Demand NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller opens Fiona Barnett’s VIP pedo case

Sutherland Detective Belinda Abdy was in charge of the investigation into my complaints of a VIP child trafficking network based in Sydney. Police took 4 days of witness statements from me in 2014 and 2015, and promised to take at least 5 more days of statements in 2016. However, in between the last two days of witness statement making, I was pursued by four military looking thugs, and defamed by a British Intelligence agent on ABC Media Watch. Despite these attempts to silence me, I showed up to the 4th day of statement making – but Belinda Abdy did not. In fact, I never heard from Abdy again.

Sinead Harper took the 3rd and 4th day of statements, and she was awesome. She believed me and responded appropriately to everything that transpired. Harper commenced an investigation into my allegations, went door knocking throughout McAlister Ave, Engadine, and attended my pedophile grandfather’s house at 14 McAlister Ave with cadaver dogs and multiple officers. Neighbours told Harper that my account of the Engadine pedophiles was consistent with their childhood memories of various characters and incidents. However, Harper answers to a chain of command – starting with Belinda Abdy.

Following my 4 days of witness statement making, NSW Police subsequently stonewalled me, ignored my emails and calls, and eventually told Victim Services that they never found any evidence supporting my case – when they did. I know because the people she interviewed contacted me.

I am the first victim in Australian history who was child trafficked at the level I was, to come forward and push things this far. And what a fight it has been! Me v the entire sordid system… If I am silenced, the public will not get another victim like me coming forward again. If the public doesn’t support me now – then give up on exposing the extensive child trafficking network that implicates all government organisations, churches, politicians, the military, and our secret services.

If you would like to complain to the new NSW Police commissioner about my case exposing a VIP pedophile network being buried – I his current contact is:

Mick Fuller
NSW Police Commissioner

6 thoughts on “Demand NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller opens Fiona Barnett’s VIP pedo case

  1. Karen Thomas-Weston

    So glad you are ok. I will send an email to Mick Fuller. I hope you, your husband and family are well. Jesus is Lord. All that can be shaken will be shaken.

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  2. daniela

    hi I mention you at every given opportunity on social media , you story like cathy obriens has changed my world. I feel utterly revolted at how you have been trated. There is one huge protection racket from media to police. I hope you are following it seems there may be justice and freedom coming

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  3. BStickers

    Email sent. I’m a concerned citizen who has heard independently corroborating stories which led me here. Let’s fight the good fight and expose as much of this scum as we can. Burn it away with the light. These networks need to be scrutinised and revealed for what they really are.

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  4. Fran Sheffield

    Hi Fiona,
    I do not wish to see you silenced through lack of support. You have my support. I have just sent the following to Mick and hope many others email him too.

    Dear Mick,

    Please initiate a prompt and comprehensive investigation into the reports by Fiona Barnett ( of a VIP paedophile network operating in this country. From my understanding she has filed previous statements with the NSW police and two Royal Commissions but no action has been taken.

    Is this matter currently listed for action? Is your department aware of it and intending to take action in the near future? I would truly appreciate an answer to these questions and await your response.

    For the sake of Fiona, other children who have either been or will be abused and trafficked, and the health of the society in which we have to raise our families, please initiate action in this matter.

    I imagine there could be reasons why it would seem impossible to do so. I will pray to God on behalf of you and your and your colleagues that barriers will be removed, guidance given, and the means provided for overseeing and completing this job.

    Kind regards,

    Fran Sheffield.

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  5. Made In Norway

    Dear Ms Fiona Barnett

    I believe your story, and am concerned about you and other victims of this pedo ring, and appreciate that you have made it so easy for me to try to help you this way! I really hope it helps. ❤
    I have sent the following e-mail today:

    Dear Mr. Mick Fuller
    NSW Police Commissioner

    I want to direct your attention to the case of Fiona Barnett.

    Is your department aware of Fiona Barnett’s reports of childhood abuse and trafficking by a VIP paedophile network based in Australia?

    I am deeply concerned that Fiona Barnett’s accounts of horrific childhood abuse are not being properly investigated. Barnett has filed several days of statements with the NSW police in 2014, 2015, and 2016. A promising investigation commenced under Sinead Harper’s charge, however it was abruptly stopped, even as interviewees were corroborating Barnett’s statements.

    Is Fiona Barnett’s case currently listed for further action?

    If not, I call on you to continue the investigation into the paedophile network of which Fiona Barnett is but the most outspoken victim. As her perpetrators continue to elude being held to account, I fear for the safety of Fiona Barnett, as well as for other potential victims, past and present.

    (My real name and country of residence)

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