Hollywood Pedos Hefner, Beatty, Nicholson, Polanski & Matthau

Marianne Bernard names the Hollywood pedophile ring that raped her as a child. Her perpetrators included:

  • Hugh Hefner
  • Warren Beatty
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Roman Polanski
  • Walter Matthau
  • Robert Evans

Here are some of Marianne’s tweet concerning her perpetrators. Her comments concerning CIA asset Shirley MacLaine blackmailing former Australian Premiere Andrew Peacock to establish Nugen-Hand Bank is interesting in light of Eliah Priest’s (@Ensin17) recent drop of CIA documents concerning the very same CIA bank.


2 thoughts on “Hollywood Pedos Hefner, Beatty, Nicholson, Polanski & Matthau

  1. Deborah Rodriguez

    Dearest Fiona,
    I am in need of guidance. I was thinking of volunteering to a Child Advocacy Group where I live, I I almost fell out of my chair to find a Child Justice Center that holds events in a MASONIC center.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated am I being too overboard?
    I also would like to share with you Dominick Dunne “Power Privilege and Justice” episodes which shows how much the very very very very rich hates the commoners, “The Two Mrs Woodward and Mystery in Monaco.” Wow, there is no denying the hate they have for the bulk of the planet. I have been sharing this for all to see, I SEE EVIL, I HEAR EVIL, I KNOW EVIL, I REFUSE TO FORGIVE AND FORGET, that is what they don’t want us to do. EYES WIDE OPEN!
    Much Love,
    God bless you, you are clearly a champion.


  2. Angela Cameron

    Fiona, do you know of any current Australian actors who are involved in Illuminati or anything to do with children to be famous?

    Thank you.



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