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  1. Norbrt Oliver Schneider

    Dear Fiona, I saw your very recent interview with SGT-Report on YouTube. My grandparents, my parents and I used to join the cult sect of Jehovah’s Wittnesses. With my researches I came accross a worldwide problem of child abuse cases. The leaders of the different congregations are cover-up these cases by using the 2 Wittness rule by the Bible. Since 2006 I do not attend any meetings and last year I wrote my letter of resignation to the Headquarter in Warwick. You might know that this organization is well-known for using subliminal pictures in their Watchtower and Awake magazines. Below you will find a list from Wikipedia with current and recent names of the members of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Wittnesses.
    I appreciate your interviews about your horrendous traumas which shocked when heared on YouTube.

    I send you from Wikipedia the list of names of the recent and current members of Jehovah’s Wittnesses. Can you please E-Mail me if you recognize any person involved in childe abuse or ritual satanic abuse or child sex trafficing:

    Governing Body members[edit]
    The following people are members of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses[77] (year appointed in parentheses):
    • Kenneth Cook (2018)[78]
    • Samuel F. Herd (1999)[79]
    • Geoffrey Jackson (2005)[80]
    • Mark Stephen Lett (1999)[79]
    • Gerrit Lösch (1994)[81]
    • Anthony Morris III (2005)[80]
    • Mark Sanderson (2012)[82]
    • David H. Splane (1999)[79]
    Prior to 1971, various Watch Tower Society directors were informally identified as members of the “governing body”. Jehovah’s Witnesses publications began capitalizing Governing Body as a proper noun in 1971; The Watchtower that year announced “The present Governing Body comprises eleven anointed witnesses of Jehovah.” These eleven members are indicated in italics in the list below.[83][84] Years active are shown in parentheses. All members served until their deaths unless specified.
    • Thomas J. Sullivan (1932–1974)[85][86][87]
    • Grant Suiter (1938–1983)[88][89]
    • Nathan Homer Knorr (1940–1977)—4th President of Watch Tower Society[90][91]
    • Frederick William Franz (1944–1992)—5th President of Watch Tower Society[92][93]
    • Lyman Alexander Swingle (1945–2001)[94]
    • Milton George Henschel (1947–2003)—6th President of Watch Tower Society[85]
    • John O. Groh (1965–1975)[85]
    • Raymond Franz (1971–1980)[38][85][95][96][97] – Resigned
    • George D. Gangas (1971–1994)[98]
    • Leo K. Greenlees (1971–1984)[99][100] – Resigned
    • William K. Jackson (1971–1981)[85]
    • William Lloyd Barry (1974–1999)[101][102]
    • John C. Booth (1974–1996)[103]
    • Ewart C. Chitty (1974–1979)[101][104] – Resigned
    • Charles J. Fekel (1974–1977)[105]
    • Theodore Jaracz (1974–2010)[106][101][107]
    • Karl F. Klein (1974–2001)[108]
    • Albert D. Schroeder (1974–2006)[109]
    • Daniel Sydlik (1974–2006)[110]
    • Carey W. Barber (1977–2007)[111]
    • John E. Barr (1977–2010)[112][113]
    • Martin Pötzinger (1977–1988)[114]
    • Guy Hollis Pierce (1999–2014)[6][115]


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