Welcome to Fiona Barnett’s site where she shares her Australian experience of CIA child trafficking, MK-DELTA child soldier recruitment, Luciferian ritual abuse, and MK-ULTRA mind control. This site features links to Fiona’s eBook EYES WIDE OPEN, plus the Candy Girl documentary which traces Fiona’s child abuse experiences in Sydney and Bathurst.

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  1. Hi Fiona,

    I would very much like to introduce you to my website http://www.emmamorgan11.com

    It is a combination of TRANSMISSION, my EM-X1, music and paintings.

    Please would you read TRANSMISSION and view the rest of my website also, and please would you attach a link to my website.

    I have just watched some YouTube documentaries about you and want to introduce myself to you, for I am one fighting against the evil on this planet.


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  2. Adam

    Hey Fiona.. Adam here, I’ve been listening to you for a little while. I can’t compare to the horror of your testimonies with my own. Mine are testimonies of experiences of satanic attacks within the gay scene in Sydney, (pedophilia, drugs and witchcraft) where and how they operate trapping everyday-men recruiting and blackmailing them into there satanic agenda. My testimony is unequivocal understanding how this underworld (the system) is coming mutating in the mainstream.
    Hope to hear back.. I’m going solo with this.
    Hoping our lord and saviour Jesus Christ connects us

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  3. Dena Harless

    Thank you for all your brave information. I’ve watched and listened to everything you’ve released. It’s made me stronger about what this world is coming to and by the Grace of God, I am learning about things that my naïve brain wouldn’t have believed earlier in my life. God Bless!


  4. Michelle.D

    Thank you for your courage in exposing what i believe to be a bigger evil than what we could ever imagine…I have had flashbacks or jagged memories of pedophiles praying on myself and others in a Sydney childrens home…After hearing your story, I now know that it wasnt imagined but a real experience…Still trying to put pieces together…but at the same time, not sure if i want to go there further…


  5. As far as I could find, you are at present the only one, who has survived this hell, who against all remained human, who does not let herself put to silence about these monsters and who does not hide.
    Take care for yourself and may God always be with you.


  6. Brave indeed my friend. I could only wish that you never had to endure this type of mindless torture and I so hope that one day, all those “elite or as you have it “VIP pedophiles” experience the same horrific abuse. Blessings to you and your family.


    Published on Jan 19, 2017

    Watch the UK government pedophile sex ring exposed! Pizzagate is real, the same thing is happening in Washington and Hollywood! Share this and spread the message!


  8. Elise Paul

    Thank you for sharing your life with the world. Thank you for being so brave that you want to help others after everything you were put through.

    There are monsters on our planet and they made sure to position themselves within society where they have access to victims. I am french canadian living in province of Quebec, where we also have our elite pedo rings but there are no victims to speak out, or at least I have not found them yet.

    Cathy O’brien did mention our former PM as one of her abusers, and today we have his son for a PM. So it brings me to wonder what’s really going on? He either is mind controlled or not. If he is, that means they’re still torturing children here in Quebec, and that’s what I’m trying to find out.

    The SRA search I was doing is what brought me to you. I was doing research into the death of three little boys that took place close to where I lived in 1984. I have found a SRA calendar online which shows nov. 1 to be a sacrifice date. The boys all disappeared the same day november 1st, 1984.

    The authorities have since then put the blame on someone but I believe these children were killed in rituals, and I believe that some very well known people are involved along with police.

    I would like to help you get the word out, I think the information is not getting the attention it should because victims are all over the world and use different languages.

    These stories must be brought together to show that the problem is INTERNATIONAL.

    This makes me question who in the world is going to put an end to it when members of royalty are also child abusers and murderers? I believe we cannot let such thoughts get in the way. I know a lot of things on energy and how to use it, I really don’t want to get into that right now but I know if we regroup our minds we can make great things happen. The human mind is very powerful.

    There are many things we can do if we put our minds together.

    I am perfectly bilingual French and English, and have worked as a secretary most of my live so am ready to redact whatever texts you need. We will find others in other countries to get this translated to their languages. I have the two basic – French & English so it should be easy to start with that.

    Allso, thi video was removed, that makes me want to see it… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGoFt2WisNo This is the message i am getting. THIS VIDEO DOES NOT EXIST


  9. Jenxie

    I’m more than a little freaked out by distinct similarities between myself and you and your experiences. I live in the US, so I won’t say more about that. You deserve a reward for your tenacity, strength and resolve. I’m in awe. Are there any trusted resources in the US to contact for help?


  10. I was shocked . I have read only a small part of this story and couldn’t continue because of emotional break down. I made this painting devoted to Fiona. I never do black&white paintings, but this one doesn´t deserve to have colours.


  11. Dear Fiona, I wrote a small letter to you but it got erased. I want to help in any way. I live in Northwest Indiana and if there are groups of workers close , I would go and get instructions to help in any way. I will pray, as I always have for their enclosure and arrests. God Bless you and know that God never absence His children. Margaret Gallagher catholiclady777@hotmail.com


  12. Dear Fiona, I am so disgusted about these perverts doing their sick behaviors upon you and other children. There is an appropriate suffering in help for those who hurt God’s little children. I have been praying for them to be exposed and arrested. My husband was a detective, before he retired and I told him you have to arrest the highest levels first, then work your way down until every pervert is locked up. I want to help in some way, besides praying and exposing these crminals. Tell me what I can do to e part of Our Lords and Blessed Mother army. If you need donations of any money, just ask. God Bless you.


  13. Satanic Ritual Abuse EXPOSED – Russ Dizdar – EDITED & CONDENSED – YouTube

    The Issue of ‘Pizzagate’ is addressed in this interview with Pastor Russ Dizdar


  14. Children Of The Sex Trade (Exploitation Documentary) – Real Stories – YouTube
    Published on Dec 16, 2016

    This exceptional film follows two young sisters in the Philippines who help former Australian police and Special Forces officers rescue underage girls from sex bars.

    In the Phillipines, over 800,000 women and children work in the sex-trade. Police corruption makes local law enforcement ineffective in protecting the most vulnerable groups from abuse. 16 year-old Michelle and 19 year-old Marisol were both abused by foreign men as children and had also worked in Subic Bay’s sex bars. They now work at PREDA, a human rights foundation set up in 1974 by Fr. Shay Cullen, an Irish Catholic priest. Together, with former Australian Federal Police officers, the group sets out on a sting operation to bring child-abusers to justice.

    With exclusive access, this is a gripping investigation into an urgent crisis led by the brave, teenage sisters who sacrifice their own safety to save others from the same fate.

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  15. Child Trafficking (SRA) Victim Speaks Out – ‘PizzaGate Is Real!’ – YouTube
    Published on May 1, 2017

    Becki Percy, a victim of pedophilia and child sex trafficking at the hands of her parents, speaks out about her horrific ordeal. She has her own YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ2W…, where you can learn more. David Zublick unseals the truth about this worldwide scandal putting the lives of precious children at risk in this exclusive interview!


  16. Karen Norman

    Thank you for your brave revelations. I read that you were studying law. I am a self taught student of law and have much knowledge that I believe you would find very interesting. It would be great to have a chat sometime if we could organise it. Once again thank you for being who you are and for standing up for all those victims who are not here to be heard.


  17. Dear Friends,

    As many of you know I have been working with SRA survivors for over 30 years. This most recent interview with Russ Dizdar, who has also been working SRA survivors for over 30 years, is focused on more than the horrific reality of the global epidemic of pedophilia and child trafficking. This proverbial ‘rabbit hole’ goes much deeper than most are even willing to acknowledge! For those who have a God’s heart for these victims, and especially for defenseless little children, you don’t want to miss this program!

    This interview with Russ & Craig begins at the 2nd hr. of this program.


    Doug Riggs, Pastor

    Child Trafficking is the Currency of the Elite: Russ Dizdar with Craig Sawyer – YouTube

    We are very excited to welcome to their on-air debut together, Russ Dizdar and Craig “Saw Man” Sawyer. Topic: child trafficking, global pedophilia rings and the worldwide slaughter of innocent kids.

    It has been awhile but he is back with us tonight: Mr Russ Dizdar, Host of Shatter the Darkness.

    Coming out of the 60’s into the 70’s Russ was a rock n rolling bar fighting seeker, consuming drugs/alcohol and searching through every door he could to find meaning. He was a dabbler in dark occultism and a practitioner of golden Buddha meditation where he was trained in astral projection to seek the ascended masters…. Russ says “I sought to experience anything spiritually, supernatural and alternative I could …..to find what it was I was looking for.” But I didn’t, instead I found myself on the edge of death and hell itself…. see more in the upcoming autobiography ‘Once Blind’.

    Russ Dizdar, started out in the AOG Church, was licensed to and then Ordained to the ministry October 1978 reformation Sunday at Green Baptist Church by the SBC. He has served as Sr. Pastor of 4 churches over a 30 year period. He was also Ex. Director of Greater Akron Youth For Christ, a Police Chaplain UNIT 78 UAPD. He is (1982) Founder and now directs Shatter the Darkness and Preemption Broadcast (The Ragged Edge Radio Broadcast) (2008). He has preached in Churches and conferences across the USA, held training seminars and loves to do crusade evangelism. He has launched web sites and broadcasts messages that have been heard and downloaded in over 150 countries. The internet sites with the free teaching/seminar audio courses have been downloaded over 19 million times (MP3s).

    We are very pleased and honored to welcome return guest, former USN SEAL and Federal Air Marshal, Craig Sawyer.

    Craig Sawyer, AKA “Sawman,” grew up near Houston, TX and got his tactical start in the U.S. Marine Corps. He quickly transitioned to the U.S. Navy to pursue high-level Special Operations as a U.S. Navy SEAL. As an Operator at SEAL Team One, Craig gained critical combat experience in Desert Shield and Desert Storm resulting in decoration for “Heroic Service”.


  18. Secretary of State Tillerson “Some of the Most Devastating Examples of Sex Trafficking are Brought on by Authority Figures” » The Hagmann Report

    Pedogate: American Heroes to the Rescue — Craig Sawyer | Alternative


  19. Pope Francis announced that over 2,000 pedophile priests will NOT face criminal prosecution and be absolved by the Vatican.

    Australian police charge Vatican Pope Francis’ chief financial adviser Cardinal Pell over child sex abuse

    Vatican Police Raid Drug-Infused Gay Orgy at Home of Cardinal’s Aide July 2017


  20. Kay

    Hello Fiona,

    You are an immensely strong soul. My God. Thank you so very much for what you have done to help yourself and others. As I watch your material, the feeling came to me to contact you and tell you about a being who has much in common with you: Teal Swan. She suffered for thirteen years of her childhood from ritual Satanic abuse in Utah, USA at the hands of an off-shoot cult of Mormonism called the Blood Covenant. She escaped and is now a very prominent spiritual teacher. She was born with every single extrasensory ability that exists! (The reason she was targeted)…

    Like you, she excoriates the “False Memory Foundation” and even published a video denouncing it. Her entire life’s work is emotional “shadow work” and she uses triggers to recover the traumatic memories, as you do. In healing herself (with the help of therapy) she developed a process she calls the “completion process” and has published a book about it by the same name. She also wrote a book showing us HOW to recover self-love. Many will tell you that you must love yourself, but no one tells you how. Teal offers very practical tools to do so.

    She has a Youtube channel, “Ask Teal”, and a website. In one video, she is interviewed for two hours by a Utah news channel in which she details her childhood experiences.
    I also gained immense understanding of WHY these acts occur from reading David Icke’s books, as well as from Teal’s esoteric information about the vibrational nature of reality and the healing of the emotional body.

    Humanity is so very fortunate to have beings like you, David Shurter ,Teal and many others, who are exposing the MOST suppressed aspect of the collective human shadow. It MUST be completely seen, heard and understood in every one of us and ultimately loved back into Oneness so that it no longer reflects externally in the form of Satanic and Luciferian evil acts. To end war in the world, we have to end the war WITHIN us. I thank you for moving us in that direction.

    With much love and BIG HUG!
    Kay Lindstrom


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