Focus on the Facts – 08.30.16

The guest was Fiona Barnett, an MK Ultra survivor and Australia’s most recognized and vocal Whistleblower on VIP pedophilia. She was introduced to the pedophile network by her Nazi war criminal grandparents. As a child, Fiona was raped by 3 Australian Prime Ministers and other politicians, US President, Richard Nixon and famous actors. She was trafficked internationally and was drugged and raped by prominent Americans, such as Billy Graham and Ted Turner, who attended pedophile parties at Disneyland and Bohemian Grove.

Focus on the Facts – 08.30.16


One thought on “Focus on the Facts – 08.30.16

  1. End Time Mind Control (Australia)

    Caveat: I do not necessarily endorse all that is represented in web site contents that I send out. I try to be very selective regarding important themes that support counselors and SRA/DID survivors to better understand their history of trauma in order to help them come to maturity, integration and freedom in Christ.

    Doug Riggs


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