Australian Human Rights Commissioner Rosalind Croucher led Bathurst City Hall Ritual Murder

Have you ever wondered why there is so much injustice in the world? Ever wonder why the courts favour monsters who rape and kill our kids? I’ll tell you why…

Newly appointed Australian Human Rights Commissioner Rosalind Croucher ruled that Suncorp must compensate a man convicted of child pornography (who lied on his resume to about his kiddie porn conviction) for refusing to hire the pedophile. Listen to the story here:

Does this make sense? No? I will tell you why…

Who is Rosalind Croucher?

I know who she is, and why she would support a pedophile. Rosalind Croucher is one of the cold witches who presided over the ritual murder, and pedophile orgy, held at Bathurst City Hall when I was a minor. Rosalind Croucher was one of the high priests who stood on the Bathurst City Hall stage along side Australian cricket captain Richie Benaud, shit actor Bruce Spence, NSW Police Commissioner John Avery, and head of ASIO child trafficking Kim Beazley Senior.

Rosalind Croucher watched on as Bruce Spence raped me on stage. Rosalind Croucher looked on as a fully pregnant ‘breeder’ was sliced open and her baby ripped as part of the black mass ritual. Rosalind Croucher watched as a line of children were ritually murdered. Rosalind Crouch looked on as the entire crowd broke out into an orgy in which she participated.

Rosalind Croucher’s biography bears the hallmarks of my other abusers, including Patricia Anne Conlon, Leonas Petrauskas, John Bell, Antony Kidman. Clues include her association with the evil Sydney University, 1950’s MK-NAIOMI bio-weapons project conducted in Papua New Guinea, Sydney theatre scene, a teacher named Conlon, north shore upbringing, and the classical music scene… What a coincidence! (

Aren’t you tired of the pedophiles getting away with it? Then do something about it. Get rid of this pedophile protector! Get rid of my abuser!

I’m not the only witness to ritual abuse conducted in Bathurst City Hall. Tor Nielsen, the victim who broke the St Stanislaus College pedophile ring witnessed 60 kids being raped by priests and police, and being subjected to ritual abuse, in the same hall.

Watch my testimony regarding the Bathurst City Hall ritual here:


12 thoughts on “Australian Human Rights Commissioner Rosalind Croucher led Bathurst City Hall Ritual Murder

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  2. Bill Stickers

    Thank you for posting this information in the public domain. Thank you for this website.

    We will all push against this from all sides with all our strength, simultaneously. The perpetrators are being pushed into the light. There are so many of them it’s getting hard for them all to hide.

    The light is stronger than the darkness and will soon expose and burn this evil.


  3. Alors

    Have you seen this?

    The International Tribunal for Natural Justice launched the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse at an inaugural seating in Westminster, London on April 16-18th 2018. The filmed testimonies are now available via this Official Commission site to the Press, Public and all interested institutions and organs of government. The principal intention behind this Commission is not to instigate witch-hunts or target individuals, but to set in motion a culture that ensures restoration of truth, disclosure and reconciliation around the subject of human trafficking and child sex abuse.

    https: //
    (remove space when looking up)


  4. Bill Stickers

    Great stuff. Thank you for this link. We all need to spread the word. Rosalind Croucher is also on the review panel for ‘religious freedom’ led by Philip Ruddock. The church and the conservatives are doubling down in an attempt to protect the pedophile haven the church has become.


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  6. Roslyn Mitchell

    Fiona’s consistency and courage must be acknowledged. I believe everything she has stated and written. Interestingly the self serving, illegal ,open slather, paedophilia in many of the NSW Northern beaches schools fits into Fiona’s timeframe. I refer to the NSW Police doing nothing about the grooming, sexual assault,drugging and control of students aged as young as 13. Chris Dawson, pro rugby player and Secondary school teacher is a good example of the paedophiles who join the Australian Untouchables. How can the teachers at these schools be in charge of children when they’ve broken NSW law?Check the number of teachers in the Dawson brother’s sex cults which performed daily grooming and swapping of their sexually abused students on school campus.

    What hope is there for Australian children when a number of judiciary, police,priests( include vatican) Human Rights Commissioners, teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, prime ministers, state and federal governments, chaplains, nurses, adoption processes ,boarding schools, QCs, nuns,anaethetists,chuches of all faiths, sport coaches ,radio presenters, idolised actors and TV heroes and paediatricians are the rapists?

    Fiona’s heartbreaking descriptions of the hunting days in a NSW forest are identical to the rituals recorded in Canada and anywhere where the Churches ran and still run Residential schools. Ireland and Canada are still finding old burial grounds today some of which evidence ritual murder including decapitation of children and toddlers.

    You are right to identify the current Ruddock religious freedom nonsense.
    Power begets power..
    Fiona’s extroadinary courage is a real threat to Australia’s fosslized agencies which enable these killing cults.
    It’s naive and irresponsible for any one of us to believe these Paedophile, Totalitarian powers are a monster of the past.
    Check out the number of abducted children each year and the weak response from the AFP, check out our Christian Parliament of 2018, check Hillsong’s credentials, check out what Pell’s defence lawyers are doing to the victims. Without their power bases these paedophiles can’t hide.

    Is there any way, if enough people give real support to Fiona.. A political party be created to advocate for child protection, child advocacy.. Maybe Fiona as the author or the Rep to get the party registered.? A new movement could chip away at the Keep chaplains out of schools, training for police to identify children vulnerable to trafficking, retrospective arrests of perpetrators, large increase of charges and convictions against first offence and retrospective paedophile crime whether he or she is a QC or a Human Rights Commissioner.


  7. Abby

    Hi Fiona, thank you for coming forward.
    I would really like to speak to you about corruption that I believe involves Rosalind Croucher.
    They have tried to make up lies about me and have me deported away from my 3 year old son. Who is a very clever and beautiful young boy, now 6 years old.
    I remember Rosalind Croucher driving past in the back seat, of a car full of people, looking at my son and I as we walked down the street. That was the only time I have seen her in person.
    I was seeing her son, Marcus Atherton until I found out what he was really like, and that he suffers from narcissistic personality disorder.
    I am still trying to get out of immigration detention and my case is corrupted. I have been in here for 3 years. My little boy wants his mum back. I have been seriously assaulted and could have been killed in detention and my son has been always getting sick since I have been in Immigration Detention.
    Please email me if you can?
    Thank you


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