During his 2018 TV Logie awards speech, Bert Newton made a very clear reference to the fact that his TV star buddies Graham Kennedy and Don Lane were rampant pedophiles:

“Graham Kennedy was always the sort of man who nurtured young talent. He enjoyed giving young people a chance on television, he was a great mentor, he mentored a lot of young people. You knew if you went to his dressing room it was locked, he will be inside doing some mentoring. Don Lane was a mentor too. He did a hell of a lot of mentoring.”

Don’t fall for the media’s attempts to cover this revelation up as ‘homophobic’ or whatever PR executives are scrambling to think up. There is a difference between being gay – and raping kids! Stop lumping the two together, which is tactical, a whitewash of child sex trafficking. The #metoo movement is also being used to cover up pedophilia; it focuses on the sexual harassment and assault of adults while ignoring the entertainment industry’s main problem – child rape.

Bert Newton was talking about sex with vulnerable young children. Young child TV stars such as those who worked on ‘Young Talent Time’ and ‘Hey Dad!’ have spoken up about the culture of pedophilia within Australian TV studios. Multiple victims of VIP child sex trafficking named famous entertainers including Graham Kennedy, Don Lane and Bert Newton as pedophiles, to the Wood Royal Commission and the current Child Abuse Royal Commission.

Graham Kennedy, Don Lane and Bert Newton frequented boy brothels at Kings Cross when child trafficking there was coordinated by gangland cop Roger Rogerson who is now in prison for murder. 2005 Young Australian of the Year for community services, Dr Reina Michaelson named Graham Kennedy, Don Lane and Bert Newton as members of a VIP pedophile ring that also produced child pornography at TV studios.

These VIP pedophiles have raped kids without accountability for so long, they feel free to arrogantly boast about it on TV, as Bert Newton just did.

View the footage of Bert Newton’s Logie speech here:


  1. Karen Thomas-Weston

    I have a feeling that Bert’s days as an Australian icon are numbered. Maybe he senses the same thing and maybe his conscience is playing on him. I wonder too about Daylight Sommers and all of the Hey, hey it’s Saturday crowd.


  2. Bill Stickers

    The way he talks about it just shows how socially accepted it was and is among these men. The rampant pedophilia in the entertainment industry needs to be exposed.


  3. Marty Boy

    My own late father was related to the Packer family and it was rumored that the late Graham “Gra Gra” Kennedy was an illegitimate son of the late Sir Frank Packer, as his mother (from the Scott family) was a struggling radio soap actress and had an affair with serial womanizer and reputed deviant, Sir Frank Packer and gave birth to his “bastard” son (Graham Kennedy), whom was really raised by his Grandma Scott in Balaclava (near where I live and close to Elsternwick where I was born and where my parents first lived, when they were married) . People wonder why someone like Graham Kennedy lasted as long as he did on Australian TV, especially with Channel 9, and why always with GTV 9? Did the Packer family have something over Graham? Also those rumors about his alleged homosexual relationships with Bert Newton and Phillip Brady, what did Clyde & Kerry Packer know?(both dead like my father, now, also his relations, all 3 men died from heart cardiovascular disease-a Packer/Hewson curse that’s now affecting me! It was alleged that Graham Kennedy really died from HIV/AIDS, ironically in 2005, the same year that Kerry Packer & Rene Rivkin died, also all 3 men died in NSW-more irony there).Also like his blood relation KP, my father (who may have been Sir Frank’s illegitimate son as well) was considered “too dumb” and “dyslexic” (like KP) to hold down a profession, and had to do back-breaking plumbing work for his “father” (Sir Frank’s distant Scots-Irish cousin) and also difficult mechanical work for his politician Dutch brother in law.(KP was made to do the printing trade).
    Like KP, my father had a “dog’s life”, but he lived for work, he was like a “country dog” he could’ve retired, but needed to keep on working for his sanity (like KP) . My late father also worked for a plumber in Caulfield, during the 1970s (called Jack Ryan- a hard task-master, like Sir Frank) and old Jack Ryan knew the Packers real well and got his plumbers to do jobs at the Richmond Channel 9 studios (where Ronnie Biggs also worked briefly) and also at Don Lane’s home (I think in the Caulfield area too, as Don Lane was Jewish-his real name Donald Morton Isaacson), my dad’s workmate was told off by Don Lane in an arrogant abrupt manner like, “..tradesmen enter at rear, not through’s private..” (was Don Lane trying to hide something?)
    Bert Newton & Phillip Brady were Catholic Irish stock and so was Bert’s wife, Pattie McGrath. I knew some of Pattie’s McGrath relatives quite well, they were a rough & ready bunch, around from the Richmond/Prahran areas originally, Matthew gets a lot of his “personality” from the McGraths. Phillip Brady used to live with his widowed mother at the old family home in Hawthorn. Phillip Brady had relatives who were wealthy land owners in the old Moorabbin Shire, many of them buried in Brighton Graveyard on North Road.Bert Newton’s father (I think he was called Clem Newton) was the president of the old Fitzroy VFL football club, like my father’s “dad” & possible real “dad” (Sir Frank Packer) , Bert’s father was also in the AIF and it was reckoned the tropics killed his father off, as his father died in 1950, just after he got back from overseas. My fathers uncles also all served in the AIF, one nearly was killed in an German bomb explosion.
    Another late neighbor of mine (who used to run a TV shop in Chapel Street Windsor near Pattie Newton’s rellies) used to work for Phillips, and once did a call in job at Graham Kennedy;s Frankston home, my late neighbour, Jimbo, was himself gay and knew old Gra Gra was camp and met one of Gra Gra’s Greek boyfriends and his old Italian uncle, whom Jimbo recalled the Italian uncle being a sweet guy.But Graham was nothing like the others living in the Frankston household, he ran out towards Jimbo shouting, “..Tradesmen at rear!!!..”
    He was the rudest customer Jimbo ever met!
    Jimbo also met Bert & Pattie at an house auction in the Camberwell area, during the 1970s and thought Bert was shallow & superficial.
    Anyway I have enough anecdotes to fill a book!
    Fiona’s writing a book too!


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