By Timothy Charles Holmseth on September 5, 2018 at 10:26 P.M. CST

I was contacted by Out of the Gate for comment regarding a situation between Fiona Barnett and Russ Dizdar.

I have been following Fiona for a while so I was interested.

I became briefly acquainted with Dizdar during a rather contentious email exchange I had with L.A. Marzulli, which eventually included emails with Dizdar, who is an associate of Marzulli. I originally contacted Marzulli regarding his cozy relationship with Rev. Richard Grund.

Grund is most well known for his involvement in the Casey Anthony murder trial and operates a demon fighting business called Supernatural Response Team.

Dizdar has produced radio programs with Grund, as has Marzulli.

I interviewed Grund in 2009 regarding his involvement in the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping case. Grund told me he was a (former) Satanist and once had a face to face encounter with a ‘fallen watcher’.

During interviews he talked about two year-old Caylee Anthony and told me that she flirted with men and owned three pair of sunglasses. He told me she was a small version of her mother, Casey Anthony, who acted like a whore.

Then – Grund said something astonishing.

He told me that Casey Anthony was not Casey anymore – he told me her body was taken over by a Babylonian god named Moloch, which, he said, demanded the sacrifice of babies. .


Grund believed Caylee was becoming Casey – he believed Casey was actually Moloch – and Moloch demanded the sacrifice of babies.


Take a look at something Grund’s colleague, Wayanne Kruger, told me during an interview. She said, I hope Grund didn’t kill HaLeigh Cummings in “another one of his frickin exorcisms.”

Do you still think Casey Anthony killed little Caylee?

Think again.

The following is snippet from my email to Marzulli.

In addition to the information I already gave you regarding Grund, I have information that’s never been heard.

I have evidence from inside Richard Grund’s inner circle that he was involved with the production of Caylee Anthony “Voodoo Dolls” that were being sold on E-Bay. I also have evidence that members of Grund’s Supernatural Response Team (actually a satanic cult) put out a story in the media that Roy Kronk (the man that pointed police to the area Caylee’s body was located) used to tie his wife up with duct tape in bed (Caylee’s mouth had duct tape on it).

Richard Grund and his cult members were assisting him in covering up for his involvement in Caylee’s murder. He was actively attempting to implicate others. He went so far in his criminal activities that he used Cobra the Bounty Hunter and commissioned the kidnapping of a second child (HaLeigh Cummings).

I recently submitted drop-dead PROOF to the FBI, FDLE, and U.S. Court that child rape pornography of HaLeigh Cummings was taken. The names of the individuals that possessed and distributed the child porn, are individuals I also have on tape discussing their relationship with Grund, and their plans to make a movie with him. They were all associates and business partners having conference calls, setting up funding, fraudulent online frauds, etc. I have it all in audio and email documentation.

To understand the magnitude of what I have in my possession – their Mob boy called and threatened to murder me again in February, 2015 (it’s in the police records of East Grand Forks, MN and Grand Forks, ND because be called twice).

     – Timothy Charles Holmseth to L.A. Marzulli / 2015

Tonight I read an article by Fiona Barnett entitled Russ Dizdar is Another Michael Aquino Butt Boy.

In the article Barnett said, “In fact I was contacted years ago by victims who sought counseling from Russ Dizdar, and they told me that he abused them, and that he is actually a perpetrator of mind control. I have also heard from the spouse of a deliverance minister who worked with Dizdar that he is a fake.”

I cannot comment on Barnett’s assessment of Dizdar because I don’t know him.


I told Dizdar what I knew about Grund and he was rather defensive. “To claim anyone is a Satanist is a big issue, it must have clear evidence and if not the slander is of satan (satan is the slanderer of Gods people Rev/12),” Dizdar said.

It does not escape me that Dizdar and Grund seem to be in the same type of ‘ministry’.

I for one believe Fiona Barnett is a real good read.

For more information about about my work on Caylee Anthony case you can read my eBook Babylonian Funeral: The Satanic Ritual Sacrifice of Caylee Anthony

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Russ Dizdar is Another Michael Aquino Butt Boy

Russ Dizdar has joined the war path with Bill Chapman and Craig Sawyer. No surprise there, since he is mates with both of them. Chapman, (the one who emailed Aquino directly about me) apparently bragged about dining with Dizdar. And Sawyer did interviews alongside Dizdar.

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I contacted Russ Dizdar over 5 years ago, to tell him about my experiences of ritual abuse and mind control. At that time, I was the ONLY Australian naming the people and places that I did. I had no support in Australia, so I contacted USA ‘experts’ for assistance and confirmation. Dizdar dismissed me back then. I knew from his reaction to me that he was fake. Because only fakes ever ignore me.

David Shurter has experienced the same phenomenon. We and the other genuine victims who name Aquino and the CIA child trafficking operation don’t get invited to be interviewed by the circle of ‘experts’ and podcast hosts that Dizdar associates with. This little group of money-chasers promote each others merchandise that they continually plug. For example Doug Hagmann who was trained as a Jesuit alongside the 300 priests found to have raped 1000 kids in Pennsylvania.

Dizdar is hiding something. He just complained to Facebook about an innocuous post I made in response to his Facebook posts that slander and try to discredit me, victim. Who are all these FAKE advocates who attack victims? They all know each other, they all works for the CIA who run child trafficking as a single, integrated world operation.

His Facebook comments about me contain blatant lies. He accuses me of not having any evidence for my testimony. This is the type of accusation that trolls make the most. “Where is the evidence?” I say to Dizdar the same thing I tell trolls:

First you tell me what precisely constitutes evidence of ritual abuse, mind control, and CIA child trafficking?

I have made multiple formal witness statements to state police. I reported to federal police. I took photos of a military thug that chased me, and presented this to police. My researcher Steve McMurray took my witness testimony and found overwhelming evidence for what I experienced, including the identity of the perpetrator I only knew as ‘Dr Mark’ – Leonas Petrauskas. We even obtained photos of Petrauskas’ Nazi Doctor papers. The overwhelming circumstantial evidence that McMurray found can be read on this site.

The public are waking up to Dizdar’s CIA script:

Dizdar accuses that I copied my testimony from books and websites. How preposterous, since I am the first person in history to name the Australian perpetrators, and ritual abuse and MK-ULTRA sites that appear in my documentary, articles, interviews and police witness statement. None of that information was in any book or website.

For example, I was the first to name Antony Kidman as a primary perpetrator. Kidman died under suspicious circumstances within weeks of my formally notifying against him.  I have subsequently been contacted by other victims of Kidman and therapists who work with victims of Kidman.

What new information has Dizdar ever raised? He has never said one thing that victims already know. He simply rehashes the same ‘black awakening’ crap over and over and over. It’s called projection. He is projecting his flaws onto me, accusing me of what HE himself is guilty of.

In fact I was contacted years ago by victims who sought counseling from Russ Dizdar, and they told me that he abused them, and that he is actually a perpetrator of mind control. I have also heard from the souse of a deliverance minister who worked with Dizdar that he is a fake.

Dizdar aligns himself with Preston Bailey. Reina Michaelson warned me to run from Bailey. She attended one of Bailey’s conferences over a decade ago. She said during this conference, Preston Bailey mocked victims, and that he had a sex slave dripping off his arm. Reina and her therapist girlfriend were offered a lift with Preston Bailey. They took it and said they feared for their lives in Bailey’s company.

I’m not the first to see past Russ Dizdar’s BS:

CIA operative Russ Dizdar is a liar and false accuser – just like his CIA Clinton Foundation mate Craig Sawyer who made disgusting accusations against a hero child rescuer:

Unlike Dizdar and Sawyer, there is public record of the victims I have assisted over the decades, since 2004 when I took on and exposed a pedophile ring within my State’s Education Department.There is also a record of the numerous attempts on my life, and the infiltration of fake advocates and mind controlled survivors into my personal space.

Take a bath, Dizdar. Your CIA stench is overwhelming us victims.

Here’s Russ Dizdar doing Luciferian Hand Signals! And he calls ME fake!


WARNING! Ruby Slippers Psy-Op in Progress to Counter MK-ULTRA Exposure

The recent Pedowood scandal has triggered the memories of multiple MK-ULTRA victims. It has also encouraged the victims who do recall their MK-ULTRA abuse at the hands of Aquino and his apprentices, to speak publicly. Too many victims are coming out of hiding.

This would explain why the FBI has just announced that it located the missing Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz movie.

The FBI put more effort into locating & saving the Wizard of Oz RUBY SLIPPERS – rather than locating & saving victims of CIA child trafficking who have been brainwashed as sex slaves with Wizard of Oz programming!

The Wizard of Oz book series were specifically written for the purpose of Luciferian mind control and the re-programming or reinforcement of children’s existing programming.  Children must be regularly re-triggered and re-traumatised for the artificially induced neural pathways to stay open, and those naturally existing pathways that were forcibly closed, to remain shut.

Along with Alice in Wonderland (written by a pedophile) Wizard of Oz is a base MK-ULTRA program. Seeing images of Ruby Slippers is a trigger for MK-ULTRA victims to click our heals & “return to home” – our base program. It’s like an inbuilt reboot system that wipes clean any system anomalies collected.

This publication of the FBI finding the ruby slippers is a collective triggering of all MK-ULTRA mind control victims programmed with Oz Return to Home programming. I think it’s to stop the tidal wave of victims waking up due to our efforts this past month!

All programming is reinforced by repetition, hence the “I want to go home, I want to go home…” mantra. Things must be chanted at least 3 times for them to hold. What breaks programming is to bring their subversive tactics to the victim’s conscious mind. Repetition is an effective tool for doing this, and for bypassing the unethical hypnosis and other brainwashing tools.

For example, when I would work with recovering victims’ memories using art therapy, I would say, “Just have a guess at what might have happened. It does not have to be real or what did happen. Just guess, just guess, just guess.” Nine out of ten times, the victim would draw something that later turned out to be factual, based on an external source of validation.


Update: Here’s some feedback from victims and observers:

Michael Aquino’s Last Desperate Attempt to Silence his Victims

What a month it has been! It all started with a few beers and a click bait heading: ‘Tom Hanks is a Pedophile – Victim Speaks!” Next minute, I’m embroiled in a CIA dog fight with my old perpetrator, founding father of joint CIA / US Military MK-ULTRA mind control operation himself, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino.

Who is Michael Aquino?

Michael Aquino is the most notorious perpetrator of CIA child trafficking in modern history. He has been implicated in every major scandal concerning organized CIA child trafficking to VIPs, including McMartin Preschool, Presidio, and the Franklin Scandal. ALL of these cases involved the CIA training children to perform as prostitutes and worse, using military brainwashing techniques including unethical hypnosis, drugs and electric shock.

Hear the testimony of a witness to Aquino’s involvement in ritual abuse, mind control and child trafficking in the Franklin Scandal (oh, and, like everyone else who speaks out against Aquino, including Max Spiers, – he’s dead now):

Head of US Military Psychological Operations, Aquino was the mastermind behind the CIA False Memory Syndrome project, which he invented to discredit the countless number of victims coming forward with horror stories about being subjected to CIA child trafficking, ritual abuse and MK-ULTRA mind control at the hands of Aquino and his accomplices.

When Aquino’s child abuse activities were first exposed in the meainstream media, he donned theatrical robes, gelled his eyebrows, and publicly hammed up his involvement in satanism. He bragged openly about being a priest in the Temple of Set. This pop-satanism cover was a ‘psyop’ designed to divert attention from the true nature of his involvement in high Luciferian ritual abuse and CIA mind control techniques.

Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey with member Michael Aquino & Sammy Davis Jnr

Along with John GITTINGER and Dr Jolly WEST, Michael Aquino was hand picked by the CIA for a joint US Military operation based at Dulce in New Mexico. Dulce housed a purpose built Frankenstein lab used to train Delta Special Operations child soldiers. Part of my MK-ULTRA training occurred at Dulce under West and Aquino, although most of it took place under Gittinger’s supervision in Australian CIA bases.

Aquino’s victims who are currently speaking up

David Shurter, Marianne Bernard, and Sarah Ashcraft are also direct victims of Michael Aquino’s sadistic torture, rape and murder of children, committed in the name of national security. David Shurter’s father was directly involved in the Franklin child trafficking operation in Omaha Nebraska. Sarah Ashcraft’s father was a founding member of Aquino’s satanic cult. She was trafficked by her family to Hollywood elite including Tom Hanks.

Marianne Bernard was abused by a pedophile ring at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion, that included Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty and Roman Polanski. Her story was published by the mainstream media:


It is no coincidence, then, that Aquino coordinated an attack on us. This attack is backfiring and exposing a group of child abuse advocates who are in fact CIA fronts. Their purpose is to convince the public that they exist to combat child trafficking, to attract victims of VIP trafficking, gather their information, and have them silenced. They may actually help victims of lower end abuse, or showcase a VIP victim, to gain public trust. Their ultimate mission is to discredit outspoken victims of CIA child trafficking which is run as a single, integrated world operation.

Here are some CIA child trafficking leaks that Aquino’s soldiers are trying to plug at the moment

1. Watergate was Pedogate

My article ‘Watergate Was Pedogate’ continues to receive massive views. This article proposes that Watergate was solely about obtaining VIP pedophile records that were being kept at Democratic Headquarters. NYPD Detective James Rothstein who arrested Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis has publicly stated such on numerous occasions. When I phoned him, Rothstein told me privately that disgraced Nixon’s very close pal Billy Graham was known to him and his colleagues as a rampant pedophile.

My article has subsequently raised some questions about the US government’s involvement in CIA child sex trafficking. For example: Why was Hilary Clinton kicked off the Watergate Commission? Who ended up possessing the Little Black Book containing the list of Washington VIP pedophiles and their proclivities? Why has Hilary Clinton held major political power ever since Watergate? People are starting to conclude that head of Clinton Foundation child trafficking front, Hilary, has possessed the Little Black Book all along.

2. Arizona Child Trafficking Network

An unconventional dude named Lewis started a charity named Veterans on Patrol (VOP) in response to John McCain and Michael Obama’s false assertion that US military veterans were not being neglected by their government. Lewis knew homeless veterans were scattered all over the Arizona desert, and drowning in the flash floods that filled the dry creek beds in which they sought shelter. Lewis, who never stated he was a veteran himself (his brother is) started a charity service with other volunteers, including a number of military veterans. Lewis had awesome standing with the local police and border patrol who referred to him when they found homeless veterans in the desert. Lewis was also invited as an expert on homeless desert dwellers, to sit on a panel with the local sheriff, at a symposium aimed at remedying the homelessness problem in Arizona.

One day, Lewis stumbled upon a child trafficking camp which contained sexual torture straps tied to trees, documents outlining child trafficking methods and routes, and engineering diagrams for elaborate underground constructions, plus plans for boats and train carriages designed for smuggling people. Lewis was an expert at differentiating between the camps of homeless people – and THIS!

In the days following this primary discovery, the veterans also found a child’s decomposed body nearby. A medic determined it was about 9 years old.

It turned out that the VOP had stumbled upon a massive child trafficking operation involving the Clinton Foundation, Rothschilds, Cemex, and the Brofman family (yep, the same Brofman family charged with NXVIM child sex trafficking!). This trafficking operation has run for decades through the native reserve, swapping white children for dark skinned over the border. VOP estimate 10,000 children are being trafficked over this border area every year.

See news report:

More recently, another child trafficking camp was discovered but dismissed by mainstream media as a terrorist training site. A body of a 3 year old was discovered as having been ritually sacrificed Luciferian style; however this too was explained away by the media as something different.

Traitor Craig Sawyer

Enter Craig Sawyer who worked for DynCorp, was a CIA asset in Seal Team 6, was contracting to protect Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Don Rumsfeld, and now calls himself an actor. Ex-cop Jenny Moore died while investigating Clinton for pedophilia, Marianne Bernards claims, and Sawyer’s whereabouts during 911. Jenny Moore called Craig Sawyer “Deep State controlled op & / or honeypot.” The word is that Sawyer was an Air Marshall during the 9/11 attacks and was possibly in the air on a plane at the time.

Sawyer attended the child trafficking camp that the VOPs discovered in Arizona and publicly admitted it was such.

However, immediately following Sawyer’s visit, the child trafficking camp and all the evidence was bulldozed. Sawyer then did interviews in which he publicly shafted the Arizona VOPs, and mocked Lewis whom he labelled ‘Screwie Lewie’ to discredit him. So Craig Sawyer buried the entire Clinton Foundation child trafficking operation, in collaboration with CIA infiltrated mainstream media.

Craig Sawyer is just one of a team of CIA operatives who have taken to social media in an attempt to sway public opinion against the many CIA child trafficking victims coming forward. But the public ain’t buying it.

Aquino’s butt boys fired the first shots. Then when I defended myself, they started crying like girls, threatening to sue everyone who questioned them, or report them as pedophiles to the FBI, and retreated like the traitors they are. Then Sawyer issued a Luciferian double-speak threat (“dead”):

3. Voodoo Doughnut

Michael Whalen publicly testified to having witnessed Portland Voodoo Doughnut founders involved with child sex trafficking. YouTube banned his Lift The Veil testimony.

The day after I wrote an article about the Voodoo Doughnut child trafficking scandal, Billy Graham’s son Franklin tweeted photos of himself dining on pornographic themed doughnuts outside of Portland Voodoo Doughnuts. He tweeted an accompanying Luciferian double-speak threat (“killer” or “kill her”).

After I berated Franklin Graham, he removed the tweet. The following day, his PR team posted a lame cover-up attempt, a tweet of him dining on “killer ribs.” He hadn’t previously used that term to describe food.

4. Auburn,

In the tradition of ‘Hot Fuzz’, a victim named Robert outed an entire style town named Auburn on Lift The Veil for their involvement in Luciferian ritual abuse and child trafficking. Robert’s experiences were then confirmed by another victim who was interviewed on Lift The Veil. Both interviews were removed from YouTube.

5. Tacoma, WA

A young gay couple, Alexis and Amanda, were drugged and raped by sex traffickers in Tacoma, bear Seattle Washington. Amanda was abducted and sex trafficked for two years. I posted an article about the Tacoma government’s involvement in covering up these crimes, including the contact details for implicated police and other officials. Three days later, Amanda was allowed to phone Alexis. Another week, and her captors released Amanda. However, this matter is ongoing and the girls are far from safe.

Kickback from the CIA Child Trafficking Operatives

Not surprisingly, the CIA coordinated an attack on the victims and whistle blowers who exposed these perpetrators, and who threaten to unravel the entire CIA human trafficking operation.

NBC Journ-Ho Brandy Zadronzy

Big League Politics journalist Haley specializes in articles that expose VIP child trafficking. Haley started an insignificant chat site where she asked the public for any story leads and information, including to do with Voodoo Doughnuts. She did not monitor this site which attracted trolls and NBC journalist BRANDY ZADRONZY.

Brandy targeted Haley for a hit piece on her which was aimed at discrediting Michael’s witness testimony against Voodoo Doughnut, and to stem the barrage of complaint calls to Portland Police who lied by claiming that Michael had not reported the crimes to them. Brandy’s hit piece was so slanderous, Big league have hit NBC with a lawsuit.

Brandy delivered a veiled threat to Haley in her final abusive and harassing email, which read:

I hope your research peddling doesn’t get someone hurt.

The following day, Haley’s husband was hit by a car while driving. The impact spun his vehicle around 180 degrees and destroyed it.

Haley asked if she could interview me for an article. I agreed and so put her in contact with James Rothstein. I suggested Haley focus on Jim’s astounding testimony that Watergate was Pedogate. Any mainstream or alternative media journalist genuinely interested in stopping child abuse would focus on the notion that Watergate was Pedogate.

Aquino’s CIA / US Military hit team

Aquino has a bunch of butt boys doing his dirty work. This includes Craig Sawyer, John B. Wells (who hosts minor talk show Caravan to Midnight), Gabe Hoffman (who produced the lame film An Open Secret which rehashed old stories), and some loose screw whose gonna get his entire unit killed, named Billy Chapman.

By his own admission, Chapman embarked upon a “war path” to discredit my witness testimony. He emailed satanist Michael Aquino who responded. Chapman professes to be a born again Christian, while quoting the opinion of Satanist Michael Aquino as evidence that I was not abused by satanist Michael Aquino…

Then Billy Boy emailed another one of my perpetrators, “lesbian witch” sexual predator Katarina Fritzon, for her opinion on whether or not she’s a lesbian witch sexual predator.

The bit of the story that Fritzon and Chapman omitted can be read here:,6689

Both Aquino and Fritzon labelled me a crazy fantasist – which is what sex offenders typically do when confronted. Chapman stopped boasting about Fritzon’s email after I published what the public labelled “Fritzon’s Love Letter.”

Fantasist Fritzon’s ‘Love letter’

For his curtain call, Aquino’s butt boy recorded a phone call with Rothstein – which was obviously pre-planned. During this call, Rothstein admitted that Watergate was Pedogate – yet Chapman was not interested in this stunning revelation and cut him off. Chapman couldn’t contain his mouth-frothing excitement as he asked Rothstein about Billy Graham being a pedophile. Rothstein avoided saying whether he told me privately that he and his colleagues had heard plenty about Billy Graham being a pedophile. Rothstein did not once mention my name. Instead, he focused on reiterating that he had never worked on a case involving Billy Graham.

Then Billy Boy teamed up with Craig Sawyer’s mate John B. Wells to do a hit piece on their CIA front, Caravan to Midnight, to mock victims of ritual abuse and MK-ULTRA mind control. But the public are not falling for their CIA tactics, and they are quickly losing followers and funding.

I must be over the target!

Don’t be distracted by these CIA shill tactics. Refocus on the greatest scandal in US history – WATERGATE WAS PEDOGATE!




Update: Here are some interesting bits of info and evidence against Aquino’s Butt Boy Band ‘Sawyer, Chapman & Wells!’ that folks have sent me, or asked for me to publish:

Darn good article on AQUINO:


Craig Sawyer supports this pedophile John McAfee?!

Article on MK-ULTRA Super Soldier Max Spier’s assassination:

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Here’s the best message of all: CRAIG SAWYER was DISHONORABLY DISCHARGED. He is a “fake hero” who threatened to sue Steven Kelley who published this 3 months ago!