The Secret Side of Halloween

Halloween is not about dressing up and eating sugar. Halloween stems from an ancient Luciferian ritual which is still practiced all over the globe today. The focus of the Halloween Ritual is child murder.

Here are some drawings I did following my therapy session in which we focused on my childhood experiences of Halloween.

My trauma therapist felt vicariously traumatized by my description of these rituals, and stopped the session short. He said he couldn’t process any more images in his head.

I commented: “How do you think it is for me, on this side of the couch?”



So, do you still feel like eating candy? My therapist doesn’t.



15 thoughts on “The Secret Side of Halloween

  1. Gail Saolotoga

    My God Fiona I have read all your life stories with tears flowing for you. You are such a strong person, if that had happened to me I would be dead or in the loony bin. As a mother I cannot fathom anyone wanting to hurt a child and cant believe that these bastards are still getting away with it. I would like to know if the Royal Commission took your statements this time and have done anything about them, and who was charged. Your a hero to me and an inspiration to other abused people. God bless.


  2. Andressa

    Hi Fiona! That’s indeed traumatizing! Would it be grotesque to ask you to explain the drawings? 😢 I’m so sorry for everything you’ve been through… In Switzerland the drak heaviness is felt pretty strong around the days of rituals like september 23rd, passover, and now halloween it’s unbearable…


  3. Kevin R. Mickey sr.

    I have been sitting here for over a half an hour, trying to find the right thing to say. Being of afraid of saying something so trivial or insignificant. And I still can’t seem to be able to find the words, because most of us cannot even begin to understand what you have been through. You Fiona are my HERO, I will pray for you and not give up on bringing this EVIL to a stop. When I first heard you talk of this in an interview about 6 months ago, I had a hard time wrapping my head around it all. Then I started to look into SRA, I started listening to Liz Crokin and many others, after a few hundred hours of research. I told myself that’s it I’m in, it didn’t take long for me to get banned on my Twitter acct. because I was so enraged of the magnitude of this problem. Please forgive me if I have said anything stupid at this point. I just hope you can get some comfort from the people in your life now. God Bless you my friend!


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  5. Dear Fiona, I can never imagine the horrors that you lived through. Especially as a beautiful little child. What I get out of following you is how courageous you are! So strong willed, (very funny at times) and how you are on the front lines fighting evil in their faces. Thank you for being who you are. I know by watching you that nobody alive can shut you up or change who you are. That is a great thing about you. I know it’s easy for me to say I am praying for you. Praying for your healing of your body, mind and spirit. And I am stalking you (In a good way) Be safe. Most important, be happy.


  6. Everything is dual.The dark and the light.The day and the night.etc.The dark side will perform their dark rituals.The Light workers ,which includes the True Christian,must do their work ,of confronting their inner fears;which may have been externally created .The work with your Therapist is doing exactly that,and it makes you Fearless Warrior of Light.You are truly a Great Example Fiona.


  7. Reinaldo

    Thank you very much indeed for your honorable courage in exposing all your suffering, and the depths of the luciferian infiltration. It would be most valuable if you could explain in word the meaning of those picitures, and go in depth about the satanic meaning of Halloween. A warm hug for you.


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  9. Carlene

    What can be done in the Present to get our children back from the Criminal Pedophile
    Ring that is our “Family Courts” Dept Child Protection Services Western Australia, Lawyers,
    Police. Please Refer to Article “Matters of Concern : Justice for Children written by the now
    Dead Emeritus Professor Dr Freda Briggs.Currently in Australia there is over 1,000 women
    who have Wrongfully had their children removed by the “Family Court ” & Given to the Pedophile
    Father who IS & has been (Disclosed by the Child at 2 Hospitals that her father is sexually
    abusing her & that another man held her down & put something insider vagina.
    Instead the Loving Mothers are said to be Mentally Delusional because they Believe what their
    children are telling them.
    These mothers are then Targeted infected with Genetically Modified Organisms & attacked with Frequencies Until they die.Given NO Medical Treatment & ALL that Lawyers do is Take your Money for Nothing Until you have to sell everything you own & still NO closer to saving the Child/Children.
    I believe from my experiences every second girl & maybe every 10th Boy in Australia has been molested especially if you grew up in little country towns as I did.
    Pedophiles run our Country & MOST politicians sell their Souls for their positions; SO What can be done about this .It is Torture that my sister & the rest of my family are suffering Know that my
    niece IS being sexually abused by her father. Western Australia is particularly Evil with an Ancient Draconian Satanic Ritual Hive there.
    Blessings Love & Gratitude For All your Disclosures it takes A LOT of Courage to speak out
    but where to from here.


  10. Petey Esdie

    I testified at the Royal Commission in a private session.

    The Royal Commission showed that in Defence Force there were 73% of victims who were male and 27% were female victims. Gail Furness barrister for the Royal Commission announced that ten percent of perpetrators were females. Those females except for a handful of gang rapes overwhelmingly raped females. Many of the female perpetrators were serial rapists and therefore account for over fifty percent of the rapes of women in the Defence Force.

    The rapes occured on military bases and not the ships. If they counted ships then the number of rapes and sexual assaults of males would have increased dramatically

    You will note that the National Apology never mentioned Defence specifically and the article on the front page of The Australian on that day tried to make it a “male female thing”

    The majority of victims at the Royal Commission were males raped by other males.

    I prefer to simply consider that there are “victims” and “perpetrators.” That way the forces against evil will remain united. I reject your trying to make this a male/female thing.


  11. Petey Esdie

    Dear Carlene,

    it may be that in your country town there was a pedo group that preferred girls, That is a valid case scenario. The whole of the statistics though point to something other than your experience.

    Nevertheless, extreme feminism has limited the child abuse accusations and targeted males without investigating areas where women reign supreme. But, in Scotland where the nunneries are under investigation the remains of many babies and children are regularly found . Scotland is investigating into these things as well.

    It makes clear sense to me that orphanages and convents provided children on demand to be abused.

    Despite criminal statistics showing that the majority of murderers of infants in Australia are female these statistics are not mentioned by females. The fiurther deflection away fro the truth is that men are targetted in the “respect” campaign for domestic violebnce when women were reported about twenty years ago as having committed 86% of the violence against kiddies in the domestic scene. The current statistics have been reduced to 56% simply by removing one kind of abuce from the statistics.

    I’ve not provided these stats to blame women in the way that feminists have blamed and characterised men. I’ve provided them to show that child sacrifice and ritual abuse is perpetrated against children by both sexes. Both male and female perpetrators are evil and choose to sin of their own free will.

    That women car rise to Satanic authority is clear in Fiona’s evidence and the evidence of many others. That these evil perpetrators should be provided concession because of their gender would be an abomination.

    All perpetrators are minions of Satan.and are bound for Hell unless they repent.


  12. nzkruz

    It’s unbelievable to me that some “churches” allow Halloween to be celebrated. Makes you wonder what is behind them. Thanks for your work Fiona, stay strong, stay grounded in Jesus.


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