One thought on “Fiona Barnett’s new interview re ‘Pedowood’

  1. Sachin Joshi

    Hi There,

    I am a victim of MK Ultra, however my experiences are not as bad as Fiona’s, however, I have been programmed with Esoteric garbage. In 2013, I witnessed SRA but, I declined to take LSD. The emotional abuse is implemented using illegal surveillance and even when you decline to join the cult, the abuse, evil themes and dirty themes get imposed on you. This abuse follows Book of Revelation, Book of Job and Biblical prophecies and themes as explained by Fiona and found in books by Fritz Springmeier. The ideal of the emotional abuse is to create split personality. I endured abuse until 2013, which resulted in SRA but, I declined to take LSD. MK Ultra style of abuse, which also follows Carl Jung’s belief in Parapsychology and Synchronicity is implemented using people’s mouths as conduits. The cult destroys personal relationships. I was curious as to where I can find Steve McMurray? I can add valuable insight into MK Ultra as it stands now. This scourge gets activated when people I come in touch with commit adulteries, having babies outside of their relationships, miscarriages etc, which are blames on one’s Luciferian vibes. Then the target is coaxed, “This time it is about joining bosses”, and then co-workers and people target come in touch with controls person using dirty and evil themes, while the person is placed under surveillance and sleep deprived and programmed with esoteric garbage. I would sincerely want to meet with Steve Mcmurray, if possible.


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