2 thoughts on “Fiona Barnett’s police witness statements against Kidman & Keating

  1. Hugh Schneider

    Hi Fiona
    This whole paedophile business has really opened my eyes to the evil that surrounds us (call me naïve).
    I’ve been feeling quite sick about this.

    For some months I’ve been following the WikiLeaks expose’ and commentary through the USA election which lead to the Podesta emails, the Weiner lap top seizure, PizzaGate, the Clinton Foundation, Ping Pong Pizza etc etc .
    I felt sick to my stomach and more naively was grateful we do not have this level of corruption in Australia politics, big business, the media and so on – and just to make sure I looked online for anything we might have that was anywhere near this scale – I then came across your website and YouTube channel and read and viewed your articles.
    I felt even more despondent and at a loss and angry, frustrated and deceived.
    I note that 2 days ago Trump signed an Executive Order to hunt these people down.
    I note that also there were some 470 arrests in California 2 days ago.
    I note also that there are 70+ impending arrests in New York and Washington in the coming days which will include a number of politicians, media and business executives.
    I note this morning the Canadian police and child welfare agencies are arresting in excess of 400 people involved in an international paedophile ring stretching all the way to Australia with the assistance of our Federal Police and Taskforce Argos.
    Hopefully (and perhaps sceptically) we might get to the bottom of what’s been happening and we get to have some sense of justice.

    Thank you for your courage in making we aware


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  2. hi fiona. just wanted to say how much i admire your courage and your tenacity. in light of the recent exposure of the elite paedophile ring in washington by wiileaks i’m hoping the world is becoming more and more enlightened about the fight we have against organised child traffickers and abusers of children. satanic ritual abuse is being exposed by the people brave enough to come forward and speak publicly which can endanger their lives as you are well aware. i dont know if i would be that brave to be honest. but i do what i can to spread the word. i wanted to speak to you about the first episode of real housewives of sydney that i watched recently. lisa oldfield had all the hallmarks of a satanic cult member. can you watch the episode and see what you think ? apparently her husband david was so upset about the activity by lisa around himself and her children caught on camera that he threatened the producers with his lawyers to have those scenes cut out of the final show. he lost that fight and we saw it all. she is vile. she dresses in black. keeps a pet snake. treats her children like objects and calls them and her husband names. she has been vile towards the other women in insulting ways that normal people wouldnt engage in. i hope this lead helps you in some way. peace out fiona and much love for all of your hard work and again i admire your courage and your tenacity.


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