution and sex slavery, under the guise of offering modelling careers.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein instructed Virginia Roberts to have a baby and sign the newborn over to her perpetrators.
  • Prince Andrew participated in a sex orgy with multiple international underaged sex trafficked girls on Epstein Island.
  • Epstein and Maxwell prostituted Virginia Roberts to multiple VIPs including British Royalty, billionaires, a Harvard law professor, and world leaders including ‘a Prime Minister’.
Prince Andrew: the gift that keeps on giving…


2. Prince Andrew / Pedo Prime Minister Paul Keating Connection

In Eyes Wide Open I detail former Prime Minister Paul Keating’s rape and murder of a 5-year-old boy.

In 2010, Prince Andrew was filmed at Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion, waving goodbye to Paul Keating’s daughter, Katherine Keating. Here is a relevant news article:



3. Prince Andrew / Nicole Kidman – CIA Child Trafficking Connection

Nicole Kidman witnessed her pedophile rapist father Antony Kidman beat me unconscious on my birthday. My free book Eyes Wide Open details the wealthy Kidman family’s involvement in the CIA child trafficking operation.

In 1999, pedo Prince Andrew and Nicole Kidman collaborated to campaign against child abuse in the UK. Here is an article documenting this:

Kidman Joins Princely Effort

LONDON (CNN) — Britain’s Prince Andrew and Australian actress Nicole Kidman teamed up Wednesday in a campaign to end child abuse in Great Britain. They were pictured on the cover of celebrity magazine Hello! to publicize the cause.

Inside, Andrew — the chairman of a campaign launched by the British National Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) — is quoted as saying, “I was staggered to learn that between one and two children die as a result of abuse in Britain every week — and most during their first year of life.” He has been recruiting celebrities like Kidman to help bring attention to the issue.

Kidman, who co-stars in the late Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” with her husband Tom Cruise, told the magazine, “Children should be allowed to grow up without fear of cruelty.”


4. Westpac Bank – CIA Child Sex Trafficking Money Launderers

In 2018, I wrote that Australia’s No. 2 bank, Westpac, was under investigation for the very same crimes that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia was fined $700 million for – laundering money from CIA child sex trafficking and channelling this into CIA ‘terror’ activities. Mainstream media did not report this fact which I detailed in Eyes Wide Open.

True to my word, on 20 November 2019, AUSTRAC charged Westpac for 23 million breaches of anti-money laundering and counter-terror finance laws. Westpac was used to launder $11 billion generated from ‘child exploitation’ crimes committed in South East Asia and channelled that money into terror organisations and activities. Here is a relevant mainstream media article:



5. Prime Minister Bob Hawke Hid Labor Party Minister’s Rape of His Daughter

I copped much criticism for disclosing that Australian Prime Ministers Bob Hawke and Gough Whitlam, and various members of Whitlam’s Labor Party cabinet raped me as a young child, including at a pedophile orgy held at Parliament House.

Today, it was reported that Bob Hawke’s daughter, Rosslyn Dillon, was raped 3 times in the 1980s by then Victorian Labor MP Bill Landeryou, and that Bob Hawke prevented his daughter from reporting the rapes to the police, to preserve his political career. (Note: a fellow victim of CIA child trafficking informed me in 2015 that she attended a Satanic Ritual Abuse support group in the USA with Rosslyn Dillon.)

In the very least, this rape coverup indicates that Bob Hawke was not the hero the Australian public revered him as. Bob Hawke sold his own daughter for power. Here is a relevant MSM article:



6. Justice James Wood Grants Parole to Labor Party Pedophile 

My book Eyes Wide Open details the accusations against Royal Commissioner and alleged pedophile James Wood who covered up the CIA’s child trafficking activities in Sydney involving Daruk Government Boys Home, Hillsong Church, Ivan Milat, and Costellos Boy Brothel in Kings Cross.

In December 2019, James Wood chaired the Parole Board which released pedophile Labor politician Milton Orkopoulos who was serving a minimum sentence for raping boys. Here is a relevant news article:



7. FBI Confirm Existence of McMartin Preschool SRA Tunnels & CIA’s Involvement in Child Trafficking Operation 

On 25 October 2019, the FBI released documents relating to the ‘Finders-Keepers’ case. This official FBI release included documents acknowledging the existence of the McMartin preschool tunnels, Satanic Ritual Abuse, plus the CIA’s involvement in child sex trafficking. Click on this Twitter link to view the file:


8. NXIVM CIA Child Trafficking Cut-Out

As I explained in my book, the Bronfmann family were integral to the British Royal family’s global drug and human trafficking operation. In April 2019, Clare Bronfmann pleaded guilty to financing the NXIVM global child sex trafficking operation which the mainstream press whitewashed as a weird sex cult. I well detailed this case in my free book Eyes Wide Open.

According to today’s news reports, NXIVM front man, Keith Rainier, was secretly taped stating: “Here’s the thing, I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs — or because of their beliefs.” The deaths of four women have been linked to Rainere. Here is a relevant news article:



9. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s CIA Child Trafficking Connection

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was neighbours with NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller prior to moving into Kirribilli House. In December 2019, it was reported that Scott Morrison used his connection to Mick Fuller to interfere with a NSW Police investigation into one of his Liberal Party ministers. Similarly, Scott Morrison has used his influence to interfere with the Police charging Hillsong Church cult guru Brian Houston with covering up his father’s pedophile crimes.

Here are relevant news articles:


NSW Police Commissioner reveals his special connection to Scott Morrison





Team Mick & Morrison Targeted me for Silence 

I have long campaigned to expose the role of Frank Houston and his CIA-funded child trafficking cut-out Hillsong Church. Upon Morrison’s election as Prime minister, I protested his connections with my Freemason perpetrators in the Sutherland Shire. Consequently, our own Prime Minister Scott Morrison collaborated with Mick Fuller to silence me by sending police agents to infiltrate my private life and set me up for false arrest and incarceration in Mick Fuller’s Fixated Person Unit. I detail this clandestine Gestapo-style system in my book.



At what point will I be believed and acknowledged? How much circumstantial evidence must emerge before I am vindicated?

Things are being revealed thick and fast. Read my predicted 2020 news headlines in my free book Eyes Wide Open.



Dec 18 Update

We couldn’t even see the year out without further major pedo news which confirms the content of my book:

NAB Money Launderers

Mainstream news today confirmed that Australia’s No. 3 bank, NAB, is under AUSTRAC investigation for breaches of anti-money laundering legislation. Here is a link to the story:


Pedo Elite Exposed

Aaaaand someone snitched on Sir Ron Brierly….



Let’s see if we can make it to New Year…



A decade ago, I was mocked during a Forensic Psychology class at Bond University for defending the existence of the McMartin Preschool tunnels. The lecturer, Katarina Fritzon, used the McMartin Satanic Ritual Abuse case involving perpetrator Lt. Col. Michael Aquino as an example of ‘Satanic Panic’ and ‘False Memory’ and she used the discredited ‘research’ of CIA psychologist Elizabeth Loftus to support her argument.

Being a victim of both SRA and Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, and having witnessed clear film footage of the McMartin tunnels being bulldozed on Australian mainstream TV news – I couldn’t just sit there and allow a university lecturer to fill the heads of a new generation of therapists with lies. So, I spoke up.

That marked the beginning of the end of my psychology career. A comprehensive account of what followed, and what Bond University did to my career, can be read in my free book Eyes Wide Open, which may be accessed HERE.

Recently (25 October 2019) the FBI released documents relating to the ‘Finders-Keepers’ case. Click on this Twitter link to view the file:

This official FBI release included documents acknowledging the existence of the McMartin preschool tunnels, Satanic Ritual Abuse, the CIA’s involvement in child sex trafficking, and even the microchipping of kidnapped child sex trafficking victims. Here is a plan of the tunnels, taken from the FBI released documents, that I was mocked for saying existed:

And here is an FBI document evidencing the CIA’s involvement in the global child sex trafficking operation:


This release of evidence picked the scab off an old wound, and reminded me of the lies Bond University psychology perpetrators told to the psychology registration board about me. These lies were again echoed in the following submission by my perpetrator to Google, to continue the coverup and prevent the public from knowing Bond University’s connection to SRA and pedophilia in Australia:

Here is my response to Google’s defamatory publication about me:

  1. I did not stalk/harass any Bond University lecturer. I ceased all contact with Bond psychology staff the moment I discovered their false and vexatious notification against me in late 2010. I then pursued the appropriate legal avenues of complaint and appeal, thinking there was such a thing as justice. There is zero evidence of my having stalked/harassed any Bond staff including Fritzon, and no such evidence was ever put to the Psychology Board. Fritzon’s lack of evidence is why this Bond University perpetrator lecturer has resorted yet again to lying about me in clandestine complaints to third parties.
  2. I was a parole officer, have zero criminal history, and zero history of violence. This lecturer did not pursue legal action because she had no evidence to support her claims, and any case would expose her guilt plus her lack of academic integrity. For example, I would produce emails in which she groomed me, used sexually inappropriate language, and slandered her Bond University lecturer colleague Betty Headley to me when I was her Bond University student.
  3. I never ‘lost’ my registration. Upon advice from both my GP and a Bond University psychiatry lecturer that Katarina Fritzon was “stitching me up”, I refused to submit to a health assessment based on Bond University’s claims that my disability (resulting from a vestibular stroke), plus my child abuse history, made me unfit to work as a psychologist. This false and vexatious notification against me was submitted in direct response to my exposing Bond University’s coverup of a child sex trafficking operation involving a local child protection services office.
  4. Appealing to the Queensland Police for assistance was, and is, not an option, since Katarina Fritzon employed Gold Coast detective Terry Goldsworthy, who replaced convicted pedophile Paul Wilson as head of Bond University Criminology, to lie to the Psychology Board by fabricating communication with police and telling the Board I was a perpetrator, instead of a child victim, of my horrendous child abuse.

To place things in conspiracy perspective, Katarina Fritzon is the lecturer who coauthored a textbook with her close Bond University colleague Professor Paul Wilson who was subsequently convicted and sentenced for pedophilia:


The character and competence of Bond University lecturer Katarina Fritzon, and the constant failure of the Australian psychology industry to hold the UK import accountable, is well demonstrated in Fritzon’s recent act of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious offence and a breach of every institutions ethical code. If a student were to commit plagiarism, that student could be expelled from university and refused professional registration with their relevant industry board.

To put it plainly, Frtizon was sent a university student’s thesis to mark. Fritzon took that student’s work and presented it as her work within her own research article, instead of acknowledging it as the thesis student’s work. When the thesis student from the other university complained, Fritzon had to issue an embarrassing public retraction.

Fritzon tried to explain away her plagiarism by saying she was careless and got a couple of papers mixed up. Er, no… that simply does not happen. Psychology research is a highly methodical and organised process. Psychology is mainly research and statistics. Psychology sets the standard for all academic research. Psychology thesis students spend upwards of 2 years conducting research, writing the thesis, and going over every reference with a fine comb. Psychologists are the most pedantic when it comes to referencing. So, there is no way Forensic Psychologist Fritzon accidentally plagiarised.

Here is an article detailing Fritzon’s plagiarism offence:

Authors retract paper on psychopathic traits in bosses

A paper on the prevalence of cruel social behavior in the corporate world has been retracted, following an investigation at the authors’ university. According to the senior author, she inadvertently paraphrased a dissertation on the same topic that did not belong to her student and co-author.

On Sept. 21, 2016, Katarina Fritzon, a professor at Australia’s Bond University, and Nathan Brooks, who was Fritzon’s graduate student at the time, published “Psychopathic personality characteristics amongst high functioning populations,” in Crime Psychology Review. The paper suggested that as many as one in five corporate executives exhibited the hallmarks of a psychopath, such as lack of remorse or egocentricity.

Fritzon told Retraction Watch the paper drew largely from the introduction to Brooks’s doctoral dissertation. Along with Brooks’ research, it received media attention worldwide. But Fritzon told us that in October 2016 she received a complaint from another university about the work:

[a] PhD student at that University found some sentences in the review article that were similar to a passage in her PhD document.

Fritzon declined to name either the university or the student.

The complaint triggered an investigation by Bond University that ended in February 2017, Fritzon said, and recommended retraction. The notice, published June 16, 2017, doesn’t say much besides:

Following a withdrawal request from the Authors and the Authors’ institution, we are retracting the paper. We have been informed in our decision-making by the guidance of COPE guidelines on retractions.

The journal’s publisher, Taylor & Francis, told Retraction Watch that they received a retraction request from Fritzon in November 2016, followed by a similar request from Bond.

Whether the Bond investigation looked specifically at the issue of plagiarism is unclear. But Fritzon — who in March 2016 served as an external examiner for the unidentified student’s dissertation — told us she had mistakenly paraphrased the other student when she meant to paraphrase Brooks. She attributed the mistake to “carelessness” and said she has apologized to the student. She added that Brooks received his PhD in June 2017 and that:

There was no question of any wrong-doing on [Brooks’s] part.

CBS New York featured he review paper itself in a TV news segment and a presentation Brooks gave Sept. 13, 2016 at the Australian Psychological Society 2016 Congress drew online coverage from the Telegraph, the Australian Broadcasting Company, and CBS Moneywatch. The journal has not yet been indexed by Clarivate Analytics’ Web of Science.

A spokesperson for Bond University told us it could not respond to our request for comment at this time, because the school was on break.

A page-based error

Fritzon told us:

At the time that I reviewed the student’s work I was also reviewing Nathan’s draft PhD document and unfortunately it appears that two pages from the two documents have become transposed.  Either this has occurred on my desk, or it has occurred in the print room when picking up the documents. I can’t be clear but it is obvious when reading the sentences side by side that I was paraphrasing the sentence for the review article thinking that it was Nathan’s work that I was paraphrasing.

The content in question was a review of an existing theory – the theory would have been described by both students as their PhDs were obviously on a similar topic – corporate psychopathy.

She added that she and Brooks have rewritten or removed the problematic parts and re-submitted the paper to the journal:

However, we await confirmation of re-publication.

Elite Aussie Cricketer an Unwitting MK-DELTA Super Soldier


Aaron Crawford played cricket for Western Australia. He is now being targeted for discrediting by the Australian government, and pinned with a false arrest. This is how they do it, folks. Listen to Aaron’s testimony here, and pray for justice in this case:


Bases 54 TI Aaron Wesley Crawford Part 1


Here is the discrediting news story from journalists who refuse to investigate the true story:




Media Hammers Hellsong Brian Houston

A recent article in the Weekend Australian newspaper turns the heat up on Brian Houston’s jet setting lifestyle built on the foundation of his father’s child rapes…

Source: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/nation/politics/hillsong-boss-back-to-face-the-music/news-story/05c701708a27976cf04da86c2392f707

(Photos, links, and snide remarks added.)


Tax Funded Globetrotter: Brian Houston


Hillsong boss back to face the music

By John Ferguson, Weedkend Australian, 19 Oct 2019

The globetrotting lifestyle of Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston is revealed in his communications with the faithful. But the church has failed to explain how Mr Houston’s adventures across many countries are being funded or how much he is being paid.

Mr Houston returns to Australia at the weekend and parishioners have been told he is likely to attend Sunday services. It is expected he will face questioning in Australia over claims the US rejected him as a guest of President Donald Trump at a White House function with Scott Morrison.

Mr Houston, who is under police investigation over his handling of historical child sex abuse committed by his father, communicates regularly via Insta­gram with his followers in the church, posting travelogue photographs of his movements. Police inquiries relate to abuse of children by his father, Frank. It was reported on by the child sex abuse royal commission.

Since March 30, Mr Houston has posted visits by him and wife Bobbie to cities and countries including London, Wales, Italy, Germany, New York, Paris and Nazareth. At least one of those postings related to a trip with a family member.

The Weekend Australian is not suggesting Mr Houston, a close friend of the Prime Minister, is doing anything wrong by travelling the world, [pffft… I am] in many cases coinciding with church events, but the church has declined to say how the trips have been funded.

The Weekend Australian was this week denied an interview with the evangelist. A spokesman said there had been strong international growth in the church requiring his travel.

In 2010, Mr Houston and the church provided a detailed breakdown of what he and Bobbie were earning. Back then, he earned a total of $300,000, plus the use of a luxury car, making him one of the world’s highest-paid pastors. Hillsong has been under pressure over its overt emphasis on materialism as a reward for faith.

Praying for more wealth… to fund those monthly overseas trips…


Mr Morrison has declined to comment further on his relationship with Mr Houston.


Churchgoers in Melbourne were told last Sunday that Mr Houston was due back in Australia by the weekend after three months overseas. The church is increasingly influential on a global scale, attracting millions of listeners to its religious music and an estimated 130,000 people attend services weekly around the world.

NSW police confirmed this week they were still investigating Mr Houston’s handling of child sex abuse offences committed by his father, who died in 2004. Frank Houston was a serial sex abuser and one of his victims, Brett Sengstock, 58, is fighting Brian Houston over the issue.


Hillsong and Brian Houston stridently maintain the Hillsong leader has done nothing wrong, claiming he acted in the best interests of the boy repeatedly abused by Frank Houston in 1970. Hillsong had then not been formed [yes it had – it just changed names] — Brian Houston, head of the Assemblies of God from 1997 to 2009, founded Hillsong in 1983.

With the support of Greens MP David Shoebridge, Mr Sengstock is not surrendering. “I am looked at like a leper,’’ he said. “They just hammered me. He (Brian Houston) just wiped me.’’


The child sex abuse royal commission found in 2015 that Mr Houston and his then church executive failed Mr Sengstock.

Brett Sengstock who was repeatedly raped by Frank Houston from age 7 years







Hillsong Pedo Frank Houston Publicly Lusted Over Boys in his Last Sermon

UNBELIEVABLE. Brian Houston lied to the child abuse Royal Commission in 2014, claiming his pedophile father Frank Houston did not deliver any church sermons after 1999. Yet a 2004 recording proves Frank Houston did deliver a sermon in the Maitland Christian Church. During this recorded sermon, Frank Houston publicly displayed his admiration and lust for boys. Here are some relevant excerpts from a story by Joanne McCarthy, the Newcastle Herald journalist who instigated the Royal Commission.

Couple: Frank and Hazel Houston, in a photo that appeared at her funeral in 2004.

Pedophile and his enabler: Frank and Hazel Houston in 2004. Both now burning in Hell.

Maitland Christian Church Pastor Bob Cotton, who can be heard on the recording answering Frank Houston’s questions, said it was more evidence backing his concerns about Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s very public support of Brian Houston, despite an ongoing police investigation into how Mr Houston and the Assemblies of God responded to the Frank Houston allegations.

Horrified: Maitland Christian Church Pastor Bob Cotton said a recording of paedophile Frank Houston at his church in 2004 challenges a Hillsong and Australian Christian Churches narrative about how it responded to child sex allegations about Houston. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers.

Hero Maitland Christian Church Pastor Bob Cotton, the only AOG pastor in Australia who supported Frank Houston’s victims.

In the recording Frank Houston talks directly to young boys in the church, including “This curly-headed young manwhat a fetching young fellow he is. Curly hair, sort of. Good looking. It’s not your fault you’re good looking. Thank God you are. Who wants to be ugly when you can be good looking?” He also spoke about how he had seen a “significant number of young people who were slain in the Holy Spirit” during “great revivals”, where the people “that very often get smitten by the Holy Spirit are young people”. He referred to a 14-year-old boy who had a “revival in his heart” in New Zealand that also revived numbers at Frank Houston’s then church. Mr Houston told the Maitland church he felt “quite nostalgic” but “memory can be a very good thing. It can stir something in you and create desire, which is a step into something God will fulfil in your life”.

Mr Cotton said he was horrified to listen to the recording and hear the many direct communications between Frank Houston and boys in the church. “Betrayal? That’s an understatement. I felt, and still feel, gutted like a fish,” Mr Cotton said.

Challenge: Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston speaks in New York in 2013, before he and his church were challenged during a royal commission hearing in 2014 about how they responded to child sex allegations against his father, Frank Houston.

Hillsong Church pastor Brian Houston clearly lied to the Royal commission hearing in 2014 about his child raping father, Frank Houston.

In his evidence to the royal commission Brian Houston said that by 1999, when Brett Sengstock’s allegation that Frank Houston had sexually abused him from the age of seven was raised with him, he was aware that “Frank was in the early stages of dementia”.

“I am also aware that his memory deteriorated very quickly because of dementia after 2000,” Brian Houston said in his statement to the royal commission.

In his book Live, Love, Lead, released in June, 2015 before the royal commission delivered its findings into Australian Christian Churches and Hillsong four months later, Brian Houston said his father “never ministered again” after November, 1999.

“He descended quickly into old age as the shame and torment of his dark past overtook him,” Mr Houston wrote.

“I spent a lot of time with Frank in his final years. I don’t agree with the assessment of his mental state that was presented by some to the royal commission,” Mr Cotton said.

“Anyone who listens to that sermon would struggle with the idea he was a man suffering from dementia to the extent that he couldn’t still deliver a sermon.”


If you support Hillsong after reading this article, you’re either dirty – or a fucking idiot…