The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing – the pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters.

– Det. James Rothstein, NYPD, Retired

In October 2016, I presented at a Trauma and Dissociation conference in Seattle, USA. Following my talk, one attendee approached me in the hotel lobby where my fellow presenters sat at their merchandise stalls. “All this!” she shouted while sweeping her arm across the sideshow alley of over-priced books, stickers and fridge magnets, “All this – is shit! You have the real stuff! Where’s your book?!” Tears welled in her eyes. “Write a book! Please write a book!”

Yes, I have the real stuff. I’m not some arrogant academic pretending to understand what it’s like to be a victim of the most heinous crimes. I lived it. I spent my developmental years trapped in a mind control labyrinth. I then spent my adult years navigating a way out. I eventually achieved what few victims have, true integration. I may therefore declare with authority what does and does not work.

I prefer the term ‘victim’ to ‘survivor’ because the latter implies my ordeal is over. My ordeal will likely never end. As Dr Reina Michaelson warned, “Fiona, I think this is a life sentence.” I serve a life sentence for crimes committed against me, with the full knowledge and blessing of the Australian government. I am constantly harassed by police, paid agitators, pedophile payroll academics and journalists, DID sleeper cells, perpetrator relatives, fake victims, fake advocates, professional social media trolls, and retired intelligence community thugs hired to do the dirty work of the VIP pedophiles who dare not overtly attack me since that would attract media attention to their role in the international child trafficking operation.

Recovery from extreme abuse begins with realising the true nature and extent of international child trafficking. In 2015, a certain journalist wrote favourable articles about me concerning my Sydney press conference. I subsequently phoned and asked him to investigate and publish my full story. If only one mainstream journalist published my testimony against Antony Kidman, I reasoned, it would blow the international child trafficking network wide open. During this call, he relayed a conversation he once had with “a couple of spooks” who told him that all senior politicians are pedophiles because that is how they are controlled. He asked me if that was my story.

“That’s exactly right. That’s consistent with my experience,” I tried to contain my excitement. “The mainstream media has long documented the CIA’s involvement in drugs and weapons trafficking, right?”

He agreed, noting there had just been another story about that in the mainstream press.

“Well then, is it so hard to imagine they are also involved in trafficking children – which is far more lucrative than guns and drugs? ASIO and the CIA work together to traffic children between Australia and America. They’re the ones who trafficked me.”

The journalist promised to consider my request, bearing in mind he had a young family and publishing my story would surely place them at risk. But he never got back to me. A short time later, he suddenly developed a rare and aggressive form of cancer. I called him, expressed my condolences, and we chatted for a bit. At the end of the conversation, I mentioned I was considering writing a book. I asked him to clarify and elaborate on what he told me of his encounter with the “spooks”.

“I never said that,” he bluntly asserted.

I sighed in resignation… It was over. There went my last chance at breaking into the mainstream media. There went years of building rapport and credibility with mainstream journalists. Years of investigating other abuse cases and passing my findings on to television and newspapers. Years of driving journalists around the district to meet the victims themselves. Years of results in other cases. The Gold Coast Hogtie Doctor story went international, with Neville Davis being permanently banned from practising medicine in Australia (although, that doesn’t stop him setting up shop in Thailand). Gary Willis’ 20-year child abuse spree ended with a permanent ban on his teaching for the NSW education department (although, that didn’t stop him from working for Education Queensland, at Tallebudgera Primary School). And NSW police were forced to do a mop up investigation of Daruk Boys Home after sensational headlines about a victim having his penis cut off went global (although, they left out the bit where Daruk boys were trafficked to VIP pedophiles at Kings Cross child brothels).

I had come so close. My 2015 press conference was statistically the most popular story on the Sydney Morning Herald website that day, even though their computer technicians refused to list it as the most viewed article. The USA National Inquirer intended to run a front-page story about Antony Kidman being a pedophile, until they received a vicious letter from Nicole’s lawyers. A journalist and her photographer husband flew up from Sydney to interview me for a major Australian magazine – until Nicole, who had lucrative contracts with Sydney’s media outlets, took a “Scientology approach to managing” me. Finally, a UK journalist travelled around the country interviewing me and two other victims of Antony Kidman for the Daily Mail Online, until one of the victims (whose parents were Antony Kidman’s personal friends), was threatened and subsequently withdrew last minute.

Despite everything the pedophile network threw at me, my story still got out there, such that if you Google Antony Kidman’s name, the words ‘child abuse’ soon follow. Once Nicole Kidman’s PR team shut down my mainstream media exposure, by drawing on Kidman’s lucrative contracts with every Australian media outlet, I turned to the internet. Armed with a simple meme app and a talent for lyric writing, I launched my own social media campaign. I spent years in front of the computer, communicating with hundreds of victims and supporters, many fake, many genuine. I hit the conspiracy theory jackpot when David Icke featured an enormous photograph of me and my story on his Australian speaking tour.

My tactics worked. Online articles about Nicole Kidman, where the pubic was free to leave negative comments, were followed by streams of intelligent attacks on her orchestrated stardom. I realised my impact when Kidman’s PR team paid a newspaper and a morning television show to feature an article tellingly titled, ‘Shame on you, Australia. Stop hating on Nicole Kidman.’ People don’t hate Nicole as an individual. They hate what the Harvey Weinstein scandal later highlighted: that Hollywood rewards something other than an ability to sing, dance or act. Hollywood rewards loyalty to their pedophile system.

But no amount of alternative media success can match a complete break into mainstream. So, I admitted defeat. I stopped posting and even checking my sites.

Days before the 2016 US Presidential Election, I received a barrage of texts from old friends asking if I was okay. People started inquiring about our family’s welfare. I had no idea what was happening. Then I checked my blog site. A spike of 100,000 views in one day stemmed from an article that activist group Anonymous published about my being trafficked to American VIPs. They used my story to undermine Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and expose her involvement in a child sex trafficking ring. The Clinton Foundation was a front for the trafficking of children including Haiti earthquake victims. Bill and Hillary’s trafficking network implicated her campaign chairman John Podesta. Podesta and his brother Tony were staying in a villa owned by UK politician Sir Clement Freud, near British child Madeleine McCann when she disappeared in Portugal. Clement was Sigmund Freud’s grandson who was outed in mainstream British media as a pedophile. John and Tony Podesta perfectly matched the identikit images Scotland Yard released of Madeleine’s abductors.

Pedogate, as the scandal became known, surfaced when Wikileaks released emails from John Podesta’s account in October 2016. The emails notably outed Hillary Clinton as a self-confessed “Molech” worshipper, and captured politicians ordering children for pedophile parties using fast-food code words. The Whitehouse, for instance, made a massive ‘fast food’ order, contravening policy dictating all food be prepared onsite using raw ingredients to counter the security risk posed by externally prepared foods. The trafficked kids were held in transit cellars within local Washington DC businesses, including a restaurant where a drag entertainer was caught on tape boasting about raping and killing kids. Clean FBI and NYPD officers made multiple attempts to charge Clinton and other VIP members of the trafficking ring, but their efforts were typically thwarted by those above them in the chain of command.

Mainstream media giants launched a cover-up campaign against the leaked Podesta emails. The likes of CNN (founded by one of my pedophile rapists, Ted Turner) successfully drew the public’s attention from what was contained in the emails, to who might have leaked them and spread ‘fake news’. Clinton herself never addressed or denied the emails contents. The emails were in fact leaked by US intelligence community staff who opposed organised pedophilia. Mainstream journalists who reported the truth of the matter were promptly fired. Dozens of Clinton staff and associates met untimely deaths, in quick succession. So Pedogate was discredited as ‘fake news,’ despite NBC’s June 11, 2013 televised report regarding Hillary Clinton using her position as U.S. Secretary of State to cease an investigation into child sex trafficking within the State Department.

Pedogate reached the public via social media. YouTube featured interviews with credible witnesses who testified to the existence of an international child sex trafficking operation involving US politicians and the CIA. That was when I noticed retired NYPD Detective James Rothstein. The Pedogate ring, he explained, was the same network he investigated for 35 years. Rothstein observed, the perpetrators were doing everything in their power to shut the Pedogate story down. He predicted the perpetrators would successfully bury it, like every other time their network was almost exposed.

Rothstein explained that the NYPD was no ordinary state police force, but a leading investigative agency with national and international offices. Back in 1966, Rothstein became the first police detective assigned to investigate the prostitution industry. He soon discovered the underground sexual blackmail operation that compromised politicians with child prostitutes. ‘Human Compromise’ is the term he uses for this honey-trap process. Rothstein and his colleagues found that up to 70 percent of top US government leaders had been compromised. The CIA conducted the human compromise operation, while the FBI’s task was to cover it up.

James Rothstein was alerted to an identical VIP pedophile ring operating in the UK, when British Intelligence consulted him regarding the Profumo Affair. MI6 agents visited Rothstein in New York to extract what he knew about British politicians and other VIPs having sex with child prostitutes. This was part of their effort to cover up the true pedophile nature of the Profumo scandal.

Rothstein found the international pedophile rings are connected, and that their members meet at various world locations where each destination catered for a different type of degenerate sexual proclivity, including satanic themed abuse.

Rothstein and his colleagues encountered fierce resistance to the investigation and prosecution of members of the child trafficking operation. His investigative journalist contacts at the New York Times and Washington Post could not get stories about the VIP pedophile ring printed. All police, FBI, customs and IRS officers who pursued the VIP pedophile network above street level had their careers subsequently destroyed.

Rothstein’s attempts to arrest key perpetrators were continually thwarted. The choice example is when he served the head of the CIA’s human compromise operation, Tippy Richardson. According to pedophile turned police informant Ben Rose, in November 1971, Tippy Richardson, businessman Leonard Stewart (from OPEC, Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) and a surgeon named Dr Chesky, raped and murdered three boys aged 14 to 15 years in Rose’s apartment on East 64th Street in New York City. The New York State Select Committee on Crime subsequently served subpoenas on both Tippy Richardson and Leonard Stewart. When served, Richardson said that because he worked for the CIA, the subpoena would be withdrawn under the National Security Act by the time Rothstein and his colleague returned to their offices. It was.

In 1972, Rothstein arrested one of the five Watergate burglars, CIA operative Frank Sturgis. During a subsequent two-hour interrogation, he discovered the truth about Watergate. The burglars sought something they nicknamed “The Book” which listed the Democrat and Republican politicians who accessed child prostitutes, their sexual proclivities, the amounts they paid to rape kids, and such.

The official Watergate explanation is that the Republicans broke into Democratic National Committee Headquarters to obtain information about their election strategies. People who lived through Watergate typically comment with a frown, “that never made sense.” Rothstein’s experiences make better sense of why Nixon conspired to quash the Watergate investigation, why he suggested the investigation posed a threat to national security, why his personal secretary destroyed Oval Office tape recordings after they were subpoenaed, and why his own Vice President issued a pardon which protected him from prosecution for any crimes he had “committed or may have committed or taken part in” as president. If Nixon’s crimes included pedophilia, that would make perfect sense.

I am confident President Richard Nixon and his good buddy ‘the Reverend’ Billy Graham were named in the Watergate pedophile records, because I was sex trafficked to both men as a young child.

When I spoke with James Rothstein, he said he had not heard that Nixon was a pedophile, but that he certainly knew from multiple victims Reverend Billy Graham was a rampant pedophile. Rothstein also told me that during his investigations he became aware of an identical child sex trafficking ring in Australia involving Prime Ministers’ Although he never directly investigated it himself, he said Peter Osborne who worked in Australian intelligence knew the details. He also confirmed that Australian politicians and other VIPs attended international child brothels.

Another voice to surface in the wake of the Pedogate scandal was Dutch banker Ronald Bernard. Bernard shed further light on the people and system behind the international child trafficking network during a series of interviews with an Irma Schiffers. Bernard said he worked in international finance and high-end money laundering for 12 years. There he discovered that political power does not reside with publicly elected representatives, but with the world’s 8,000 to 8,500 wealthiest individuals who exercise power behind the scenes and who routinely manipulate the media. These people, he explained, sit at the top of a power structure that resembles a pyramid. Directly beneath them sits the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Below the BIS sit the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank. Below them sit the Central Banks, which are illegally created private banks which oversee the commercial banking system of their respective countries. Below these sit the multinational companies. Finally, below these sit the countries’ governments.

Bernard said the wealthiest 8,000 to 8,500 people created the BIS in 1930. Since the world’s richest individuals are too young to have helped establish the BIS 88 years ago, he must be referring to banking dynasties like the Rothschilds. In a Chapter titled, ‘Banking and the World’s Biggest Business,’ the book Dope, Inc.: Britain’s Opium War Against the U.S. (Kalimtgis, Goldman & Stienberg, 1978) lists the Rothschilds as one of the nine family dynasties responsible for the modern drug industry which, they assert, “is run as a single integrated world operation, from the opium poppy to the nickel bag of heroin sold on an inner-city corner.” The current global drug trade was established by the British Crown during the Opium Wars, when P&O steam lines were founded to transport the drugs, the HSBC bank was established to launder the proceeds, and the ‘court Jews’ (Rothschilds) were employed to financially manage the operation. Apparently, little has changed, and the same operation has simply been expanded.

There must have been some truth to the content of Dope Inc. because its revelations resulted in the HSBC bank losing its licence to operate in the USA. The book also inspired law enforcement officials to swap their assumption that drug trafficking consisted of pockets of independent criminal activity, for the fact it is a global network coordinated by the CIA, with proceeds laundered through banks and funnelled into the CIA’s covert, terrorist operations.

This is the very system Ronald Bernard described. He said his own laundering operation dealt with governments, multinationals, terrorist organisations, and secret services. Secret service agencies, he specified, do not serve and protect a people or country as the public expect. Instead, they are all criminal organizations that trade in drugs, weapons, and children. According to Bernard, the wealthy elites controlled their employees by compromising and blackmailing them – just like James Rothstein said.

The best way to understand the child trafficking industry is to trace the history of the drug trafficking industry. As you read Dope Inc., cross out each occurrence of the word ‘drugs’ and replace it with the word ‘kids’ – this will give you a picture of the child trafficking network that victimised me. Like the drug trade, the child sex trafficking industry is run by the very same people as a single integrated world operation. At the top of this sit the wealthy elite who maintain control by ensuring only blackmailed, compromised politicians, military brass, and government officials occupy leadership. The secret services, including ASIO, the CIA and British Intelligence, coordinate the child trafficking and human compromise operation, receive the victims procured via the little men, train these into suitable assets, and transport the victims nationally and internationally to service VIP pedophiles.

Australia is in the process of two federal investigations, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, and the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry. Only one of these investigations has shed any light on the global child trafficking network I personally reported to the Child Abuse Royal Commission. On 5 April 2018, the newly appointed head of AUSTRC (Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre) told the ABC news:

I thought coming from the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission that I had a pretty good handle on serious and organised crime side. I didn’t appreciate the depth and breadth of involvement with private entities and banks. I didn’t appreciate how many industries it does actually touch. There’s a misperception that money laundering is a victimless white-collar crime that’s probably just looking at tax avoidance – and it’s not. It’s criminal entities using financial institutions here and nationally to move criminal funds around our country and our financial system overseas and it has a massive impact on everyday life; whether that’s child exploitation, serious and organised crime, drug importation – it all involves money laundering.

Australia’s Commonwealth Bank was subsequently fined 700 million dollars for near 54,000 breaches of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing laws, including the laundering of proceeds from child sex trafficking, and the channeling of funds into overseas terrorist organisations. So, my very own bank, which wooed my kiddie custom with a green tin money box painted to resemble a building, simultaneously facilitated my child abuse.


This is an excerpt from EYES WIDE OPEN. Click on this link to read more:

Eyes Wide Open by Fiona Barnett 2019


  1. B Stickers

    Thank you for sharing this. Thanks to your website the truth is out. You have our full support. Keep fighting the good fight 🙂


  2. Jeffrey Bagust

    Fiona you speak the truth. I can back you up 100 per cent. There was only one teacher at Budgewoi school who had a rented farmhouse at Wyong. To be precise Yarramalong. He had this residence until the mid 80 s. He could be 2 faced. I was not a victim. But he could make one neurotic .

    And you speak the truth here. The Southern Baptists are known.for pedophilia.


  3. Jeffrey Bagust

    Everything you say is the truth. I went to Budgewoi school like you so I know the facts. That individual however lived at Yarramalong. There are things that you cannot lie about. So keep up the good work.


  4. KatQue


    Your ‘watergate was pedogate’ article is clear and concise and you are giving support to all who have suffered and not been supported. I value and thank you for the work you do.



  5. Marty

    Fiona, I told you about Little Alex Dileo’s principal tormentor (& dear Kiwi pedo mate to your tormentor- Bruce Spence)-Arnold Barry Eaton (also had a partner in crime, called David Brookes-the Brookes family owned a large hardware store in Normandy Road Caulfield, the inner southern suburb, where me & Alex grew up, in the 1980s)-well I forgot to tell you-I met Arnold Eaton (with a tarty TV soap actress from Network X) around 1983 at Joyce Park,McKinnon (near Caulfield & Elsternwick), Arnold was drying out his socks on the BBQ and tried to “seduce” myself and another mate , called Hamish, but we both did not trust him and Hamish told Arnold his mother Wendy clearly stated, “..he was not to talk to any strangers!”. I don’t know how Little Alex got mixed up with Arnold and his TV celebrity pedo ring (Arnold was good mates with Rolf Harris and told Alex he had to call Arnold “Uncle Arnold” and likewise with Rolf-“Uncle Rolf” etc). Alex’s Italian step-father (who was in the south-west Sydney Holsworthy Military Base-like you Fiona, as Mr Dileo was a Vietnam Viet and high up in the Australian Army in Sydney, even fathering a son around 1971-then he went to Melbourne,later on in the late 1970s, after being discharged from the army-going into the restaurant business,where he got to know Arnold Eaton, Fr Kiss and the pedo celebrity set-very clever “networkers” Alex recalled)-any of your readers can check up on this Arnold Eaton character on the VCAT hearing in 2010- Eaton VS Owens-where Arnold Eaton had the audacity to sue his ex-Legal Counsel-Mr Suzanne Janet Owens for alleged lost goods- as the sneaky Arnold absconded off to his native NZ, to avoid justice-over 10 “accusers” (inc Little Alex) had taken “Uncle Arnold” to court and Arnold was facing major inditable sexual assault charges by Victoria Police (which the old Kiwi Fox later beat). Maybe other readers know about this Kiwi Pedo creep-believed to be “connected” with Bruce Spence!


  6. Anna Bertalli

    I take my hat off to you Fiona, I will share this article with everyone I know, and eagerly await your book. I suspect that justice and truth will not be forthcoming any time soon…sadly.
    Love to you xx


  7. Miss Bliss

    Keep pushing back Fiona. I put links to your website up on every Utube channel that mentions pizzagate, they believe wholeheartedly that Kidman family is involved. Stay safe chic. Kind regards, Mary Bliss


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  11. Tammy Dean

    I mentioned the James Rothstein testimony to a prominent Twitter child sexual abuse activist and encouraged this journalist to contact him, since this journalist frequently wrote stories on child sexual abuse. This person never followed up. To this day, silent on James Rothstein or any of the reports that came from him. Have to wonder why.

    This person is a big defender of Robert Mueller, who himself was implicated in covering up child sexual abuse, and using it as leverage against Dennis Hastert, a pedophile who led the US House of Representatives. Mueller, and his kind in the FBI/CIA need to be exposed.


  12. I was filmed my entire life as cultists experimented and tortured me. The tapes will be made public soon, it’s a long story which I go into detail about on my twitter https://twitter.com/watkins_2

    People have been asking me to get in contact with you as a fellow victim, but your twitter doesn’t seem to work so I’ll just leave this comment. I don’t want to take up too much space so I’ll leave it at that.

    Good to see more people speaking out anyway : )


  13. Count former Governor James Thompson of Illinois, in office in the 1980’s and I think early 90’s, as a pedo. He used to send out his police bodyguards to find teenage boys, especially black boys, which he really liked. The bodyguards hated this, but did it anyway. I knew a relative of one of the bodyguards, who told me this. Another Illinois Governor, Jim Edgar, and his wife Brenda, are Satanists. I heard Brenda is very enthusiastic about it, more than Jim. Both of these guys were “law and order” republicans. Thompson has a sham marriage to a woman who was made a state supreme court justice as a payment for marrying him.


  14. cathykatgirl

    Ex-Illinois governor James R Thompson is a pedophile too. I was friends with the daughter of one of his police bodyguards, who told me that he made his bodyguards go out and find black street teenage boy prostitutes to bring back to him. Ex Illinois governor Jim Edgar and his wife Brenda are both Satanists, and Brenda is enthusiastic about it. These two guys were law and order republicans. (hypocrites).


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  19. Lois

    Enlightening! Following the money makes sense. Still trying to wrap my head around the pure evil of human trafficking. Maybe not understanding how people can be so evil, actually keeps a person from becoming involved in that kind of evil. I pray everyday for God’s angels to swoop in and save people who are being abused. Thank you for your continued fight for these victims. I will pray that God continues to use you for His goodness and his justice, and for your healing.


  20. John

    You are a brave survivor and truth seeker pedophiles aren’t even people there horrible evil beings who deserve nothing less then a bullet to the head thank you


  21. Diane See

    I know a lot about this, and I really appreciate your writing. For now I have a question, where are these thousands of children, those who escaped and survived, as adults? They have PTSD, or commit crimes? Continue the cycle of abuse? Or they tell their stories, like you, to break the secret and help others. It does seem impossible to stop all the evil at this time. No one, who isn’t involved, will believe it. Those who have the power to stop it, are part of it. God help us all.


  22. Anon

    The Rightous Judge must allow us to bring these demonic people to justice! Courageous and thank you for revealing Truth! Any more info on Billy Graham/Hillsong Church as this is a huge shock to us all??? I am sharing this far and wide!!!


  23. Fiona I’ve been spreading your words since 2014! You lived a horrrific Dark Luciferian torached life! I have so much respect for coming forward & bringing into light the Dark Side of Satanic Cults, Sacrifices of Humans, & Pediophiles! God Bless you! Your friend Diana Newman in California


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  25. Jonathan Carson

    Fiona, the Billy Graham stuff is very painful to hear because he was considered a bold gospel preacher. Something rings true though because he expressed such regret & shame at the end of his life. That’s not how faithful Christians sound at their end. I have known some true greats in faith. They are excited to be with Jesus. Graham sounded more scared. So maybe he knew how horrible were his sins. Hillsong refers to the founder’s father abusing children. But the founde sounded broken-hearted and made it plain that he learned of the behavior and confronted his father. Is there a lot more I don’t know!? The worship team seems to be as sincere as possible. On the one hand, no one is righteous. But on the other, there are faithful minsters of the Gospel who shun evil acts. Help!!! So thankful for your lifelong struggle and I consider you a sister. Praying…

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Deborah VamderHamm

    The answer to “why” is because few men (or women) ever truly lay our own desires aside and seek to serve, worship and put God first
    We were created to be His friend. but none of us ever really want to worship God. It takes ENORMOUS strength, and 100% commitment to seek God and find Him (but it’s worth it) Those who die in their sins will suffer worse pain than we can imagine. We can’t be good enough for God. Their is ONLY one way, and that is through Jesus Christ’s love and His Blood sacrifice. If it’s too hard to believe, Ask God to open your eyes and heart to understand His Truth. There are a few who can be trusted: @SolaScriptura *I’d be careful of any ‘big’ church… or Leo. I’ve found in every walk of life, only about 2-3% are completely safe. Scary. Satan really does rule now, but if you can/will read a Bible, Satan is defeated. All those who die without repenting (including me & you) will live in a lake of fire eternally. This good news is this: Every prophecy ever written before Christ came true at the EXACT moment. There are future promises we can trust because HUNDREDS have come true. Here is God’s promise to all of us: “If we believe in Our Hearts that Jesus Christ is the Son of God (God is Spirit, so THE Holy Spirit overshadowed Jesus’ human mother, Mary while she was a virgin. She became pregnant and that child was Jesus Christ. The whole reason He came was to be sacrificed. He was alive BEFORE He became human. He CHOSE to leave heaven and become human to die for us – because ALL of us sin (even hating is equal to murder) so we ALL deserve hell. Jesus died in our place and He came back alive 3 days later. He returned to heaven and the LAST book of the Bible tells about Him coming back to earth.
    We can’t see everything from His point of view, but He IS PERFECT.
    We will understand one day. If you want more go to @DeborahVanderHam2 on Twitter
    I won’t have all the answers, but I’ve been looking for about 50 years. I can tell you where to go. You can DM me. Anyone seriously wanting to know about Jesus – you are welcome. God doesn’t want anyone to go to Hell. He is a fair and GOOD God! He will help anyone who wants real help…

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  28. MaryAnn

    This Information is disturbing and unbelievable. Although I am not willing to discredit the author of this information because I do not know her and I do not know her heart only God himself does. What I struggle with is the information about Billy Graham, he lived a life bringing many thousands to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. It’s hard for me to believe that the Lord would allow him to continue on and be so beloved by many millions if he had this dark stain on his life . How can one defend himself from such allegations? The Bible tells us that we must have credible evidence from two or three credible witnesses. Again I am not willing to deny Fiona‘s experience, but I also know that Satan is the father of lies and a great deceiver. She had this experience as a child could it be possible Satan deceived her with faults memories on certain Individuals? Or Satan is able to change his appearance could he have changed himself to look like a familiar person such as Billy Graham to cause further distortion and a blemish on the reputation of an otherwise good man? Again only God himself knows the answers. In the end no none of us get away with sin may be in this life but not at the great throne of judgment.


  29. Laura

    Fiona I am so sorry what you had to endure. I myself was sexually abused at 10 yrd old . But, I endured Nothing even close to what you had to live with. God Bless You! Also, Please watch your back. As you reveal all these things about these diferent people and it comes out slowly, you could be in danger. You know yourself All the money that is in this and how powerful these people can be especially when they could lose their money train. God Be With You Fiona


  30. Robin Lee

    There is a lot of information on the internet to support Fiona’s experience. It’s necessary to question things in a balanced way like you have done. Now it’s time to research and there is plenty. Fritz Springmeier and others have done articles, videos and more. It’s available with a little searching, you’ll find plenty see and consider.


  31. rolex52

    Dear Fiona,

    Thank you for doing God’s work, as an undeniable source, in exposing the global pedophilia network! God’s blessings and protection upon you !


  32. MaryAnn Sharp

    I appreciate the response that you gave in my last reply I will certainly do more research. The other thing I am questioning is the act of forgiveness. Human beings are capable of doing terrible things. Are we not obligated to forgive? God is the true judge of all things nothing will remain hidden. If not in this life in the next. We are all sinners in need of forgiveness. As a Christian I realize as human beings we categorize sins, are we not obligated to forgive? God is the true judge of all things nothing will remain hidden. If not in this life in the next. We are all sinners in need of forgiveness. As a Christian I realize as human beings we categorize sins. But in God’s eyes all sin is in need of forgiveness and repentance through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. If these things you write about our truth they certainly are horrible and Henious, However the comments that I read from others condemning individuals without a judge and jury are also quite Henious. Does one cent justify another? Do we as human beings have a right to condemn another person? These are difficult things and I certainly don’t have the answers. Blessings


  33. Robin Lee

    Yes, a lot of difficult questions that we search for answers to. For me I would say that it’s best to find forgiveness even if it takes a while and it can be very difficult. The experiences people like Fiona have gone thru have got to be the most difficult on earth to forgive by far.

    I too was shocked to read about Billy Graham several years ago, he had seemed to be above reproach but it seems he was just a good actor. I read quite a bit over the years after that. Then I started to see similar behavior by pastors preaching, sometimes more blatant, on YT videos and realized that there were many churches headed by non-Christian Satanists. It’s enough to shake your world for a while.

    I used to like actors mentioned by Fiona and others, now I haven’t watched a movie or show for over a year. They are just good actors and depraved people.


  34. MaryAnn

    Thankyou for your thoughtful comments. I will certainly pray fully consider all you have said. My pastor went to Seminary with Billy Graham’s grandson Will who he was roommates with, my brother-in-law who is a pastor is involved in Franklin Graham’s prayer group One Franklin was traveling the country to the different capitals for prayer vigil’s, Franklin Graham has been a ardent supporter of our president who has been going after these pedophile networks that is another reason I find it hard to believe that he would be involved in anyway of the abuse of children. Also my And niece Is the administrator for Billy Graham’s Facebook decision America page , so you can see my great conflict that I have, I have only seen good things come out of these ministries.

    Thanks for your insight, I will pray for wisdom!


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  35. Robin Lee

    Oh my, that is a difficult position to be in. I appreciate your quest to know the truth, stay true to God and your heart and balancing that with your family relationships. It will take much prayer, wisdom and discernment.

    There is no rush, take the time you need with God’s guidance and all will work out in God’s time.

    All the best to you and God’s blessings


  36. Janet Pickel

    It is terrible when a person wakes up to these horrors, but I believe you. There are plenty of people besides yourself who have implicated Billy Graham in this horrific business. Graham was “puffed” by William Randolph Hearst and then he became famous. I now believe that no one in this corrupt world gets famous unless they have been compromised. It is terrible and I will pray for you and all who suffer as the victims of child sex trafficking. Not all Christians are blinded sheep.


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  39. Hello ;
    I integrated your article, as well as your video in VOSTFR, for my French readership, in section comments of my ad hoc tickets, in particular this one ► https://jbl1960blog.wordpress.com/2017/04/30/quest-ce-que-le-neuvieme-cercle-par-le-ticee-le-tidc-maj-du-27-02-2018/

    Who specifically deals with this topic.
    I call people to save articles and videos because it is a sensitive subject and we are immediately accused of “conspiracy”.
    Knowing the subject well, for having put in PDF format the partial but substantial translation of the Counter-report of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission “Murder By Decree” which contains testimonies proven by witnesses.
    And to denounce, relentlessly, the prevailing maleficence, namely, the Vatican, the City of London and Washington D.C.
    Thank you for this remarkable work.
    Good luck to you, in France, I amplify all the native voices, non-indigenous, anti-colonial so that never again the truth is killed.
    Jo Busta Lally


  40. Paul Whiteaker

    Thank you

    I went thru 4 months of Mk-Ultra experiments on Walker Airforce base Roswell NM 1961 3.5 yrs old .
    My memory is just in a lot of parts of me.
    Just small snap shots
    They flew my mom a me to San Diego on a military transport for more tests and drugs
    Jesus is helping me greatly
    All the little pieces have been coming out since last May.
    He is our great healer.
    By His stripes we are healed
    I’m on twitter keep speaking the truth.


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  42. Summer Beck

    Fiona, You are a beautiful amazing person and I am so very sorry for the horror you went through. Thank you for bringing this to light. Wishing you happiest and strength for the future.


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