Robyn Gritz, Craig Sawyer, George Webb & Jenny Moore’s Death

Research by Steve Outtrim

This 3-Part Special Report looks into the recent alleged death of Jenny Moore, aka “Task Force.”  In the days before her mysterious death, Jenny Moore went on a tweet storm, calling out some powerful people plus Craig Sawyer.  She turned to her supposed “friend” Robyn Gritz for help.  But did she fully understand who Gritz really is?  Task Force said Jenny Moore had information that could get her killed. What was it? Where is it now? Was it related to child sex trafficking networks in Tuscon, Arizona and the #BackyardBrawl operation? What is real and what is a govLARP?

  • Part 1 Jenny Moore aka “Task Force”
  • Part 2 Robyn Gritz aka “Valiant Defender”
  • Part 3 Craig Sawyer aka “Sawman”



Interview with Researcher Steve Outtrim which was gate-crashed by an unconvincing George Webb.



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  1. Purchase multiple copies of my book ‘Eyes Wide Open: An Australian Experience of CIA Child Trafficking’ if and when it’s published and give these to needy victims and their therapists.


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