I was Prostituted to Pedophile Orgies at Parliament House


What can I say?

Remember when ABC’s Media Watch slandered and mocked me on national television for telling a press conference I was prostituted to pedophile orgies at Parliament House?

The mainstream media recently reported on the rape culture within Parliament House. And today the media report that ‘staffers procured male prostitutes for Coalition MPs.’

If MPs are hiring adult prostitutes and having sex with them inside Parliament House, is it still too difficult to believe that MPs were having sex with child prostitutes inside Parliament House?

Now do I sound so crazy?

I will be vindicated.


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Did you know that Australia’s two intelligence agencies, ASIS and ASIO, signed up to the Child Abuse Royal Commission Redress Scheme? This constitutes an admission that these government organisations sexually abused children in their care. So, do not underestimate the lengths the Australian government will go to coverup the sex crimes committed by Australian politicians.

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