Franklin Graham Supports Voodoo Doughnut Child Traffickers?

This one takes the cake – or rather, the doughnut!

Just hours after Michael Whalen told the world he was a victim of child sex trafficking, and testified that he witnessed Portland Voodoo Doughnuts being used as a front for child sex trafficking, and just after I published an article about this, Billy Graham’s son tweeted photos of him feasting at Voodoo Doughnut in Portland. Franklin Graham also stated in the caption of this tweet, “Take a look at these killer doughnuts!”

So, there are a few possible explanations for this. Either it’s a coincidence (like, a HUGE coincidence. I mean, click bait GOLD coincidence). Or else he knowingly dined at a doughnut store that had just been outed as a pedophile haunt.

For now, let’s ignore the fact that Franklin Graham’s father was a multi-generational Luciferian, 33 degree Freemason, who drugged and raped me at Bohemian Grove when I was a kid. And let’s put aside that Billy Graham raped Kathy Sullivan who went public about this years ago. And let’s shelve the fact that Billy Graham promoted Catholicism and other non-protestant concepts. And we’ll just forget about UK pop star Cliff Richards being charged with pedophilia for allegedly raping a child at a Billy Graham Crusade. Let’s just forget ALL of that completely irrelevant material for a minute – and just take a look at the doughnuts:

I have no problem associating with and supporting gay folks – but I’m not sure whether Billy Graham’s disciples, who defend him like he was Jesus incarnate instead of the satanic monster he was, might agree.

If the Voodoo Doughnut menu is not inappropriate enough for Billy Graham’s worshippers, let’s take a look at the restaurant sign that Franklin Graham (son of the Luciferian pedo who raped me when I was 6 – but that’s totally irrelevant) posed in front of:

The name ‘Voodoo Doughnut’ itself is kinda anti-Christian. Christians are traditionally against voodoo, witchcraft, and evil stuff. At best, it certainly seems odd to me that such a high profile protestant figure would boast on social media that he dined at venue named ‘Voodoo’ which sold doughnuts named after sexual acts and satanism – things protestant ministers are supposed to publicly oppose, right?

Then there’s the obvious FBI pedophile triangle symbol located in the middle of the Voodoo sign. That’s not cool. But then, maybe Frank hasn’t done his conspiracy homework… So, let’s help him out, coz I’m sure his PR team will be reading this article, as part of their damage control strategy.

“The Magic is in the Hole.” Frank, this is a double entendre. It refers to the Luciferian tradition of employing sodomy as a means of accessing spiritual power. Your dad knew all about that.

“Good things come in pink boxes.” Frank, this is another double entendre. It’s pedo speak for: “It’s good for pedophiles to ejaculate inside a little girl’s vagina.”

And ouija boards are very Christian.

Extra Christian with extra topping…

Someone on Frank’s team realised his Voodoo Doughnut posts were inappropriate, because they were immediately deleted after I tweeted at Franklin Graham and subtly raised awareness:

Yep, I was a tad emotional…

But so were many of the 11,700 twitter followers that I had accrued in a few days. The public responded with discontent. Even the non-Christians demonstrated a basic understanding that it is inappropriate for a protestant Christian leader to dine at such a place.

Some even took Franklin Graham’s “killer doughnuts” comment as a threat, considering the timing of his posts, and the fact his father was a child raping kiddie killing Luciferian. But I digress…

Yeah, I don’t know whether Franklin Graham knew that he was dining at a Luciferian pedophile doughnut cafe which sold doughnuts in the shape of penises and pentagrams – or whether this was all just one big PR cock-up.

There’s one way to find out. Franklin Graham can respond to his father’s child rape victims. That would dispel all doubt, and convince me that that his visit to the Voodoo Doughnut Portland store that the FBI raided in 2016 for it’s part in child sex trafficking, was just a BIG coincidence…

I’m waiting, Frank.

29 thoughts on “Franklin Graham Supports Voodoo Doughnut Child Traffickers?

  1. Stavi

    I am gobsmacked! My world view has been in a state of transition, evolution and expansion in consciousness over the past year or so. Ritual abuse, MK-Ultra mind control is a living nightmare. I had no true comprehension of this evil until Nathan’s interviews with you, David and Michael. Many blessings and love to you, Fiona, now and for the future.

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  2. Catherine Deviney

    I am floored by this. I always admired Billy Graham!
    Wow. My head has been spinning reading about these pedophiles and the victims stories!
    The world is definitely 180 degrees from how I thought it was.
    Sending you healing vibes Fiona. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story. I’m so sorry this happened to you.


  3. Katherine Park

    Always remember that these Luciferian fiends are master marketers,

    Fiona, you are a true warrior and a shero to so many
    around the world.

    Thank you for your remarkable courage and for your willingness to walk
    through the fire, Your speaking out has made a huge difference
    to countless people.

    Bless you now and always.

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  4. Maureen

    Ugh, history is repeating itself… the luciferian elites and “Christian” leaders have today’s Christians fooled just like the leaders of Jesus’ time convinced the Jews to reject Jesus.

    Billy Graham makes me sick. His legacy will be leading the protestant harlot daughters back to mother Rome.


  5. I watched your interview on Lift the Veil last night!

    It was so good.

    Thankyou for becoming active again.

    I never heard of you until two days ago. When you talked about your daughters telling you to be quiet, it resonated so much.

    My family has really suffered because of my unwillingness to stay silent, and at times I have gone quiet out of deference to them.

    But I am thinking it is time for all of us survivors to yell from the rooftops.

    God Bless you Fiona!

    Jenny Hatch


  6. ter

    I see what you are saying. I also support you and pray for justice for all SRA survivors. Simply horrific. THis voodoo shop is definitely sick!! I do want to point out the logo on his shirt appears to be a USSS t-shirt – for what its worth. (patterns can be broken – Let’s pray that is Franklin’s case) Was he there to call more national attention? who knows? I can’t seem to find those photos on the instagram. deleted? (Has anyone come forward about Franklin? just asking honestly cause I don’t know. Would hate for a possible white hat to be so disparaged.)


  7. Robin Lee

    One can only imagine what his childhood was like also being raised by a pedophile. Apparently it broke him and he has embraced it.

    It’s good the sick Satanic donut place has been revealed and that Mikey is safe – for the moment anyway. It’s another step in the journey to reveal just what kind of world we have been living in and what we ned to do to reverse this corruption.


  8. Frida Halliday

    Fiona Barnett is courageous and brilliant. I love how she exposes the bad guys in such an eloquent and masterful way. Go Fiona!!!!


  9. Makes perfect sense, recalling Billy Graham on his knees in the Oval Office with Prescott Bush-butt boy Rockefeller-lieutenant JFK assassin homo Nixon sending us off to die as papal catspaw in Rome’s Vietnam slave plantation after the Roman Catholic CIA now opposing President Trump killed JFK (viz. ‘Hunt v. Marchetti’) six weeks after he had ordered us out with 120 dead.


  10. Callum Arthur

    I haven’t done my own research on this donut place but all the signs are obvious, blatant even. Especially the boy lover symbol l think it is, that is on their shop sign. It’s the same one the pizza please had but changed. These guys are sick & must be exposed.


  11. Kevin

    Justice will come to all these who hurt the child.It is appointed for man to die once,and then the judgement ,then the second death.They will all burn forever.Thank God that if we believe on the precious blood of Jesus,we will avoid the Second Death.


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  14. Robert Bauer

    Fiona, I had not heard of your story regarding Billy Graham and Bohemian Grove until last night. It shocked me, to say the least. I have heard only good things about him since I can remember, but lately I have had a nagging thought. How could a true man of God be so universally liked by the world (Woe to you when all men speak well of you… Luke 6:26). Are there more victim stories like yours? Is there any corroborating evidence? I do not doubt you, but I want to be certain of the facts before I share this. No, I am not a troll.


  15. Returning Sun of God

    PEDOPHILES ,. Like Christmas lights , look much nicer when they are ALL out of the closet and HUNG up 😉


  16. Mike

    Lots of christians being duped by this false teacher. How is it that Jesus himself got persecuted and crucified for telling folks about the good news of His gospel but yet BG sells out stadiums for the same thing? Time to wake up kiddies! I believe Fiona has woken many people up to this vile and corrupt society we live in. God bless you Fiona!


  17. There are many.

    It goes back a long way. Check Brice Taylor’s 1998 book, Thanks for The Memories, will disclose some of the brutality. Now many more: Sarah R Ashcraft, Kappy, Whalen and countless others. Fiona has held strong for so long and is a beacon of light for humanity. And yes. Trolls are not wanted in this equation.


  18. Just me

    Robert there have been persistent reports that Graham was a high ranking (high degree) Freemason: “On the paper coverlet of The History of Freemasonry by Albert Mackey, Billy Graham’s name is shown as being a Mason. This book was written by Freemasons, and for Freemasons.” While not everyone involved in masonry is involved in outright evil, the secrecy oaths of the lodges could lend themselves as a cover of darkness to veil nefarious activities. Their doctrines (Albert Pike etc.) explicitly embrace “Lucifer” as an appropriate object of human worship. There’s also the odd start of Graham’s career: a two word note that the incredibly powerful publisher William Randolph Hearst (Knights of Malta, Freemason) gave to his LA Times editor (relayed nationally) that said simply “Puff Graham”. “Evangelist Billy Graham recalls in his new book the pivotal point in his young ministry when, during a 1949 Los Angeles crusade, a two-word directive from publisher William Randolph Hearst to “puff Graham” made him an instant celebrity nationwide.” Graham claimed that that he never learned why Hearst took an interest in him: “Hearst and I did not meet, talk by phone, or correspond as long as he lived.” It isn’t too far-fetched to suspect that Graham’s masonic affiliation was viewed among the “elite” as a way to control and steer christian beliefs in directions amenable to their control and future plans.


  19. Roman Catholic Hearst was Fifth Column of the pedo homo Vatican Anti-Christ we founded God’s America in express covenant to escape, so his tout for Rothschild/Freemason Billy Graham was part of their sodomite Luciferian Beast of Gog&Babylon attack on “Zion” per Ezekiel 38:11.


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