Welcome to Fiona Barnett’s site.  Here Fiona shares her experience of VIP child trafficking, ritual abuse and MK-Ultra mind control experiments in Australia.  This site provides access to Fiona Barnett’s Candy Girl memoirs.  It also features supporting research and relevant articles.  It will offer links to the coming documentary about Fiona’s child abuse.  


16 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dena Harless

    Thank you for all your brave information. I’ve watched and listened to everything you’ve released. It’s made me stronger about what this world is coming to and by the Grace of God, I am learning about things that my naïve brain wouldn’t have believed earlier in my life. God Bless!


  2. Michelle.D

    Thank you for your courage in exposing what i believe to be a bigger evil than what we could ever imagine…I have had flashbacks or jagged memories of pedophiles praying on myself and others in a Sydney childrens home…After hearing your story, I now know that it wasnt imagined but a real experience…Still trying to put pieces together…but at the same time, not sure if i want to go there further…


  3. As far as I could find, you are at present the only one, who has survived this hell, who against all remained human, who does not let herself put to silence about these monsters and who does not hide.
    Take care for yourself and may God always be with you.


  4. Brave indeed my friend. I could only wish that you never had to endure this type of mindless torture and I so hope that one day, all those “elite or as you have it “VIP pedophiles” experience the same horrific abuse. Blessings to you and your family.


  5. Jenxie

    I’m more than a little freaked out by distinct similarities between myself and you and your experiences. I live in the US, so I won’t say more about that. You deserve a reward for your tenacity, strength and resolve. I’m in awe. Are there any trusted resources in the US to contact for help?


  6. I was shocked . I have read only a small part of this story and couldn’t continue because of emotional break down. I made this painting devoted to Fiona. I never do black&white paintings, but this one doesn´t deserve to have colours.


  7. Dear Fiona, I am so disgusted about these perverts doing their sick behaviors upon you and other children. There is an appropriate suffering in help for those who hurt God’s little children. I have been praying for them to be exposed and arrested. My husband was a detective, before he retired and I told him you have to arrest the highest levels first, then work your way down until every pervert is locked up. I want to help in some way, besides praying and exposing these crminals. Tell me what I can do to e part of Our Lords and Blessed Mother army. If you need donations of any money, just ask. God Bless you.


  8. Children Of The Sex Trade (Exploitation Documentary) – Real Stories – YouTube
    Published on Dec 16, 2016

    This exceptional film follows two young sisters in the Philippines who help former Australian police and Special Forces officers rescue underage girls from sex bars.

    In the Phillipines, over 800,000 women and children work in the sex-trade. Police corruption makes local law enforcement ineffective in protecting the most vulnerable groups from abuse. 16 year-old Michelle and 19 year-old Marisol were both abused by foreign men as children and had also worked in Subic Bay’s sex bars. They now work at PREDA, a human rights foundation set up in 1974 by Fr. Shay Cullen, an Irish Catholic priest. Together, with former Australian Federal Police officers, the group sets out on a sting operation to bring child-abusers to justice.

    With exclusive access, this is a gripping investigation into an urgent crisis led by the brave, teenage sisters who sacrifice their own safety to save others from the same fate.


  9. Child Trafficking (SRA) Victim Speaks Out – ‘PizzaGate Is Real!’ – YouTube
    Published on May 1, 2017

    Becki Percy, a victim of pedophilia and child sex trafficking at the hands of her parents, speaks out about her horrific ordeal. She has her own YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ2W…, where you can learn more. David Zublick unseals the truth about this worldwide scandal putting the lives of precious children at risk in this exclusive interview!


  10. In ‘The Keepers,’ Harrowing Crimes Awaken Our Longing for Justice | Christianity Today

    “Though The Keepers mounts an impressive argument for a web of corruption that encompasses everything from the Roman Catholic Church to the justice system, numerous gaps remain. In this sense, White is honest about the fact that his main goal was not to solve Cesnik’s murder, but to give a voice to those who continue to suffer. It probably won’t come as a surprise that the show’s end is far from neat and tidy. If you’re looking for closure, The Keepers isn’t for you.

    So who precisely is The Keepers for? It’s for people whose stories are ignored and who continue to suffer in silence. It’s for people who recognize that grave injustice is everywhere, hidden in plain sight. It’s for people whose blithe avoidance of such subjects has hardened into a callow form of moral complacency. It’s for those who recognize that the world is broken beyond all human repairs. It’s for those who long for cosmic justice.”


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