WARNING! Ruby Slippers Psy-Op in Progress to Counter MK-ULTRA Exposure

The recent Pedowood scandal has triggered the memories of multiple MK-ULTRA victims. It has also encouraged the victims who do recall their MK-ULTRA abuse at the hands of Aquino and his apprentices, to speak publicly. Too many victims are coming out of hiding.

This would explain why the FBI has just announced that it located the missing Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz movie.

The FBI put more effort into locating & saving the Wizard of Oz RUBY SLIPPERS – rather than locating & saving victims of CIA child trafficking who have been brainwashed as sex slaves with Wizard of Oz programming!

The Wizard of Oz book series were specifically written for the purpose of Luciferian mind control and the re-programming or reinforcement of children’s existing programming.  Children must be regularly re-triggered and re-traumatised for the artificially induced neural pathways to stay open, and those naturally existing pathways that were forcibly closed, to remain shut.

Along with Alice in Wonderland (written by a pedophile) Wizard of Oz is a base MK-ULTRA program. Seeing images of Ruby Slippers is a trigger for MK-ULTRA victims to click our heals & “return to home” – our base program. It’s like an inbuilt reboot system that wipes clean any system anomalies collected.

This publication of the FBI finding the ruby slippers is a collective triggering of all MK-ULTRA mind control victims programmed with Oz Return to Home programming. I think it’s to stop the tidal wave of victims waking up due to our efforts this past month!

All programming is reinforced by repetition, hence the “I want to go home, I want to go home…” mantra. Things must be chanted at least 3 times for them to hold. What breaks programming is to bring their subversive tactics to the victim’s conscious mind. Repetition is an effective tool for doing this, and for bypassing the unethical hypnosis and other brainwashing tools.

For example, when I would work with recovering victims’ memories using art therapy, I would say, “Just have a guess at what might have happened. It does not have to be real or what did happen. Just guess, just guess, just guess.” Nine out of ten times, the victim would draw something that later turned out to be factual, based on an external source of validation.



Update: Here’s some feedback from victims and observers:

3 thoughts on “WARNING! Ruby Slippers Psy-Op in Progress to Counter MK-ULTRA Exposure

  1. Lynda Zimmer

    SO strange that i was thinking of Fiona Barnett this evening while researching Aretha Franklin’s funeral attire. Well, one rabbit hole led to another….now all this about ruby red slippers ONLY to find this in my notifications….wow…just WOW! Here is a link to what i was watching earlier…and it all seems SO related!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQjQUZpesio Then moving on…i found this and saw IT related…https://www.iomovies.to/movie/red-shoe-diaries-season-1-172aYPNW/watch#RN54aB74yK7GavoX

    Fiona, when/if your time permits, could you please share what your thoughts are on all the hollywood people dieing off so much the last few years? Speculation says it’s that they’re choosing their deaths, via rituals only to move underground into bunkers.

    Lastly and most importantly, i am praying for you and those like you. Bringing a light to this darkness isn’t for everyone. YOU are a Godsend. Never forget that Sister. Much Love….& take care.

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  2. ill

    can’t remember where I heard it but Graham used to put the access codes on the bottom line “news” when he screened his “crusades” so that these victims would unknowingly be reaccessed – I bet hillsong does this too


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