Luciferian group ‘THE FAMILY’ linked to BEAUMONT Children Murders

Rachel Vaughan says Beaumont Children were abducted and murdered by her father ANTHONY MUNRO, and MAX MCINTYRE – who were connected to Luciferian child killers THE FAMILY. Max McIntyre’s son Andrew also witnessed this famous crime.

The connection between the Beaumont Children and Luciferians would explain why this case was never solved. In fact, all of Australia’s most famous and abhorrent crimes involved Luciferians, organised pedophilia, and VIPs.




4 thoughts on “Luciferian group ‘THE FAMILY’ linked to BEAUMONT Children Murders

  1. Bill Posters

    This was posted on and one person did comment on it but it’s now being buried and not even showing up in search results.


  2. Willow wils

    DISGUSTING the cops are all in on it and someone high and powerful is paying them to shit the fk up why else would all those complaints go ignored the dirty fckers are all in on it take it to the UN I wouldn’t rest until all those sick fks have their penises chopped off first and then give them to the Muslim’s to behead animals only place waiting for them is hell


  3. Marty Boy

    Through my late neighbor, Jimbo (Jimbo was a Gay man himself) I met this Jewish man called Stephen, who claims his own son & estranged wife were both molested by the late Australian Artist, Albert Tucker. Stephen claims that Victorian Police, were part of the late Albert Tucker’s predatory pedophilia sex crimes and also like Fiona, Stephen’s father was an East European migrant. Also like Fiona, Stephen claims his life was put “in great danger” by “blowing the whistle” on the sexual pedophile ring by some members of the St Kilda Rd (Nepean Hwy) Victorian Police HQ and Albert Tucker himself (of Aboriginal,Irish & Spanish-Catalan ancestry) . Stephen (a Jew himself) cussed the Victorian Police as “those Irish & Greek coppers Mafia” and claims the Victorian “Jacks” were out to get him “whacked” because he was a Jew and he was prepared to blow the whistle on Albert Tucker and the VIP celebrity pedo ring.
    Stephen also claims the painting done by Albert Tucker “Angry Penguins”, was actually a painting in honor of his child sex-abuse victims screaming in agony after being anal-raped by “Uncle Bert”.
    Stephen states his in-laws were “failed” artists and wanted to “name drop” & “big note” themselves by having old “Uncle Bert” around at their social gatherings (in the Bayside Melbourne area) , even though old “Uncle Bert” was fondling their own children & grandchildren (inc-Steve’s son) . Stephen’s claims were dismissed as “paranoid nonsense” by Jimbo. But I think there’s some truth in these allegations against the late famous (or infamous) artiste , Albert Tucker. Stephen reckons the Victorian Police were trying to set him up on false felony charges and then put Steve into custody and arrange “Uncle Bert” to rape him, while the Police Sergeant played an Aboriginal didgeridoo (to acknowledge Bert’s Aboriginal heritage) .
    Stephen also said one day he was walking back from a Jewish Rabbi’s house (whom he knows) in the East St Kilda area and this Police car pulls up alongside Steve with it’s sirens flashing and old Albert Tucker winds down the cop car window saying to Steve, “We’re gunna get yoo, yoo fucken Jew cunt!”
    Anyway, luckily for Stephen, he ended up divorcing this “screwed” up woman and her obnoxious social-climbing pedophile loving family and re-married and also old Albert Tucker also died in the meantime.


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