Public Rallies to Secure Vindication for Fiona Barnett

I would like to thank all those fellow child abuse victims and victim advocates for supporting me. People have supported me in different ways according to their ability and resources. Many had the capacity to lodge complaints with the NSW Police Commissioner and/or the NSW Victim Rights Commissioner concerning the mishandling of my case.

The concerned public’s efforts have produced a result. Victim Services decided to divide my claim up and make a ruling on just one of the incidents of crime, leaving me free to make further claims if I choose. How the system works is, when a single perpetrator is responsible for multiple crimes, those incidents are lumped together and treated as one incident.

Victim Services chose to rule on one incident, the abuse I experienced at the hands of my sadistic step-grandfather Peter Holowczak. They decided on the balance of probabilities that Peter Holowczak did sexually and violently assault me on multiple occasions. One source of supporting documentation Victim Services quoted was a 1993 hospital file entry stating: Ms Barnett presented to hospital “requesting help for sexual abuse by grandfather when she was a child.”

This decision is consistent with Victim Services’ initial, 2014 ruling that on the balance of probabilities I was indeed sexually abused by the multiple perpetrators I reported to the Child Abuse Royal Commission – including Peter Holowczak.

A sum of $10,000 is ridiculously inadequate compared to the harm Peter Holowczak cost me financially, psychologically, academically and professionally over the past 40+ years. However, this decision provides a sense of validation and recognition that I find healing. Also, this ruling offers a sense of hope to my fellow victims of abuse who are vicariously impacted by my public highs and lows. It shows the public what can be achieved by banding together and bothering in the face of an impossible enemy. In the scheme of things, this is a big win.

Our smallest efforts are not futile. Look at what has been exposed since I first went public: Pizzagate / Pedogate, Weinstein / #metoo, NXIVM child traffickers and, most recently, the Australian VIP pedophile ring involving Labor Party speech writer Bob Ellis. It’s only a matter of time before the big one cracks and the true nature and extent of child trafficking is exposed in Australia and abroad. Whether or not it happens in my life time, my decision to jump in first has well contributed to that swelling tidal wave of exposure.

Here is the Victim Services documentation:

Fiona Barnett

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

9 thoughts on “Public Rallies to Secure Vindication for Fiona Barnett

  1. Karen Thomas-Weston

    Happy for you. I’m not certain the truth of all of our lives won’t be exposed in our lifetime. We are do close to the end of this age. Take Care, thank you for being so brave.💐💐🌻


  2. Laurellynne Greaves

    Many is the time I have prayed for you, asked others to join me and pray for you and your family before the throne of GOD, asking for protection and that your truth would be heard…….I believe more is to come and that GOD is not done with the perpetrators who have hurt you. I shall continue to pray, sending love always, I pray healing and wholeness for you. Thank you for your bravery to expose the evil in this world


  3. Marty

    Fiona,did you read the latest Murdoch Press-(The Oz) about the latest allegations made by the 2 daughters of Dorothy Hewett-1970s pro “Gough Whitlam” Labour playwright & Labour MP?
    I remember you stated Gough Whitlam & Bob “silver bodgy” Hawke-both sexually abused you,during the 1970s, during your “candy girl” phase (for Dr Gittinger & Dr Kidman). Well these 2 daughters allege the late ALP/Communist writer, Bob Ellis (dear friend of Gough Whitlam & Phillip Adams) raped them both-with their “bohemian” mummy’s blessings, also during the 1970s!


  4. BStickers

    Good on you, Fiona. Your courage is unyielding. Thank you for spearheading this effort for hundreds of other victims. The truth is being exposed, finally. Hope you are doing ok x


  5. Neil Lang

    Hello Fiona. Nice to see you back. I am wondering if you have any information regarding the Bob Ellis expose’. It strikes me as a little odd that the only name made public was deceased. Was just interested in whether there was any pressure put on the women to not reveal any others who were involved but still living.


  6. Absolutely they would be placed under pressure not to reveal names of living. Australian defamation legislation was designed by pedos to protect pedophiles.


  7. Miss Bliss

    Look up ELIAHI PRIEST in Australia on FB. He rang NSW police commissioner and accused him of pedophilia. Recorded the call. I don’t have FB anymore but its in his videos.


  8. noneyourbuisness

    My mother’s father was good friends with goth whitlam he would come to their house for dinner she had 2 sisters they were all minors at the time, all of them say he was extremely nice and my grandfather was never involved in such things, he ran the kitchens at the lodge in Canberra his name was Donald grant, so if true it’s sad to hear this..


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