Facebook Bury Fiona Barnett’s ‘Watergate was Pedogate’ Article

Facebook took down a popular article I wrote on my blog and posted a link to on Facebook. They removed it on the grounds that it was spam. Interestingly, the article received a massive surge of views just before Facebook removed it as spam. So, who has a vested interest in silencing an expose on the CIA’s international child trafficking operation, as this is what this groundbreaking article reveals. Are Facebook waiting until the surge of interest in this article dies before they approve it?

Should Facebook take my pages down, I’ve opened a Reddit profile and will contactable there.


8 thoughts on “Facebook Bury Fiona Barnett’s ‘Watergate was Pedogate’ Article

  1. Judy Lake

    Fiona, I am in Oregon….this started in Astoria, Or (yep, THOSE Astors) and my story goes right to Silverton, OR (LeVey’s OR headquarters)…mouth of the Columbia River…just a 4.2 mile bridge goes into the state of Washington. I need a good way to talk to you. Please let me know if you prefer one email server over another, or, snail mail (I want confidentiality, as much as possible as I tell you what is going on here)…with possible connections to E Australia (Adelaide, where we have lived). I also need a contact method for David Shurter….I have been listening and reading you, him, plus others…OR is a hotbed of this activity. If I had been listened to 25 yrs ago, instead of discredited and harmed, this activity might now not be as extensive. I want to talk to you and David…thank you, Judy I would almost prefer to send a very long snail mail as one never knows where em really spreads…unless I have Lavabit, I don’t feel super secure. Please get back to me.


  2. Bill Posters

    Your story has been posted on reddit.com/r/australia in some comments on other stories already. There’s a user called Mildebeest there who repeatedly pops up saying your claims are crazy, blah blah. It’s starting to get out there. Take care my friend x


  3. Bev Young

    Facebook protects its own!!! Fiona is a truth sayer and she will bring down the CIA and many other pedo groups! We are behind you 100% Fiona


  4. Fiona, I agree with Dargaud. Please Post o R/GreatAwakening!
    Your article say what The Majority of Anons are coming to believe, And we are always seeking Fresh Accurate Information! That is Where I found your Article, and I for one, would love to see any contribution you can make!!


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