Facebook are censoring Fiona Barnett’s innocuous posts

Facebook are censoring my posts for no reason. Take a look at the posts they censor. I suggest you complain to Facebook admin about this censorship – if you want to continue hearing the truth.


3 thoughts on “Facebook are censoring Fiona Barnett’s innocuous posts

  1. Facebook has no right to block someone’s story and to show disrespect towards our communities in knowing the many horrible truths. People need to be held accountable for what happened to Fiona and others and it’s definitely Fiona’s right to warn others. Butt out Facebook!!, but on the other hand you probably will claim all the accolades when she sinks these scums.


  2. Jenny McKinstry

    namaste sweet one, have sent a message through to face book hahahaha i’ll been next to be censored and i don’t care cos they’ll just part of the elite and have found other ways of keeping in touch with lightworkers. many many blessings and much love light joy


  3. Petey Esdie

    Dear Fiona,

    its going to be like this for many years as the persecution of Christians is on the rise. The subleties of change in Australia support the sins of the unbelievers. Its not surprising when the Australia is controlled by a minority consisting of 2% of the population.

    Nevertheless is demonstrates that the prophecies of the Bible are coming to pass:
    1. The Temple is being rebuilt in Jerusalem and there is no need to demolish the golden domed mosque. Being built underground it is closer to the literal truth of the Bible because it remains in the exact sane place and is the exact same temple.

    2. Like the days of Sodom and Gomorrah will be the time of the return of Christ

    3. The people that were there at the time of Israel becoming a nation again are still alive but they will eventually disappear over the next few years but some will remain and see the coming of Christ.

    4. Yes, there is a potential and practical Mark of the Beast approaching in the form of the RFID. It is inserted into the hand and is used for commercial transactions by scanning the hand.

    5. The things said by the current Pope that it is dangerous to be in a personal relationship with Christ and many other things that are anti Christianity.

    6. The ten kings may already be here as the UN has a gathering of kings from all over the world.

    7. Marvellous visions in the heavens like planes flying, rockets shooting and other technological innovations have beenaround for decades.

    8. The events rae on a Word Wide scale and not limited to an area of the worl.

    9. Other.

    Yes, expect persecution because that is what the end times will be.

    Petey Esdie


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