Proof the Child Abuse Royal Commission is Bogus

George Pell with Gerald Ridsdale

The federal Child Abuse Royal Commission is a farce. It was implemented to gather information, cover up any evidence of Australia’s massive, integrated pedophile network, and to give the public a false sense of security that something is being done to remedy the epidemic of pedophilia. I can prove the Royal Commission is corrupt, with the following single example:

In 2015, the Royal Commission hired lawyer Gail Furness to assist them. That year, Gail Furness questioned both Gerald Ridsdale and George Pell. Gail Furness’ cross examination of George Pell in Rome was so poor, Australian lawyers noted, the most basic criminal lawyer could have performed better. Owing to her abysmal cross examination, George Pell escaped answering vital questions about his coverup of pedophiles including Gerard Ridsdale.

Gerard Ridsdale is Australia’s most notorious pedophile priest. He has been convicted of raping over 60 kids so far (a fraction of his estimated victim total), including raping a girl on a church altar. The girl’s own father delivered her naked to the altar for Ridsdale to rape (an act which reeks of satanic ritual abuse).

In 1972-‘73, Gerard Ridsdale, George Pell and a third priest lived together in St Alipius Presbytery, a single-story residence adjoining St Alipius primary school and St Alipius Catholic church in Ballarat, Victoria. Gerard Ridsdale served as chaplain at the St Alipius parish school. Four St Alipius school teachers and priests were pedophiles: Robert Best (who taught grade 6), Edward Dowlan (grade 5), Gerald Leo Fitzgerald (Grade 3), and Stephen Francis Farrell. All, except Fitzgerald (who could not stand trial because he was dead) were convicted of sex crimes.

Gail Furness questioned Gerard Ridsdale about his violent rape of a 10/11-year-old girl in the St Alipius Presbytery kitchen, which George Pell witnessed. A newspaper article accurately reported the facts of the crime as follows:


Judge slams church over paedophile priest secrets

Padraic Murphy, Herald Sun, 9 April 2014

A PRIEST [George Pell] who allegedly witnessed predatory pedophile Gerald Ridsdale raping a young girl 40 years ago has been slammed by a judge, but the clergyman’s identity has been withheld from the public.

Ridsdale pleaded guilty on March 18 to the rape of the girl, then 10 or 11, at St Alipius presbytery, Ballarat, in 1972 or ’73. A summary of the court plea details: ‘In around 1972 or 1973 when (the victim) was aged 10 or 11 she was cutting up vegetables in the presbytery kitchen at the St Alipius Primary School. Ridsdale came in and said he had lots of shiny rocks to show her. (The victim) remembers this was around the time of the VFL football grand final.’

The court heard that Ridsdale then took her into his room, and showed her adult magazines, and she ran back into the kitchen. When she ran he chased her, grabbed her, told her to bend over and then raped her. A summary said: ‘(She) believes that another priest [George Pell] living at the house at the time walked through the door to the hallway and exited out the back door as this occurred. She knows that this priest saw what was happening.’           

Gail Furness misrepresented the content of the victim’s police witness statement, and the facts of the case, while questioning Gerald Ridsdale, by putting the following two blatant lies to Ridsdale:

  1. The Presbytery was a two-story building that contained two upstairs bedrooms.
  2. Gerald Ridsdale raped the victim in the privacy of his ‘upstairs’ bedroom.

Gerald Ridsdale was charged, convicted and sentenced based on these facts:

  1. The presbytery is a single-story building,
  2. Gerard Ridsdale raped the victim in the kitchen, not his bedroom.

So, Gail Furness moved the location of the rape from a public to a private location. Why? If the rape occurred in a public place, this suggests every priest in the presbytery was comfortable with pedophilia; and the only people comfortable with pedophilia – are pedophiles. Indeed, it later emerged that Cardinal George Pell was the priest who witnessed a young girl being raped in the kitchen by Ridsdale, and that George Pell himself was a rampant pedophile.

The Australian government paid Gail Furness $5 million for her services to the Royal Commission.

What People are Saying About EYES WIDE OPEN

I published the raw manuscript of my book Eyes Wide Open online 1 month ago. The feedback from readers has been remarkable. Here are some choice comments:

I’m just over halfway through reading Eyes Wide Open. Truly paradigm-shattering stuff!! I’ll never be the same and, for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My eyes are now wide f*cking open!!

Just finished Eyes Wide Open. Brilliant!!!! Harrowing but brilliant. I’ll seriously NEVER be the same again. Like I said in my first message to you, it is utterly paradigm-shattering. Nothing is as it was.

I’m not a crier (ok, except for animal documentaries) so even though parts of your story were confronting to say the least (let’s be honest – horrific!) and my heart rate was elevated while reading certain scenes, I didn’t well up until I read this sentence on page 403: “I integrated too late to do something constructive with my life.” Then I started to cry.
Don’t you see? THIS is the ‘something constructive’! THIS – your book, your speaking out – is your life’s purpose! And it is critical! All the pain, the suffering, the betrayal – all of it led to this. Your evil perpetrators were right – you are the chosen one, the one chosen to bring light to their darkness, a voice to their victims, and an END to the secrecy. You are an absolute powerhouse of courage and resilience. How many people on the entire planet at this time do you think could have pulled this off?? Sweet FA.
Apart from the historical detail of yr book, the huge range of topics you cover so generously, the style of yr writing is really easy to take in.
This book is his story breaking and Herstory making. The safety of our young is much more possible now and yr consideration for others is pure love in action. Bless you
Just want to say a big SUCKED IN to everyone named and outed in this book. This is GOLD . Dare you to make some noise, you pieces of shit.
Love you Fiona Barnett
I am only 18 pages in but the amount of info you’ve put in this is unbelievable! The dot connecting. It’s amazing. It would have been very easy for you to just say “this happened” and not back it up with anything substantial (even though I know you are telling the truth) but you actually back it up with detailed sources/references. Some of the stuff I already knew from your previous interviews/talks but much of the stuff I am reading I’m learning for the first time. This is going to help educate people and arm us with valuable knowledge.
I read 15 pages last night and found your attention to recall in details by naming names and their cohorts , titles and connections is simply amazing.
I started to “flip” through until I felt a pull and landed on The Programming Matrix, what a mind blower for me in so many ways. I have been going through a very unique experience in my recovery process and have found very few people whom I can even relate to or could even comprehend who or what I have come to now know. The way in which you describe your personality compartments, their costumes and props, your core essence, the arian aspects and what you are able to experience on the inner planes and in the amount of detail.
Thanks for writing this. It’s a wealth of info. I’ve been warning the church about Hillsong for a while,but not the child trafficking aspect. They already don’t want to hear and are blinkered to their dodgy doctrine,let alone child sex abuses! You’ve provided so much info you could go down so many rabbit holes aside from the book. I’d love to see you write a biography too. I’m only half way through but I can’t put it down.
I cannot stop reading. I feel every speed bump and want to teleport into the rooms with you when you are staring down the authorities as they participate in yet another containment exercise. I want to look them in the eyes with you and warn them. We are an army building behind you Fiona and we are growing daily. Soon they will not be able to show their faces in public. We know their caper, all of them…
I’m still in the process of reading your book. Thank you for all the time and research you put into it. I am amazed at all the documentation and info you have collected. You really show how common and rampant the mk ultra mind control, satanic ritual abuse, pedophilia runs within government, education, and religious systems.
I like the point you make, where the elite are supported by the CIA in drug running and child sex operations. It all makes sense, now if only to wake the sleeping to this depravity, Fiona, that’s the biggest conundrum.
I have spent evenings reading your book!! Well done and very thorough! Amazing info. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 🇺🇸. Thank you for all this much needed information and education… I was deeply touched when you had the nde of seeing those precious children in heaven……so happy and free. To come back to this planet must’ve been a horror…
I love the factual info you provide. You’ve given plenty of leads for seperate research that could last a lifetime! I also like personal background info,retelling of events from your personal perspective Fiona. End chapter fantastic and nicely rounded off.
I have started reading. Fiona, you have a mind like a steel trap door! You are amazing! Not even a third of the way thru it and you have me in total awe the entire read! Thank you for your bravery and trying to help and save others!
I read all through the night. It’s good Fiona Barnett.
The book is magnificent and very truthful.
I am enjoying what you said about the earth and body’s electromagnetic field and also how the human brain works.As for as your abuse (and many others), It’s so sad that as knowledge has increased in this world , wisdom has decreased along with all morality and love. Peace to you.
Amazing book. I couldn’t put it down. You connect all the dots!
THE most important fact your book demonstrates overall, for me, is how totally infiltrated and controlled a victim’s world is, both at the time of the initial horrific abuses, and throughout our entire life!
When we speak out, so many assume and attack us that we haven’t gone to the police, or, FBI, etc.. Which makes me so angry! As if we would let these atrocities happen to any other child, or living being! We DO go to the police, and the FBI, here in the USA, and you DID go everywhere you could, Fiona, to make reports to AUS police, commisions, et al…
However, the Perps are everywhere! Doctors, therapists, police, commisions, colleges, church, pharmacists, local government right on up to the highest Office of the land! To whom can we go?… Furthermore, in doing so, they get us fired from our jobs, stalk us, fry our computers, attack pets and family members, tap our phones, and on and on it goes; we pay with our lives, for our entire life!
It is apparent that you are a highly intelligent person who is gifted in conveying your horrific experiences…
I began reading yesterday over half way through and no words can describe how much you and your unfathomable journey impact me and undoubtedly the collective!
Your dedication and research is astounding!
Extremely well written book. I’m in total admiration of your courage and I’m sure this book will help to wake more people up and give hope to other victims and the parents of victims. Bible prophecy is truly playing out now. Thank you for sharing your story Fiona! It will be spread far and wide I’m sure.
I am ashamed to say that at first, I thought your claims of a government coverup were highly exaggerated, but after doing a little googling myself, I’m beginning to recognize that everything you say you saw and experienced was all true.
…gotta say ur book is brilliantly written (not thru it yet) , very well researched & detail is amazing …
I read your book in one sitting last night, incredible! I was totally transfixed.
I can’t wait to read …  your memories make sense of mine
Well done thou good and faithful servant.
Click on this Eyes Wide Open link for your free copy of my book.

Parents to Challenge Child Abuse Court Reports by Accused Bond Psychologist Bob Montgomery

BOND UNIVERSITY Psychologist and former President of the APS, Bob Montgomery, who was charged with the historical rape of 3 x 12-year old Boy Scouts, has had his matter adjourned until October 2019. He remains on bail.

Dr Bob Montgomery was extradited to NSW from Queensland.

Bob Montgomery wrote court reports that helped determine custody disputes, namely where a parent was accused of sexually assaulting their own child. The accused pedophile psychologist wrote reports that influenced the courts to place the abused child with the alleged pedophile parent.

The Australian government tried to bury this case and hide the fact that Bob Montgomery is a psychologist. The pedophile protecting ABC failed to reveal that Bob Montgomery was one of Australia’s most high profile psychologists. Instead, the ABC called him a ‘scout master.’

According to a recent ABC article:

One mother, who was sent to the psychologist in 2013 after alleging her three-year-old daughter was abused by her father, told the ABC the psychologist had made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Greta* said he implied she may not be satisfying her husband sexually and even if he had abused their daughter it did not mean he couldn’t have a relationship with the child.

“He was kind of overly physical with me. He kept touching my arm and my leg. It made me feel creeped out. He said weird things. He kept telling me that he knew about real paedophiles and that they would show up on [psychometric] tests,” she said.

“My first impression was ‘this isn’t going to go well’.”

The psychologist’s family report was never provided to the court.

However, in another case the psychologist’s report recommended the child “continue to live with [the father]” after the mother raised allegations of sexual abuse, saying he “found no significant evidence” the abuse had occurred.

At the time of the family report interviews the psychologist had not been charged with any offences. It is alleged the offending occurred many decades ago.

University of Queensland professor Patrick Parkinson, said a child sex abuse conviction could “absolutely” give a parent grounds to seek to quash custody rulings linked to the psychologist.

Bob Montgomery has a history of being ‘overly physical’ with female clients. The pedophile protecting Queensland Psychology Board gave Bob Montgomery a rap over the knuckles for having sex with a female client. The same Queensland Psychology Board targeted abuse victims for removal from the psychology industry for blowing the whistle against pedophilia in the Bond University Psychology Clinic.

Bob Montgomery is the second BOND UNIVERSITY psychologist and court report writer to be charged with historical child rape. Bond Forensic Psychologist Professor Paul Wilson served 6 months in prison for sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl.

Paul Wilson

Both BOND UNIVERSITY psychology lecturers were regular guest experts on ABC radio.

Read more about the BOND UNIVERSITY PEDOPHILE NETWORK in your free copy of EYES WIDE OPEN (download here).


Breaking news: The daughter of former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating is said to be the mystery brunette waving at pedo Prince Andrew while leaving child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion in 2010 – following Epstein’s 2008 conviction for raping kids. Evidently, the children of VIPs have no moral objection to pedophilia.

Prince Andrew waves goodbye.Pedo Paul Keating’s daughter filmed leaving child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion after waving at Prince Andrew.

The 2010 video footage shows a young girl leaving the house with Jeffery Epstein, followed by Paul Keating’s daughter.

In 2014, Katherine Keating interviewed Epstein’s child trafficking partner Ghislaine Maxwell for the Huffington Post.

IN 2015, I reported Paul Keating to the NSW and Federal Police regarding my having witnessed the aftermath of Paul Keating’s rape and murder of a young boy on a remote Kurnell beach in Sydney’s south-east.

Know them by the company they keep…

For a detailed account of my experience of the child sex trafficking network that Jeffrey Epstein procured kids for, and which services VIPs like Prime Minister Paul Keating, download my FREE book here:

Eyes Wide Open by Fiona Barnett 2019

Read the SMH article here:


Update: The following article provided additional information relevant to the global child traffic operation:

When privilege becomes a curse: How Katherine Keating used her status as PM’s daughter to befriend royals and infiltrate New York’s high society – and why she has gone into hiding since being linked to Jeffrey Epstein, Josh Hanrahan, Daily Mail, 24 August 2019

Ms Keating’s involvement with Epstein came courtesy of the connections she has cultivated through her family name. In 2002, at just 20 and while studying arts at the University of New South Wales, she became a member of then NSW Premier Bob Carr’s personal staff. She left that role in mid-2003, but remained an advisor to the NSW Labor government until 2005…

Premiere Bob Carr attended the Bohemian Grove pedophile revels in 2012 at Australian tax payers’ expense.

Craig Sawyer Frames ‘Rapist’ to Attract V4CR Donors

Veterans for Child Rescue was NOT formed due to Aspen Sawyer’s alleged rape. Craig Sawyer had already been shooting his documentary with Bandito Brothers Production Co. New York (who he kicked to the curb and replaced with Magnitude Management in early to mid-2017) when the alleged rape took place.

The supposed assault occurred on 10 March 2017. See below why many believe the ‘assault’ was woven into the V4CR story line to provide an air of legitimacy which the organization otherwise lacked. V4CR was formed in April 2017, just 3 weeks after the alleged assault, yet many months after Sawyer started building the fake organization to fund his lifestyle.

See evidence of Craig Sawyer’s fraud and exploitation here:

Relevant is Aspen Sawyer’s mental health meltdown in September 2018. Revisit evidence of that event here:

KEY POINTS to refute the Aspen Sawyer ‘Rape’ Allegation

  1. Aspen Sawyer’s ‘rape kit’ evidence showed multiple “donors” to her vagina and rectum, only one of which belonged to Salazar. Statements by Aspen’s mother Tressa document that Aspen is mentally unstable, improperly medicated, and has a history of impulse control issues and engaging in risky, dangerous behaviours.
  2. Only a couple months after the alleged assault, Aspen returned to the ‘Hub Apartments’ where she was allegedly raped, to attend another Hot Tub party. Traumatised victims typically avoid the rape location.
  3. In September 2018, Aspen appeared in a rap video where she is clearly seen under-age drinking, and dancing provocatively.
  4. Aspen Sawyer’s account shows a rather brazen response inconsistent with being a wounded victim, to the subject of her alleged rape and alleged perpetrator Salazar being named. Another comment indicates she would accept money for a blowjob.
  5. Aspen’s meltdown in September 2018 occurred shortly before one of Salazar’s scheduled competency hearings. Was Aspen beginning to crack under pressure from her Dad to play the innocent poster child for a human trafficking rescue, knowing that she was NOT a rape victim but representing a fraudulent organization that funds her family’s lifestyle?

Salazar may have history – making him an easy target – but his criminal history does not include any sexual or related offenses. Let us see if the Arizona Judge presiding over Salazar’s fate is connected to the Arizona child trafficking operation that Craig Sawyer helped coverup, by condemning an innocent man to prison.

Craig Sawyer posted on social media that Isaac Kappy reached out to him just before he died under questionable circumstances, next to an Arizona NSA base, after helping me expose the involvement of Tuscon, Arizona NSA, FBI, Police, and Mayor Jonathan Rothschild in the global child trafficking operation coordinated by the CIA.

RELEVANT COURT EVIDENCE Contradicting Aspen Sawyer Rape Allegation

Statement of Probable Cause (p 14/469):

Alleged rape occurred 10 March 2017

Grand Jury Transcript begins on p 57/469

Page 45/469:

Grand Jury Transcript begins on 57/469

Motion for hearing to Admit Evidence relating to the Victim’s Chastity (pp 279-280 / 469)

Social Media Posts by Aspen Sawyer 5 Weeks After Alleged Rape:

Videos of Aspen Sawyer Underage Drinking and Dancing Promiscuously:

Video featuring Aspen Sawyer:
Same video hosted by the original artist:


Craig Sawyer’s Home-Made PR Bullshit:



Fiona Barnett’s Eulogy to Isaac Kappy

It is with a grievous heart that I acknowledge the death of Isaac Kappy and honour the God-given qualities that drew me to him.

When I invited Isaac to my home, I did so with informed consent. Many warned me not to, that he was part of an elaborate trap – which he unwittingly was. However, I felt compelled to do so. The Isaac I got to know over 2 months was not the person we saw on the internet. That was in part the actor, the pretender. The person my family, friends and I were impacted with was an intensely damaged, drug-addicted, moody, tantrum-throwing, attention-seeking pain in the arse whose emotional maturity appeared to have been stunted at about age 10 years. Many a time I was tempted to throw Isaac out – or throttle him. But my family would calm me and advise, “Just be kind. He’s here for a short time. You never know what he’s going home to. We have the opportunity to show him God’s love.”

It is evident from Isaac’s last words that he accepted Jesus into his heart just before he died. That fact has caused me more emotion and tears than his death because I thought I had failed in that department. I recall one time at the dinner table when Isaac seemed genuinely open to hearing about Jesus Christ. “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of Him. He’s a good guy, right?” he said innocently. But I was too angry at him at that moment to patiently and thoroughly share the Gospel with Isaac, and I was short with him. I regret that. I should have just left it to my husband to do what he does best and explain salvation to Isaac. So, when I received the barrage of early morning texts yesterday, informing me Isaac had “committed suicide,” I grieved for the lost opportunity to lead him to salvation.

But Isaac did not commit suicide. It is clear from the growing body of testimony that Isaac was murdered in the USA child trafficking capital of Arizona by opportunists who seized his last testimony as grounds for another ‘two bullets to the back of the head’ scenario. Was he thrown off the overpass? Was he ever there at all? Did military thugs shoot out his tyre and drag him to their nearby base for a dose of Seligman’s torture techniques?

Isaac did not go to Hell as I feared. A friend told me that Isaac’s salvation did not rely on that one lost opportunity, and that it was how I conducted myself daily that provided the main testimony. She is right. Isaac observed my family for the best part of two months. He was there when we said grace before dinner and gave thanks for him too. He got to observe my mother during a lengthy naturopathic consultation with her. He was there for my daughter’s ballet concert. I remember the look of genuine delight on Isaac’s face as he watched a stage full of young children stumble their way through their steps. And then at half time, he broke down crying outside, telling me how lucky I was to have a family, and how he didn’t want to be “a patsy.”

It seems I did not fail after all. It seems my family and I laid the seeds which others watered, others like the Christian who apparently conversed with Isaac as he was stranded on the side of a remote road, just before the pedo network seized him. I take comfort in testimonies like that.

The public have been left with conflicting images of who and what the real Isaac Kappy was. Some label him a Psy-Op, a DID MK-ULTRA plant, a patsy, a LARP, a fake, a bad actor, a user, a drugged hippie. Others hail him as a hero, a genuine whistle-blower against Hollywood pedophilia, a talented musician, an intelligent comedian. Isaac was all those things and more. He was easy to love, and easy to hate all at the one time.

But in the end, love won out. It’s so easy to judge, when ultimately no-one but Isaac and God knew what spiritual and physical demons he was battling. I always believed Isaac was DID, a victim like me, and that is where my compassion stemmed from. If only I had been a little more patient, a little kinder, I lament. I wish I could have had one more conversation with him or been able to see him in person again – after his conversion to Christianity. Isaac was the youngest of Christians when he delivered the most profound, wise, and mature Christian testimony in his final hours. His final words constitute Isaac Kappy’s greatest legacy. In that moment, God wiped his slate clean and accepted him into everlasting Paradise. And I look forward to the day I see him again, there in Heaven. Praise the Lord for that.

My sincerest condolences to Isaac’s family at this painful time.

Love, Fiona


The secrecy surrounding the court case – and now the verdict – is offensive. That’s especially so because it echoes the secrecy that has always been so appallingly a part of widespread sexual abuse by priests.  – Washington Post


During the past few days, the mainstream media have revealed that the Australian government covered up the conviction of Cardinal GEORGE PELL for two historical counts of pedophilia. That’s not all. The first attempt to convict him resulted in a hung jury. That was not reported either. Then a judge banned police prosecutors from using crucial evidence that Pell sexually assaulted two boys in a school swimming pool in the 1970s, which forced the DPP to drop the charges. Further, the Victorian police have refused to take witness statements from other George Pell victims including Dean Henry.

Victims of organised child sex trafficking and ritual abuse like myself are bloody angry! How dare the Australian government deprive other George Pell victims of the chance to heal just a bit, by realising their horrific memories are TRUE? And that their memories have been VALIDATED by a court conviction against a Luciferian pedophile?

You heard right, Luciferian. George Pell is not just a pedophile. He is a Luciferian who ritually abused multiple children. Cardinal George Pell ritually abused James Shanahan. Further, Pell was in the audience during the Luciferian ritual I attended at St Mary’s Cathedral when I was 14 years old, and which I described in my Candy Girl amateur documentary.

The federal Child Abuse Royal Commission were supplied with multiple witness accounts of George Pell’s Luciferian ritual crimes against children. And when I say the work ‘ritual’, I mean as employed by the Australian Prime minister in his apology to our country’s numerous victims of organised child sex abuse. But this has been covered up by the Australian government also.

The Royal Commission poorly cross-examined George Pell regarding his cover-up of priests raping children in Victoria. Knowing the cardinal had himself raped multiple kids, and that there were outstanding allegations being investigated by reluctant police (aka ‘The Catholic Mafia’), the Royal Commission allowed Pell to leave Australia and risked his never returning to face the charges he was just convicted of.

Remarkably, Cardinal George Pell signed a letter agreeing to the fact that James witnessed two Melbourne priests ritually murder a 5-year-old girl on an altar. James’ story was published in the Melbourne Age newspaper in 2005. Why isn’t the Australian mainstream media focusing on George Pell’s letter and spectacular admission?!

One of the priests whom Cardinal George Pell admitted ritually abused James, Father Thomas O’Keefe, also bludgeoned Maria James to death, to cover up his pedophile rape of Maria’s disabled son. This crime was also covered up by the Australian government. The ABC ‘Trace‘ series hosted by Rachel Brown only touched on the true nature of the murder of Maria James. Rachel Brown ignored James Shanahan’s evidence concerning the ritual nature of the case, and key evidence hidden by the ‘Catholic Mafia’, aka Victorian state police.

People ask me why they never see evidence of VIP pedophilia and Luciferian ritual abuse in Australia. Well here’s why! We are watching the Australian government bury the crimes of one of Australia’s most famous VIP pedophiles, and one of the most senior members of the Luciferian pedophile child trafficking organisation known as the Vatican.

How is anyone in Australia supposed to know if there is a suppression order, or whether a court case is finished, or if another is starting – when the public are completely uninformed and are not being told anything in our press? All else is rumour and fake news, right?

“Straya! We’ll fuck ya!”


View James Shanahan’s story here:

James Shanahan


Unnecessary Evidence

Owing to my article exposing high profile psychologist Bob Montgomery, I have come under an orchestrated series of threats and attacks. One of these attacks was launched by low-IQ cult scum who tried to discredit my testimony by saying my family are not related to Helen Holowczak. Their main source of ‘evidence’ is my grandmother’s gravestone which excludes the names of my father and his children. So, here a few documents to disprove their lies.

Firstly, my father Mitek Frank Holowczak was cut out of his mother’s will at the last minute by his two half-brothers. He went to court and won his share of Helen Holowczak’s house at 14 McAlister Avenue. The brothers told the courts Helen’s house sold for 500k, when in fact it sold for 600k. So my father was further done out of a third of the difference. Not surprisingly, my father and his seven children were not listed on Helen’s gravestone, since the two half-brothers are the ones who arranged the funeral and the headstone. Duh.

So, here is evidence that my father is Helen Holowczak’s son, that he resided at 14 McAlister Avenue Engadine, and that David and John Holowczak are indeed his half-brothers. (Click on the photos for a closer view.)

1. Here is my father’s Australian issued birth certificate. Helen lied to my father about who his real father was, and he first discovered the truth when he was 40 years old. My father subsequently obtained his original birth certificate from Germany which records Mitek Rylko as his father.

Mitek Frank Holowczak’s birth certificate

Note the Holowczak’s family address on my father’s Australian birth certificate is recorded as 14 McAlister Ave, and his mother is Helen (Helena) Holowczak, nee Milewska.

2. Here are photos of my father as a baby and toddler with his mother Helen, and pedophile step-father Peter Holowczak, in the refugee camps:


3. Here is a photo of my father seated with his mother Helen Holowczak, and half-brother David Holowczak at my childhood home in Terranora:

4. And here is a picture of my father visiting his real father, Mitek Rylko (after whom he was named), and one of his half-brothers, in Poland:


5. And here is a picture of me, my siblings and parents at my brother’s wedding in 1996 (I am bridesmaid), plus a photo of my father with his second half-brother in Poland:

6. And of course there are the emails and voice recordings John Holowczak got reprimanded for. He sent them to my IA editor David Donovan from his Wollongong Council work email system. Albeit as defamatory and creative as the latest attack on my credibility, in these my half-uncle admits to being related to me, names my family members, and admits to my telling him at a family meeting in 1991 that I was raped by Peter Holowczak as a child:


Incidentally, this is the same Wollongong Council that trafficked kids, and whose mayors and their fellow perpetrators were ritually murdered by their former victims:

Next time, put your efforts into researching who John and David’s real fathers are, because – like John and David told my family and I during the meeting in 1991 – it wasn’t Peter Holowczak. At least my father found his real father. Mitek Rylko was a handsome, intelligent, respected member of the community, who didn’t rape and kill kids, and who fought for the resistance instead of slaughtering Jews in the concentration camps. His father was a violin teacher, and that’s where my father and siblings got our musical brilliance from. Here’s a photo of my real Jadek in uniform:



Research hint: Nana always named her kids after their fathers. Since John Holowczak is the only bald, ginger-headed member of the family, start looking in the direction of the Scottish dude named John Vicars who ‘supervised’ Helen at the Marrickville woollen mills. And as for David, Helen was going to name him ‘Romance’ – so good luck finding that one. Nana was a notorious Nazi whore who regularly attended those famous migrant orgies.

If only I weren’t related to the Holowczaks! As you can see surmise, my father inherited his high IQ from Mitek Rylko.

This is the last time I respond to this dumb shit. Anyone who attacks me has a vested interest in covering up ritual abuse and child sex trafficking.

APS President & Bond Uni Psychology Professor Raped 3 Boys?

This week, high profile psychologist Robert ‘Bob’ Montgomery was charged with sexually assaulting / anally raping three 12-year-old boys in the 1960’s. The pedophile-enabling ABC lied by omission about the perpetrator’s phenomenal status within Australian psychology. They mainly portrayed Bob Montgomery as a scout leader, and this is the initial impression left in the minds of the Australian public. Perhaps this had to do with the fact that Bob Montgomery was one of the ABC’s expert consultants.

Bob Montgomery is in fact one of Australia’s most high profile, influential psychologists. He was President of the APS (Australian Psychological Society) from 2009 to 2010. The APS describe themselves as follows:

We are the peak body for psychologists in Australia and represent over 24,000 members. We advocate for the profession of psychology, support high standards, promote community well-being, and are dedicated to providing benefits to support members.

Montgomery established psychology courses at three universities: Bond, Canberra, and Sunshine Coast, and was Head of Psychology at all three. But the ABC didn’t mention any of that relevant material. All they said was Bob Montgomery was the consultant psychologist on the Big Brother TV show, and that he wrote 13 books:

In fact, no one in the media is pointing to the elephant – that Bob Montgomery and Paul Wilson worked together at Bond University. Paul Wilson was the Head of the Humanities Department at Bond, a Psychology Professor, and Head of Criminology. Paul Wilson published articles on the Bond University website saying kids are not harmed by being raped as kids, and that they are in fact willing participants in pedophile rape. Not one Bond University lecturer objected to the publication of these papers. Bond only pulled the articles down after Paul Wilson was charged for pedophilia, and the Gold Coast Bulletin published excerpts from those articles. Paul Wilson was imprisoned in 2016 for raping young girls, and has a long line of other victims keen to testify against him. Oh, and like Bob Montgomery, Paul Wilson regularly appeared on ABC radio as an expert commentator.

These two arrests of high profile Bond psychologists validates what I said about Bond University being a pedophile institution. One pedophile is bad enough – but two at the same place at the same time indicates a pedophile ring. I accused Bond University of being a pedophile institution long before Paul Wilson and Bob Montgomery were arrested. Fellow student Luciana Cruz and I reported the university to the APS, the Australian Psychology Board – everyone about my having been targeted for adhering to mandatory reporting legislation. I reported that a Bond Psychology Clinic child client made allegations of child sex trafficking by Gold Coast DOCS. The APS and Psychology Board supported the pedophiles, and Luciana and I were thrown out of the psychology industry. You can read more about this case here:,6689

Ironically, Luciana Cruz turned to Bob Montgomery for support with our case. She gave me recordings of her meetings with Bob. In these recordings, Bob Montgomery blasts and exposes Bond University’s criminality. I wonder if this is why the pedophile network cut him loose and permitted his arrest. See below for a transcript of the salient points from these recordings.

The arrest of Bob Montgomery also validates the link drawn years ago between Australian psychologists, APS Presidents, MK-ULTRA, and organised pedophilia (see articles published on this website). Bob Montgomery perpetrated unethical MK-ULTRA research at LaTrobe University, Melbourne, during the early 1970’s. The experiments left young subjects permanently psychologically damaged. See this article for more information:

Incidentally, LaTrobe is the home of lecturer Gary Dowsett, who wrote an article entitled, ‘Boiled Lollies and Bandaids: Gay men and Kids,’ in Gay Information Quarterly Journal (Spring 1982) in which he stated the following:

And a new political position is needed… First we have three legal/social questions to win: custody rights for gay men and lesbians; the legal right of pedophiles and their young lovers; and finally the sexual rights of children as a whole…. How different then is that gentle, tentative sexuality between parent and child from the love of a pedophile and his/her lover?”

Until recently the link to this article appeared on his La Trobe University resume page. This article is reminiscent of Paul Wilson’s pro-pedophile 1980’s book subtitled, ‘Sexual Experiences Between men and Boys.’

Now 75 years old, Bob Montgomery was also a contemporary of my pedophile rapist and MK-ULTRA perpetrator Antony Kidman. The timing of Montgomery’s MK-ULTRA experiments (1972 -3) coincides with Kidman’s CIA-funded Learned Helplessness research that he conducted under the guidance of MK-ULTRA perpetrator Seligman. During the 1970’s, Bob Montgomery was also a visiting professor at the Universities of Hawaii and Oregon, which were MK-ULTRA research hubs. Antony Kidman undertook a PhD in biochemistry at the University of Hawaii. Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii and spent the first four years there.

Kidman and Montgomery both pushed CBT and Health Psychology. ‘Health Psychology’ was invented by Joseph Matarazzo, the designer of the 2001 torture program – Seligman was 2nd in charge. To illustrate:

Antony Kidman was another regular on ABC, including a program called ‘Life Matters’:

Antony Kidman, Bob Montogmery, and Paul Wilson were three very high profile Australian psychologists, university lecturers, and ABC media ho’s who used their positions to promote the ideas behind the false memory movement, and to mislead trainee psychologists and the general public concerning the truth about organized pedophilia and the presence of unethical MK-ULTRA research in Australia. Not surprising if all three liked to rape young children.


Recordings of Dr Bob Montgomery – Transcript

CD1. 00:22. [These recordings are made] to share it with a spouse, or a parent, or someone else…

39:26. The University’s reputation is well known.

48:45. It is one of the worst run Universities I’ve ever seen.  It’s dishonest.  It’s been dishonest all the time I’ve known it…  As president of the APS, I would have oversight of accreditation programs and I always made it clear because of my history with Bond University that I don’t want to be in any way directly involved because someone could turn around and say, ‘Oh look, he’s only being tough with Bond University because…’  So, at arm’s length, absolute arms length, I advised the accreditation group, people who went to Bond University to accredit the whole of the Department and all its courses and clinical course, “Watch them. They will lie.  They will try to pretend that things are better than they are.”  And that’s exactly what they found.  So, Bond initially, in the last round of accreditations, did not get accreditation… Bond will lie, try to lie their way out of anything.  APAC’s totally incorruptible, believe me, and Nick Voudourius is as straight as you get.  If anything, he’s straighter than straight.  He just wouldn’t be budged by that, and he is not fooled by any of their tricks.  So it wasn’t actually Nicholas.  It was my co-name Ian Montgomery who was leading the accreditation process at Bond and he’s been doing this for years.  He knows more about courses in Australia than any other three people.  And I just said to Ian, “Look, watch them – they’ll lie.”  When I was there as Head, and we had the accreditation coming, the then manager took me around and pointed at rooms and said, “Look, we could put ‘laboratory’ on the door here.”  ‘But it isn’t,’ I said, ‘You’re asking me to lie to the APS.  Well, I won’t do that.’  Which is in the end why I left: because they were still trying to lie to the APS about shonky procedures they were going through.  So, you don’t have to convince me how terrible Bond University is.

52:38. Don’t pin your hopes to people outside (of Bond University) understanding at all what it’s like and therefore giving you much sympathy or support.

CD2. 14:27. The rot starts at the top.  That’s where the rot was at Bond when I was there – the Vice-Chancellor.  And then it trickles down through the organisation.  And they encourage or permit really unacceptable activities.  And it’s only when you take that person out, things start to improve.

30:25. I actually have several psychologists in therapy at the moment… One of these had surrendered her registration, lost her job, was about to lose her home because she had no money and she’s a single mum, couldn’t pay the mortgage by the time she comes in.  She did breach the Code of Ethics, but I said to her, ‘Look, that’s a parking ticket.  It was so minor, it’s a parking ticket.  Part of her problem is she’s so harsh on herself that she blows it out of proportion, so she voluntarily surrenders her registration.  Within one month, she’s rejoined the APS, reapplied for her registration, has a job, will not lose her home, and her DASS scores are down here.  And now what we’re doing is working on the vulnerability that caused her to transgress ethically in the first place, because she did! Minor, but she did, and then she should know better, and not do it again.  My assumption is that in the end the PBA will give her a smack over the hand and say, ‘We hope you’ve learned from all this, because I’ve also written her report which she sent to the PBA, saying, “I’m encouraging her to sue her employer Corrective Services, for failure of duty of care.  She’s a four-plus-two [i.e., 4 yrs uni + 2 internship], she’s young, she’s attractive, and you send her in with hardcore criminals?  Come on.  And the criminal with whom she is supposed to have transgressed has previously got a woman psychologist from Corrections sacked.  Come on fellas!  How big does the elephant have to be before you notice that it’s there?”  The point I’m trying to make is, her situation has turned around radically, and I’ve encouraged her to complaint to the Privacy Commission because Corrections have released information to the PBA that I’m sure was illegal and unethical.  I’ve chided the PBA, “While you’re accepting material which I think is of dubious ethical basis.”  I’m waiting to hear their reply.  This will sound self-serving: the difference is she’s got me on her side.

[Note: We studied this case in ethics at Bond, and I know from the legal documents that the psychologist had sex with the offender.  If this breach of ethics is considered ‘minor’ and akin to ‘a parking ticket,’ and the woman has been reinstated, then how is it that the PBA can come down so hard on me and threaten to take action against me for false allegations of professional misconduct such as my giving my thesis paper to a peer, or obey my supervisor and check a client file?  How does it compare?] 

33:29. I was Head of Psychology at Bond University for 10 years.  I know the place inside and out and back to front.  I know exactly where the dirty linen is buried.  I’ve just stepped down from two years as President of the APS…  Nikola Roxon sent me a Christmas card: ‘Dear Fred, have a good Christmas.’  So (a) I’ve got the expert knowledge, (b) the standing…

34:08. You wanna come out of this saying, ‘I screwed those bastards right back to the wall where they belong.’

35. Bond University will do all the scullduggerous things they can to deny any mispractice. While I was there they had a lunatic professor of psychology. He was so bad he went off and formed his own counselling unit.  He was caught screwing his secretary on the desk.  The outcome was he sacked the secretary, and the vice-chancellor backed him up.  Now when I finally left I know for a fact three students in the Counselling Masters were suing the University because he had promised this counselling masters degree would get all this recognition, and it got none.  Now that’s the sort of shenanigans that Bond University gets up to and then tries to bully, lie, cheat its way out of doing the wrong thing.

CD3. 8:25. When I first became Head of Psychology (the first professor of psychology at Bond University), one of the reasons they hired me was the University was being sued by three families of kids who had done the undergraduate degree.  The University had promised them, ‘Oh, yes this course will be accredited.’  It was the most rubbish course I have ever seen, it had as much chance of being accredited as I have of being elected the next pope.  It was terrible!  And my first task, and they made it clear, my first task was redesign the psychology undergrad course so that it gets accredited – did that in six months: world record – and deal with these three families so that they stop suing the university.  So their children, the students, were offered free entry to all the new subjects that they now had to pick up so that they put together the accredited course.  Two families took that, the third family took money and ran…They took compensation from the university and went away. Since then they’ve had a repeat performance with their so-called Masters of Counselling, where again they got themselves into strife by promising Masters in Counselling students, ‘This degree will be recognised left, right and centre.’  It was being run by a psychopath, and it was appallingly bad.  So, as far as I know, several of those are still suing the university.  So, your treatment is typical of how they try and bluff and bully their way out.

13:26. If you want to go down the path of taking the university to court, mind you they’ll do everything they can to avoid going to court, and at the last minute they’re quite likely to collapse and give you what you want.  That’s how most of these bullies do it… As you’re walking up the steps to go into court, they’ll suddenly make you a reasonable offer.  As long as they think they can bluff you out, they’ll try to bluff you out.

31:35. There is zero probability of Mark [the Student Counselor] lying on behalf of the university.  Absolutely none.  I’d stake my life on the Mark.  I know him inside out, back to front. I know his wife, his family.  Mark is as straight as a die… They’re [The University staff] incompetent.  The message [email threat] he [personal assistant] has sent to you is staggeringly incompetent because it’s so easy to show it’s wrong.  Now this is really dumb… And I would bet my bottom dollar, as soon as the university’s lawyer sees what he’s sent, he’ll say, ‘Why did you do this? Please don’t send any more emails until we’ve vetted them!’  Now, they’ll be running round like headless chooks, and they’re hoping that you will get weak at the knees and buckle.  Okay, now that’s what you can count on, more stress, more dirty tricks… And zero chance that they’ll carry through with what they’re saying there, because you’ve got an honest person as a witness.  The Pro-Vice Chancellor: I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw.  He’s thrown in his lot with the university decades ago, and he’ll go down with the sinking ship.  The Student Counsellor: totally different kettle of fish.  The Student Counsellor’s as straight as a die, and they’ve got him there, they know he’s there, they know he’s like that, and they know he won’t back them up.  So, they’ll be running around like headless chooks.  So, you might have a realistic concern if you enroll for an externship that they may try to manipulate the situation in some way to try and put you in a bad light.  And you’ve got to put that in your decision-making mix… If you decide to plough ahead with [The University] you will be dealing with people who are out to get you, nasty, willing to do dishonest things, and getting increasingly desperate because not only have they not knocked you down, but you’re coming back even stronger.