During his 2018 TV Logie awards speech, Bert Newton made a very clear reference to the fact that his TV star buddies Graham Kennedy and Don Lane were rampant pedophiles:

“Graham Kennedy was always the sort of man who nurtured young talent. He enjoyed giving young people a chance on television, he was a great mentor, he mentored a lot of young people. You knew if you went to his dressing room it was locked, he will be inside doing some mentoring. Don Lane was a mentor too. He did a hell of a lot of mentoring.”

Don’t fall for the media’s attempts to cover this revelation up as ‘homophobic’ or whatever PR executives are scrambling to think up. There is a difference between being gay – and raping kids! Stop lumping the two together, which is tactical, a whitewash of child sex trafficking. The #metoo movement is also being used to cover up pedophilia; it focuses on the sexual harassment and assault of adults while ignoring the entertainment industry’s main problem – child rape.

Bert Newton was talking about sex with vulnerable young children. Young child TV stars such as those who worked on ‘Young Talent Time’ and ‘Hey Dad!’ have spoken up about the culture of pedophilia within Australian TV studios. Multiple victims of VIP child sex trafficking named famous entertainers including Graham Kennedy, Don Lane and Bert Newton as pedophiles, to the Wood Royal Commission and the current Child Abuse Royal Commission.

Graham Kennedy, Don Lane and Bert Newton frequented boy brothels at Kings Cross when child trafficking there was coordinated by gangland cop Roger Rogerson who is now in prison for murder. 2005 Young Australian of the Year for community services, Dr Reina Michaelson named Graham Kennedy, Don Lane and Bert Newton as members of a VIP pedophile ring that also produced child pornography at TV studios.

These VIP pedophiles have raped kids without accountability for so long, they feel free to arrogantly boast about it on TV, as Bert Newton just did.

View the footage of Bert Newton’s Logie speech here:


  1. Karen Thomas-Weston

    I have a feeling that Bert’s days as an Australian icon are numbered. Maybe he senses the same thing and maybe his conscience is playing on him. I wonder too about Daylight Sommers and all of the Hey, hey it’s Saturday crowd.


  2. Bill Stickers

    The way he talks about it just shows how socially accepted it was and is among these men. The rampant pedophilia in the entertainment industry needs to be exposed.


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