I Told You So

“We have people in the United States of America that breed children in order to sell them. And when they are sold they come without birth certificates which means it’s easier to kill them and have no-one ask where they are.”

7 thoughts on “I Told You So

  1. Callum Arthur

    Never doubted you for a second Fi, l only hope this inquiry will wake up the masses. This has got to stop! You are so brave & you are an inspiration for hope. God bless ya 🙂


  2. Sasha Kley

    Fiona, this all sounds great, but it´s too good to be true. I don´t know what their agenda is, the Holy Spirit just shows me that there IS one. As you know the occult love their little symbols. Look at their logos: The pine cone and the infinity eight. Also the “sun” on the earth. On YouTube they´ve linked to a channel called “The New Earth Project”, watch the first video to the Inauguration and look at the geometry, it´s the flower of life (Kabbalah hinting to Satan), a cube and more. All these symbols hint to Satan.

    Also, in the video you posted above Mr CIA Steele says that he would not remember any secrets, not even under torture, and at the same time he says he´s bound to secrecy. No. one: How can he speak out on the atrocities of pedophilia then since it is ESPECIALLY the CIA that is responsible for a lot of child trafficking and MK ULTRA projects, etc.? No. two: Why does he not remember his secrets as a spy? Because he is MK ULTRA himself?

    First my jaw dropped when I heard him speak since I haven´t heard so much truth from officials ever. But then the red flags came up. There is something really fishy about all this. He gave a clue himself:

    Give away 1 piece of information for free and you gather 100 in exchange.

    So, I wonder, what is the real goal? Do they want to become the central point for whistleblowers and victims to make it easier to off them? He says a lot, but he does NOT name the real people behind it, he just says “politicians”. It´s the Cabale, the Freemasons, the satanic occult, Mystery Babylon, ROME…

    As we know, to usher in the Antichrist´s NEW WORLD ORDER, they must destroy the OLD world. Is this the next step towards bringing down the governments, order out of chaos? I don´t know. I just know that when I see their little symbols that I don´t trust their motives a tiny bit but rather believe it´s all done in Satan´s service, whatever the long term plans may be. I hope I am wrong. But why use the heavily charged occult pine cone and the eight infinity sign, the cube, the flower of life, etc? Too many coincidences, if you ask me.

    Stay safe, God bless you, you are one of the bravest women out there. I will continue to pray for your safety.


  3. MadeInNorway

    But is this a legit inquiry? I believe e.g. Ronald Bernard is a legit whistleblower, but I fear he is just included to provide the inquiry some believability. I’ve watched like 1h of it and they’ve been good at making it look believable, but try to find any real info on the inquiry, and it only leads back to their own pages + lots of Linked-In-pages, no independent media reports on it. My advise would be to not click on their tempting Support button; it may be set up as a phishing device to draw legit victims to them.


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