Welcome to Fiona Barnett’s site.  Here Fiona shares her experience of VIP child trafficking, ritual abuse and MK-Ultra mind control experiments in Australia.  This site provides access to Fiona Barnett’s Candy Girl memoirs.  It also features supporting research and relevant articles.  It will offer links to the coming documentary about Fiona’s child abuse.  


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  1. Kay

    Hello Fiona,

    You are an immensely strong soul. My God. Thank you so very much for what you have done to help yourself and others. As I watch your material, the feeling came to me to contact you and tell you about a being who has much in common with you: Teal Swan. She suffered for thirteen years of her childhood from ritual Satanic abuse in Utah, USA at the hands of an off-shoot cult of Mormonism called the Blood Covenant. She escaped and is now a very prominent spiritual teacher. She was born with every single extrasensory ability that exists! (The reason she was targeted)…

    Like you, she excoriates the “False Memory Foundation” and even published a video denouncing it. Her entire life’s work is emotional “shadow work” and she uses triggers to recover the traumatic memories, as you do. In healing herself (with the help of therapy) she developed a process she calls the “completion process” and has published a book about it by the same name. She also wrote a book showing us HOW to recover self-love. Many will tell you that you must love yourself, but no one tells you how. Teal offers very practical tools to do so.

    She has a Youtube channel, “Ask Teal”, and a website. In one video, she is interviewed for two hours by a Utah news channel in which she details her childhood experiences.
    I also gained immense understanding of WHY these acts occur from reading David Icke’s books, as well as from Teal’s esoteric information about the vibrational nature of reality and the healing of the emotional body.

    Humanity is so very fortunate to have beings like you, David Shurter ,Teal and many others, who are exposing the MOST suppressed aspect of the collective human shadow. It MUST be completely seen, heard and understood in every one of us and ultimately loved back into Oneness so that it no longer reflects externally in the form of Satanic and Luciferian evil acts. To end war in the world, we have to end the war WITHIN us. I thank you for moving us in that direction.

    With much love and BIG HUG!
    Kay Lindstrom


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