Sarah Ruth Ashcraft has come forward and announced that she was subjected to CIA brainwashing techniques and child sex trafficked to Hollywood at age 13 years and raped by Hollywood star Tom Hanks.

“The number one problem in Hollywood is, and has always been – pedophilia!” Corey Feldman correctly stated. What a shame Corey didn’t just name names when he had all the cameras on him, like we all have. Naming names is the only way victims are going to expose the CIA child trafficking operation behind 99% of child kidnapping and child sex trafficking.

Perverted predator Harvey Weinstein is being scapegoated to cover for the truth about Hollywood – famous male AND FEMALE pedophile actors and producers who like to rape kids.

Head Hollywood Luciferian MERYL STREEP is of one them! She prefers to have sex with 14 year old girls at specially organised Hollywood pedophile parties.

That’s why Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks get on so well post-Harvey Weinstein and the #sheknew scandal, why Meryl Streep supported convicted pedophile anal rapist of a 13- year-old drugged girl at Jack Nicolson’s house, and why she called Weinstein “God” during an acceptance speech.

Like Aussie actor Anthony LaPaglia said, anyone who has been in Hollywood for 5 years or more knew about Harvey Weinstein. Meryl Streep lied.

Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep teamed up with another Hollywood pedophile – Steven Spielberg, to make a shite film together. Spielberg has been raping kids for decades, along with his pedo buddy George Lucas – whom the entire cast of Star Wars had to have sex with in order to get their parts. Carrie Fischer said she had to sleep with George Lucas to get the part of Leia – and mysteriously died weeks later.

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Hollywood Pedophile Rapists – all three of them!

I know Australian victim of CIA child sex trafficking Dean Henry was prostituted to Hollywood parties from Australia – just like me. I was sex trafficked to a Hollywood party at age 14 years.

2020 Update:

Here is a list of VIPs who flew to Epstein’s Pedo Island aboard the Lolita Express; it includes Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg:


As Ghislaine Maxwell’s charges show, women like Streep also enjoy raping teenage girls!

To READ MORE, click on this link:

2020 Lockdown Edition of EYES WIDE OPEN by Fiona Barnett


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I was present throughout the original trial of this pedophile monster, and the below reported version of events is inconsistent with what I witnessed in the court room where I was the victim’s supporter, and with what the Queensland detective who arrested this Hogtie Dr told me. This case is so flawed, one can only conclude it was covered up in a concerted effort by police (not the arresting officer who did the right thing), the courts, AHPRA and the Queensland Medical Board, and children’s services. Had I not published the first article about this crime on independent Australia, and had had I not included photos of the hogtying – Neville Davis would still be practising and abusing kids. The publication of the photos is the only thing that forced authorities to look like they are doing something about a child doctor who abuses kids.

The Department of Police Prosecution whitewashed this crime to hide a Gold Coast child trafficking network

According to the victim’s lawyer, Neville Davis is the No. 1 ‘expert’ that Gold Coast police and DOCS employed to write court reports in the case of parents having their children taken off them by government social workers (DOCS). A guilty verdict would allow any parents who lost their children due to a report by this hogtie doctor, to legally challenge the DOCS decision. Federal police busted Gold Coast DOCS for child sex trafficking foster children back in 2000. This child trafficking network is alive and well today.

The DPP dropped the main charge which could irrefutably be proven with photos – the hogtie. This is a tactic the DPP use to get the matter whitewashed in the future – as happened with this case. Neville Davis was found guilty of the lesser charges, but this was overturned on a technicality during appeal. So, he got off. Although, Neville Davis paid the victim compensation in civil proceedings for the assault.

There is no such thing as a ‘squatting control technique’ – so don’t use that term in reporting

Neville Davis hogties boys because this turns him on. Neville Davis has a history of physically assaulting boys by hogtying them, and sexually assaulting little girls during physical exams. I know because I spoke with the witnesses and with the arresting detective. Some of the parent witnesses were brave enough to appear on the TV show A Current Affair to describe the assault of their children. Other parents came forward to police, but did not press charges because their sons were “not doing well” after their assaults, and could not cope with the court process which is designed to deter victims from coming forward.

Neville Davis did not ‘squat over’ the boy – he sat down hard on his back

The child was not hyperactive during this consultation. He is autistic. The mother was there to find out whether the boy might have autism – which he does and was subsequently diagnosed with. The paediatrician hogtied the boy and sat on his back as a means of demonstrating whether or not the child had autism.

The child did not ‘punch the mother’ on her arm prior to this criminal act – so don’t report this lie

The child was calm before the hogtying, and during the hogtying – until the pedophile sat on the boy’s back. After Neville Davis sat hard on the victim’s back, at that point he became traumatised and hysterical.

The Queensland Medical Board previously found Neville Davis guilty of negligence – report this

The Medical Board and AHPRA were well aware of Neville Davis’ history of abusing children – because they previously received multiple complains over his 26 year history. This amounts to more than ‘unprofessional conduct’. This is a serial child abuser.
The Hogtie Dr retired because he was forced to by authorities – as part of a deal with authorities, to help cover up the greater pedophile network
What a shame the Courier Mail didn’t include any of the above information in their below article. Such inaccurate reporting only serves to assist with the cover up.

Paediatrician Neville Davis reprimanded by QCAT tribunal for hogtied ADHD boy

Courier Mail, July 23, 2018

AN EXPERIENCED paediatrician who hogtied a hyperactive child during a consultation has been reprimanded for unprofessional conduct.

Dr Neville Davis admitted to a disciplinary tribunal that it was inappropriate for him to have tied the seven-year-old boy’s hands and feet together behind his back in 2012.

Dr Davis twice tied the boy with rope and squatted over the boy, who had Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal heard.

The paediatrician of 26 years claimed he had been trying to distract the restless, hyperactive child so that he could discuss his case with the boy’s mother without interruption.

Charges related to tying up the boy were not proceeded with and he was acquitted of the remaining charge relating to the squatting over the boy.

The tribunal heard that the boy freed himself a minute or two after being hogtied. After he punched his mother in the arm, Dr Davis demonstrated the squatting control technique.

Dr Davis accepted his behaviour in tying up the boy was “an aberrant lapse of judgment’’.

He has retired from the medical profession and is no longer registered.

Photo: Dr Davis hogtied the boy and then demonstrated a squatting control technique.

The Medical Board of Australia said Dr Davis showed poor judgment during the consultation.

A child protection paediatrician gave evidence that there were no circumstances in which it would be appropriate for a doctor to tie up a child.

The tribunal was particularly concerned about Dr Davis’s actions given his lengthy history as a paediatrician specialising in children with learning, social and emotional problems.

The tribunal found the appropriate sanction was a reprimand, which it said carried implications in respect of the doctor’s standing and reputation.

Facebook Bury Fiona Barnett’s ‘Watergate was Pedogate’ Article

Facebook took down a popular article I wrote on my blog and posted a link to on Facebook. They removed it on the grounds that it was spam. Interestingly, the article received a massive surge of views just before Facebook removed it as spam. So, who has a vested interest in silencing an expose on the CIA’s international child trafficking operation, as this is what this groundbreaking article reveals. Are Facebook waiting until the surge of interest in this article dies before they approve it?

Should Facebook take my pages down, I’ve opened a Reddit profile and will contactable there.


Support the Arizona Vets who stumbled upon CIA child traffickers

The Arizona Veterans were searching for fellow homeless veterans shacked up in the desert when they stumbled across a child trafficking operation involving VIPs including the Clinton Foundation and a Rothschild family member. Please support them by campaigning against the local VIPs who are benefiting from what is a massive operation that is linked to the CIA.

Here’s their website:

Australian Human Rights Commissioner Rosalind Croucher led Bathurst City Hall Ritual Murder

Have you ever wondered why there is so much injustice in the world? Ever wonder why the courts favour monsters who rape and kill our kids? I’ll tell you why…

Newly appointed Australian Human Rights Commissioner Rosalind Croucher ruled that Suncorp must compensate a man convicted of child pornography (who lied on his resume to about his kiddie porn conviction) for refusing to hire the pedophile. Listen to the story here:

Does this make sense? No? I will tell you why…

Who is Rosalind Croucher?

I know who she is, and why she would support a pedophile. Rosalind Croucher is one of the cold witches who presided over the ritual murder, and pedophile orgy, held at Bathurst City Hall when I was a minor. Rosalind Croucher was one of the high priests who stood on the Bathurst City Hall stage along side Australian cricket captain Richie Benaud, shit actor Bruce Spence, NSW Police Commissioner John Avery, and head of ASIO child trafficking Kim Beazley Senior.

Rosalind Croucher watched on as Bruce Spence raped me on stage. Rosalind Croucher looked on as a fully pregnant ‘breeder’ was sliced open and her baby ripped as part of the black mass ritual. Rosalind Croucher watched as a line of children were ritually murdered. Rosalind Crouch looked on as the entire crowd broke out into an orgy in which she participated.

Rosalind Croucher’s biography bears the hallmarks of my other abusers, including Patricia Anne Conlon, Leonas Petrauskas, John Bell, Antony Kidman. Clues include her association with the evil Sydney University, 1950’s MK-NAIOMI bio-weapons project conducted in Papua New Guinea, Sydney theatre scene, a teacher named Conlon, north shore upbringing, and the classical music scene… What a coincidence! (

Aren’t you tired of the pedophiles getting away with it? Then do something about it. Get rid of this pedophile protector! Get rid of my abuser!

I’m not the only witness to ritual abuse conducted in Bathurst City Hall. Tor Nielsen, the victim who broke the St Stanislaus College pedophile ring witnessed 60 kids being raped by priests and police, and being subjected to ritual abuse, in the same hall.

Watch my testimony regarding the Bathurst City Hall ritual here:



During his 2018 TV Logie awards speech, Bert Newton made a very clear reference to the fact that his TV star buddies Graham Kennedy and Don Lane were rampant pedophiles:

“Graham Kennedy was always the sort of man who nurtured young talent. He enjoyed giving young people a chance on television, he was a great mentor, he mentored a lot of young people. You knew if you went to his dressing room it was locked, he will be inside doing some mentoring. Don Lane was a mentor too. He did a hell of a lot of mentoring.”

Don’t fall for the media’s attempts to cover this revelation up as ‘homophobic’ or whatever PR executives are scrambling to think up. There is a difference between being gay – and raping kids! Stop lumping the two together, which is tactical, a whitewash of child sex trafficking. The #metoo movement is also being used to cover up pedophilia; it focuses on the sexual harassment and assault of adults while ignoring the entertainment industry’s main problem – child rape.

Bert Newton was talking about sex with vulnerable young children. Young child TV stars such as those who worked on ‘Young Talent Time’ and ‘Hey Dad!’ have spoken up about the culture of pedophilia within Australian TV studios. Multiple victims of VIP child sex trafficking named famous entertainers including Graham Kennedy, Don Lane and Bert Newton as pedophiles, to the Wood Royal Commission and the current Child Abuse Royal Commission.

Graham Kennedy, Don Lane and Bert Newton frequented boy brothels at Kings Cross when child trafficking there was coordinated by gangland cop Roger Rogerson who is now in prison for murder. 2005 Young Australian of the Year for community services, Dr Reina Michaelson named Graham Kennedy, Don Lane and Bert Newton as members of a VIP pedophile ring that also produced child pornography at TV studios.

These VIP pedophiles have raped kids without accountability for so long, they feel free to arrogantly boast about it on TV, as Bert Newton just did.

View the footage of Bert Newton’s Logie speech here: